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  1. I tried that didn’t work still just get video in plain view with no arcade back ground around the video
  2. I am having issues with the theme not showing the arcade border around the video in the theme. I had it working once but now it just plays the video but the arcade art border is not around the video. If anyone can please help!
  3. Still no dice. I run the MAME64 through the command prompt and Im able to access MAME. However I change everything to opengl and get error on command prompt after saving config. error reads "error opening translation file English" **error loading plugin.ini** Anyone knows what to do?
  4. Yeah when I saved it it never created the ini file anywhere, I will try a fresh install again.
  5. Sorry to grave dog but I’m having similar issues. I go in command prompt and I’m able to open MAME and change video settings etc. but when I save it does not create a ini file. I notice my ini folderis empty as well. What needs to be done Please Help!
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