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  1. What are you using for controller drewjbx? I found one that flips but pad config will not take any of my inputs and I’m using an ipac.
  2. Does anyone know how to make gigawing vertical instead of horizontal using teknoparrot? Makes the game unplayable for me and have seen video of it playing vertical from teknoparrot so I know it's possible.
  3. Same scaling and I made sure my video driver was up to date by downloading the most recent drivers from Nvidias site. It's really strange because I play Ikaruga and it goes back to bigbox like normal. I play crimzon clover and bigbox moves to my marquee. So I am clueless why on one game it is fine, but another it isn't using the same program.
  4. I have no issues running any emulator on my screens other than teknoparrot. When I start a game it runs fine, problem is when I exit back to front end, the front end is then on my marquee instead of my main screen. My marquee also shows the game name in bigbox and then start game and it disappears. 20210711_204850.mp4 nyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  5. It is set to altar 400/800 as a few of the games work. Atlantis and another game I started with no problem. Problem seems to be how do you start a game. Atlantis I just pushed the fire button and it worked. Another game I hit the fire button, it said hit trigger button, and it worked. Other games like frogged and berzerk sit at the start screen but won’t let me start. I’m hitting my “start” button on my control pad but nothing. Must be something else I need to don. Also not sure what you mean by the “correct Atari 800 roms”
  6. I have the games downloaded and some work, others just sit there. I made a 2nd copy of retroarch, called the folder retroarch 2 as I have the 5200 running on my primary retroarch. Atlantis, I can boot up, hit the fire button and play the game with no problem. Frogger/Berzerk, the game boots up but I can't start a game. Every button I hit does nothing, not sure if there is a certain way to start this or not. Demon attack, I boot it up, a splash screen comes up that says demon attack and no matter what button I hit it does nothing. Ideas on how to get this to work? One thing I see could be an issue is that the emulator seems to use F4 for the start button, however I have servosticks and F4 turns it to a 4 way joystick. Not sure if this is part of my issue or not. Any help would be appreciated. I never owned an Atari computer and would love to get these games working to play and to compare to the atari 2600/5200, arcade systems.
  7. I actually built a PC for my machine this year. I used the Intel I3 10-100 for a processor and it seems to run everything with ease that I throw at it. I am running some teknoparrot games and all that I have done so far run great. I am not running any windows PC games so if your looking at doing those you might need more power. I see you can still get it for around and for the price it is a really good processor. You can go I5 or I7 if you want but the cores won't matter with most emulation. Again, unless you are going to be running PC games on your machine. When looking for a CPU look at the speed, not the cores. Graphics card wise, I would suggest looking out on FB marketplace or ask around the community. I was able to get a GEForce 1060 from someone on the mame cabinet builders FB page for $112.00. Works great for everything I need. One thing I did an would recommend is getting a small SSD drive or M.2 drives and putting your OS, Front end and emulators on it. Buy a cheap large HD for your roms. I have a 2 TB 7200RPM HD and it has no issues running the games.
  8. I noticed in the playlists that were generated by launchbox and then i downloaded the media for the playlists it has information on my main screen and my marquee. When I download a playlist video from on here it shows the video on the main screen and my marquee is black. What am I looking for to put on my marquee to show Favorites on the marquee or Ball and paddle games on marquee?
  9. I downloaded 3 playlists from here (Dual Stick games, Trackball games, Spinner games) and wondering if anyone has videos or anything else I can put into big box so it's not just a black screen when I go to the category. Once I get into the category it shows everything, just a black screen here and would be nice to have something. Thanks!
  10. Is there anyway to configure a spinner in retroarch? I want to use the spinner as my paddle for paddle games on the Atari 2600. Also want to see if it's possible to fake the jaguar into thinking my spinner is the x coordinate when playing tempest so I can use a spinner instead of pressing left and right to make it more arcade feeling. People have made spinners on real atari jaguar gamepads, just not sure if I can make retroarch do that. Thank you for the help all!
  11. Thanks, figured it was something simple I was missing. Only my 2nd say with bigbox. Lots to learn for sure
  12. I downloaded a couple custom themes and when I am at the game select I see the box/cartridge with a screenshot, so no issue there. However when I am at the system select screen none of the systems show up on my main screen, just a black screen. On my marquee I have a system screenshot. I see the systems if I have it on the default theme. Why would this be happening? 20210606_144458.mp4
  13. That worked, thank you. It is case sensitive. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go full screen til you pointed out the difference in how we wrote it.
  14. Is this where I’m supposed to put it?
  15. Im not positive what an input device is, but I’m using an iPac for 2 players, 2 joysticks with buttons, trackball, and 2 spinners, 1 into iPac, 1 usb.
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