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  1. Nahimic Audio Service – causing graphical issues in Windows 10 Programs NahimicServices.exe must be Disabled and Stopped at Startup Go to Task Manager – Processes Tab – Find all processes that start with Nahimic (first do NahimicServices.exe) and Stop them. Go to the Services Tab – Find NahimicServices.exe and right click on it – then click on Open Services. Services pop-up box opens – go to Nahimic Service and right click on it and select Properties, then in pop-up box under the General Tab – select “Disable” under “Startup type” – click on Apply then OK. The NahimicServi
  2. I'm new to LaunchBox/BigBox but not new to dealing with technical computer issues. The game videos that play in BigBox's video preview window jump from playing correctly to playing a small portion of the game video in the preview window (about 80% of the time). It's like the game video is playing correctly in preview window to the game video plays full screen in a Back Layer behind the Big Box Interface and the preview window shows the portion of full screen game video (see my picture of the issue) This happened with LaunchBox 11.8 (my first time with LaunchBox) and I uninstalled
  3. Retro808 - Thanks !!! I had the same question (I'm new to LaunchBox/BigBox too) - and your last solution fixed my/the issue
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