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  1. Thank you I managed to find the core "citra".
  2. Good evening everyone, I use Launchbox's BigBox for my Bartop, I let it light up the day with Attract Mode to activate the worry and that BigBox closes by itself after 2:30 is there a way to prevent it from cutting, I did not find it in the settings, thank you in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, quick question, I use retroarch for most of my LaunchBox systems, I'm struggling on some systems so I'm searching on launchbox youtube tutorials, Now I'm on Citra the Core of the 3DS, I see in the video tuto launchbox what is in the download section of core in retroarch in the video, but I don't have it, it's not the first time I've seen this in videos, until now I found them loose on the web and pasted them in the core folder of retroarch. I think I must have missed something in the retroarch settings to get them all basic, right? can you help me to get the missing core in retroarch or give me a link to find the citra core for retroarch ? thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I solved my problem, in fact it's simple, in launchbox by editing retroarch and not seeing "game boy" I redirected my media and roms to "game boy color" I actually had to create the "game boy" section which was not present in the retroarch emulator, quite simply, thank you for your help.
  5. if I unzip them and I keep that the .gb should open with retroarch? (I can not test the car launchbox is working at the moment)
  6. my gameboy extensions are in .zip
  7. Hello, I have a little problem with "RetroArch" and the "GameBoy" I tried all the cores but none of them launch my "gameboy" roms, on the other hand if I use "Virtualboy" as an emuulator it works, I absolutely want RetroArch for backups and the like, thanks in advance for your help.🥺
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