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  1. I use a program called CDmage (Google to find) to merge multi bin and multi audio track games into one bin and cue file. My whole PSX collection has been converted and the games work. The conversion also works for other platforms too that use bin/cue format.
  2. Storm8873

    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks for your hard work! Just starting to download this awesome collection for the first time. I swear I caught my hard drive rolling it's eyes lol
  3. Nice! I still have a few platforms that run as stand alone until I can figure out how to make them Launchbox friendly, eg. Fujitsu FM Towns, Dragon 32, BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes.
  4. I have been working hard on my Launchbox Collection. So far I'm at 41320 and it still fits on a 8TB hard drive.
  5. I use Vice for my Commodore 8bit machine emulation and those cores are great in Retroarch. Vice is also available as a stand alone emulator also. I have never seen a BIOS needed for any C64 emulator on any platform.
  6. Fantastic, that's all I need. Thanks for that!
  7. Awesome work done on the logos! The only one I have missing from my collection now is the Electronika BK logo.
  8. Hi all, I stumbled across a fairly newish FM Towns emulator at http://ysflight.in.coocan.jp/FM/towns/Tsugaru/e.html that is still being developed. While not as capable as UNZ, it is easier to use and comes with a GUI and a command line version. Be interesting to see how well this integrates into Launchbox. Anyone had else experimented with this?
  9. I am facing the same problem, I haven't found a work around yet.
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