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  1. Hi, is the procedure above correct? thank you!
  2. HI I have configured Xemu as Xbox emulator. But I don't know how to run the games in LB. When i launch a game with the Xemu frontedn, it is necessary to perform 2 step: 1) Machine --> Load disc 2) Machine --> Reset (or, if you are using the Evolution X dashboard, you can select LAUNCH DVD) So I added the emualtor and isos to LB, but when i run a game, the emualtor doesn't start, it closes immediately... Do you know if it is possible to use this emulator on LB? thanks!
  3. thanks! Well, 1) I ran the cmd in this way: and at the end this pop up appeared: then i pushed SAVE SHORTCUT and it has created the file that I saved here: is it correct? If so, now, I have to configure LB not in this way anymore: but in this new way: Is this correct? thanks!
  4. ah ok! And during the Restore procedure, is it necessary to check the "enable autokey" option? And is it necessary also during the Backup process? By default it is unckecked. thanks!
  5. hi, i still have a little question: I want to add a 3DO game to my collection. In order to add it and then use it on LB, which are the correct steps? I suppose: 1) Run _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe and push RESTORE. Then answer YES to the pop up. In this way it will replace my previous configuration file. 2) then I have to add the new game to the emulator, as usual. 3) after that, I have to run again the _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.exe file and push BACKUP button. And nothing else. is this correct?
  6. thanks, I'm sorry yes I know how to configure LB in order to use a single emulator for multiple console. well, I have done these 3 steps: 1) deleted 3DO and Jaguar folders (they already had your old launcher version with the xml file that not considered the Colecovision games) 2) in the Colecovision folder I put your new launcher version and I created the new xml file: 3) I configured on LB the emulator in order to use the same Launcher for the 3 consoles (as you described above) 4) I tried Colecovision: perfect! Then I tried 3DO and Jaguar: there was missing the bios setup, so I have done again the bios set up for both consoles and now they work too! I think that it is not necessary to create again the xml file because i dind't add any game, I only added again the bios to 3DO and Jaguar configuration. Is that right? thank you!
  7. well, it seems that if I run LB as Admin, it works! but now I have another proble,... well I currently have 3 different folder, one for every emulator: 3DO, Jaguar and colecovision. I created 3 different folder instead only one because I belived that in order to directly launch with LB a colecovosion or jaguar or 3DO game, i need 3 different folder. But it isn't true... in any case, now overwrite your new .exe file only in Colecovision and Jaguar folder, but now if I run the PhoenixEmuProject.exe file, i see only one game (the latest game loaded with that console), in this way. If I run the PhoenixEmuProject.exe in the Jaguar folder, I see this: if i run the exe from the 3DO folder I see this: and from the exe in Colecovision folder, I see this: so, now, i would like to have ONLY ONE folder, and then run LB with the same .exe emulator for all the 3 consoles. What do you suggest? I have created in the Colecovision folder the backup file with your new .exe file, so I think that the Colecovision folder it the better one and it is better for me to keep this folder and delete the Jaguar and 3DO folders. But how I can be sure that all the games loaded in the emulator for the 3 consoles are correctly loaded in the backup file created? Is it better to delete the _Phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml? How can I run again the emulator .exe file in order to see all the 3 emulators with thei 3 games list? I'm confused thanks!
  8. well, i tried, but when i launch a game with LB it appears this pop up: (Accesso Negato in italian means "denied access") if I use your previous version (with 3Do and jaguar) I don't have any issue. My Antivirus didn't detect any virus or problem. Microsoft Defender smartscreen detect it as a risk, but even if I have disabled Microsoft Defender, I am still blocked...it is not possible to run it with LB...:( thank you
  9. yes, my backup file already includes every game, colecovision included. But with the previous version of your .exe it was not possible to automatically load the colecovision games. Good, i will overwrite the .exe file with the new version and i will keep you updated, thanks!
  10. thanks, well, currently i have loaded in Phoenix all my jaguar, 3do and colecovision games and i'm using your "old" launcher version in order to directly load games for jaguar and 3DO in LB. And I don't need to add any new games in my 3 lists. I only need to use your new loaded version in ordert to load colecovision too in LB. Now, if I want to use the new version of your loader, I have to: 1) save my current phoenix.config.xml and the _phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml files in another location 2) overwrite my current loader with you new version and keep a copy of my phoenix.config.xml in the emulator folder 3) run again the backup utility of your loader in order to create a new _phoenix_Rom_Launcher.xml version 4) Run LB and try the 3 consoles if it is able to load games for all the console is that correct? thanks!
  11. many thanks! just a question: is it necessary only to overwrite the .exe file or have I to delete the old file and the old .xml file and then i hav to do again the import procedure also for Jaguar and 3DO?
  12. ah thank you very much for your great job! well done! last question: do you confirm that it is not possible to launch Colecovision games? many thanks
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