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  1. Just wanted to share this to the newbies like myself out there about which emulators run which type of games (this is referring to real Arcade stand up games which may have not been ported to a console): 1. Old arcade games are emulated with MAME and FinalBurn Alpha 2. SEGA Model 2 games are emulated with Model 2 emulator (over MAME): See http://nebula.emulatronia.com/descargas.php and the wiki https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Model_2_Emulator which explains which game types are emulated and which arcade circuit boards are compatible; circa 1994-98 (https://en.wikipedi
  2. Yeah guys I am no MAME expert, I have a split set of MAME romsets which would never play the CPS3 games in the set. This is a solution because they now work. For those who have non-merged sets that come with the CHDs, you dont need to worry about this issue. You can mix CHDs and split core ROMs (see reference: https://journalextra.com). I hope this helps those with a recommended split set from ETA Prime.
  3. Hey guys Found a real time 2021 solution to CPS3 games not playing in launchbox. This one is a doozy, so get ready. 1. Goto Arcade database website http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/ and search for the required romset of your game (basically for CPS3 games this is your *.zip file; for example Street fighter 3: New Generation is sfiii.zip). 2. Find your required CHD (compressed hunks of data) file (for example you need the cap-sf3-3.chd file). Do a google search or internet archive search (LINK REMOVED) This is the actual rom file. 3. Your zip file should have the correct ke
  4. Dear developers would like to address a bug I came across and see if there is a solution. I was within the Tools-Options-game controller binds and mapping. I have 4 arcade joystick combos with 8 buttons. I picked a quit game option with button 0 (on joystick 2) and whenever I press any joystick (of the 4) button setup as button 0, it exits the game. I have the checkbox recognize all game controllers (can’t remember setting exactly). Is there anyway to make this feature a drop down box where I can select individual joystick controllers for each function instead of add/clear buttons?
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