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  1. well, just another question: which is the best emulator for Atari 5200? I read that Altirra can emulate it. If so, which is the right configuration I have to use? My config for Atari 800 is posted above. I configured in this way: HARDWARE: 5200 SuperSystem / Video: NTSC CPU: 6502 FIRMWARE: Atari 5200 OS (4-port) BASIC: Atari BASIC Rev C It seems ok, but loading some games, it always ask me this pop up: How can I avoid this? It seems that this issue appears only loading some games... Thanks
  2. perfect, than you. Do you know if Xenia works bot with iso and jtag/rgh image?
  3. founded! Currently it is in this way: [HID] guide_button = false # Forward guide button presses to guest. hid = "any" # Input system. Use: [any, nop, sdl, winkey, xinput] Is it better to change it?
  4. thank you. Unfortunately i'm not able to find a game compatibility list of Xenia...do you know where I can Find it? I read the currently xenia isn't able to run the most part o games...is it true? thanks
  5. thank you, I tried both the configurations but they don't work...I really don't know why I Will push F2 on the keyboard, I don't have any other choice... So, directly mapped on the keyboard there shoudl be 3 buttons: START - F2 SELECT - ??? OPTIONS - ??? Which are SELECT and OPTIONS? thanks!
  6. done! Well, i tried all the buttons and the result is relly simple. Every button on my joypad is recognized with the same number in the autohotkey. I mean, for example: button 1 on joypad --> 1 on the Autohotekey button 2 on joypa --> 2 on the autohotkey and so on. Here an example: so, for example i would like to map F2 (start) on Button 10 so I configured my Autohotkey in this way: but it doesn't work
  7. thanks! I downloaded the latest Cxbx Reloaded version (26 of september) but unfortunately almost all my favourite games are still unplayable. In any case, in order to add in in LB, I suppose that I have to load rom consiering the .xbe files, am I right? Another question: is it possible to map a joypad with Xenia emulator? I dind't find any options/menu-... Thank you
  8. i'm really sorry...but how can I run this script in order to verify my joypad button...? thanks!
  9. ah ok. I tried in this way: 1joy5::F4 1joy9::F3 1joy10::F2 $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } But it still not works... Yes, Star Raiders no works with Atari 800 profile, many thanks!
  10. thank, I changed the mapping but nothing happens, I still have to use the keyboard... it's strange, probably I have to use a different autokey script. And do you know why Star Raiders doesn't work with my configuration? Is there anything wrong? All the other games work perfectly. I tried .xex, .cas but they don't work. The .atr file load the title screen, but after puhsing F2, it appears a black screen...quite strange...
  11. legolas119

    Altirra help?

    hi all, i post in this old post my question about key mapping for Altirra. Unfortunately my Logitech rumblepad 2 hasn't the START button mapped on Altirra and I can't add it in the Input mapping section on the emulator settings. So i would like to add START (F2) and SELECT and OPTIONS using the LB hotkey. I tried to map the button in this way: but it doesn't work, I have to push F button on the keyboard. Can you suggest how I can modify this script? thank you!
  12. thanks! well, i tried in this way: but nothing happens... So F4 (5) is OPTION, F3 (1) is SELECT and F2 (6) is START? On my joypad I think I should map them on different button, for example: 5: : F4 (option) 9: :F3 (select) 10: : F2 (Start) is it correct?
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