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  1. ah, so in order to use a pc engine cd game with Mednafen: 1) if the format is img+cue+sub+ccd, i can avoid to convert it in cue+iso 2) if the format is several file mp3 + iso + cue, i can convert it to bin+cue with CDMage thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm using all my Pc Engine cd games with Mednafen emulator. I converted every game from its original format (img+cue+sub+ccd) to the supported format iso+cue using Isoburn. Every game works perfectly, I have about 80 games, but only one has a strange problem, Ys I & 2 (Book 1). When I run the game, it doesn't work: it appears this screen, and every audio track is played in sequence: https://ibb.co/FVMsqmt Do you know how can I solve this issue? I have the same problem even if I play the img+cue+sub+ccd format, so the issue isn't caused by the conversion process...
  3. hi, anyone can suggest how can I modify the commands considering my new joypad? thank you
  4. Well, now i want to play with my Xbox One X, but the joypad isn't detected anymore...I have to pair it again... so it seems that the same joypad can't be used both with Xbox one X and with the pc (with the wireless dongle): as I complete the pairing process with one of the 2 device, the pairing is interrupted in the other device and it needs to be done every time...:( So I think that I'm forced to buy another xbox one controller 😕
  5. Hi, my Logitech Rumble pad was broken, so i'm using the Xbox One X controller. Now I have to map again the joypad, but I have this problem: I configured in this way my previous command button: how can I create the new one for my xbox controller? I tried in this way, but it doesn't work...: I don't know how I have to substitute "Logitech_Cordless_RumblePad_2_USB"... thanks!
  6. yes, i tried. It seems that the joypad works almost correctly, but only in the charactes select screen, it doesn't work the left/right so i can't select all the characters... The game.ini file has this rows related th the Player 1: Player1 KEY ã=84 Player1 KEY ‰E=70 Player1 KEY ‰º=66 Player1 KEY ¶=72 Player1 KEY ‚`=65 Player1 KEY ‚a=83 Player1 KEY ‚b=68 Player1 KEY ‚c=81 Player1 KEY ‚d=87 Player1 KEY ‚e=69 Player1 KEY PAUSE=27 Player1 JOY ‚`=0 Player1 JOY ‚a=1 Player1 JOY ‚b=2 Player1 JOY ‚c=3 Player1 JOY ‚d=4 Player1 JOY ‚e=5 Player1 JOY PAUSE=9 But
  7. well, in my AppData path tehre isn't any useful file for configuration of Stem games. But in my installing Steam patch, i found this: D:\EMULATORI\STEAM\steamapps\common\vanguard-princess\game.ini. Probably i could try to delete this file and re-create it again rebooting the game...? thanks!
  8. thanks! Now I have solved the issue of not detected joypad in 2 of the 3 games on Steam: for these games it is necessary to disable the xbox one controller. Now i stil,have issue with one game, Vanguard princess: even if I deactivate the joypad, sometimes the game detect it as player 2 and it seems playable, but the left/right command in the characters select screen doesn't work. Other times the joypad isn't detected at all. It seems that my previous joypad is still considered in this game...but i don't know how to remove it I Have uninstalled driver and unplugged the dongle...
  9. i have another question: I have only one Xbox One controller. If i buy the wireless dongle in order to use it with my emulators/pc too, the joypad can be simultaneoulsy be used with Xbox One X and with the pc? I mean: can I perform pairing with both pc and xbox? Or does I need 2 joypad, one for xbox and one for pc? thanks!
  10. thanks, I deleted the 3 logitech configurations from the JoyToKey.ini file, not there is only the xbox pad, thanks!
  11. thanks 1) I have unplugged the usb doggle and unistalled the driver, but the Logitech profiles are still present in JoyToKey. And I still have the problem with the 3 games on Steam: the xbox controller is detected in steam, and before to start the game, I verified that it is present as default controller for each game. It seems that everything is correct, but when I start the games, the joypad isn't detected. In Melty Blood it seems that I'm detected as Player 2, but i can only configure the keyboard in the Option menu of the game... and in Crimson Skies and Vanguard princess, the joypad
  12. well, now unfortunately i have to re-map every emulator...and game... so it should be better to remove my previous setting from my pc. In this way every emulator will detect as primary joypad only the Xbox controller. Is it possible to remoeve the previous configuration from my pc? I can remove the driver, and ...? For example, i have 6 steam games, and even if the xbox controller is automatically detected and mapped, only 3 of them works. The others 3 games doesn't detect the new joypad Here my JoytoKey config: I would like to remove ALL the Logiteh (i don't know why there are 3 l
  13. Thanks both! 1) I have the xbox one X controller and it is perfectly supported! probably the issues with joy to key are related to this: i can't use both joytokey and original mapping supported by the game. Is it possible to change the default mapping in Contra Evolution? If it automatically support this joypad, i can avooid the JoytoKey configuration in LB 2) Koroth I have your config in JoytoKey and it seems that it is correct, so I don't know why i have the issues when i use JoytoKey. But it works without Joytokye, so it is ok It should be perfect if it could be possible to ch
  14. yes, my controller is 1708 so i should be able to connect it via bluetooth to my pc without any dongle..?!
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