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  1. Hi guys, do you know where it is automatically saved the settings/preferences file of this emulator? I formatted my pc and after that i lost my setting of this emulator (fortunately i saved how i configure it :)). I would like to save my setting file before to format again my pc or in case i want to move this emulator in another pc thank you!
  2. thank you! I followed the video. I have some questions: 1) if i play AmigaCd games, i'm not able, if i push START button, to enter in the menu (like in games in whload format) in order exti from the game. Why? If i want to exit from CD32 games now i have to use CTRL+ALT+CANC and kill the FS-UAE session... 2) soundtrack: some games have missing soundtrack. For example: banshee, dragon spirit, mega typhoon, GODS...is it normal? 3) there are some games that, during the opening, it is not possible to start them. The only way is to push CTRL+ALT+CANC --> manage activities. After that the game in backgroud is "unlocked" and it is possible to continue and start the game... is it a bug? I have this issue with Wings of Death and Swiv for example. 4) I have configured my joypad. But how can i play games like The secret of monkey island? Is it possible to configure th joypad in order this type of game too? I have problems with Super street fighter 2 too: i can only move the 4 direction, but i'm not able to start the game because it is not possible to choos any characters. It seems that i have to configure the 6 action button of this game in a special way...? thank you!
  3. ah ok thanks! What is the PCSX2 configurator plugin? thanks!
  4. Hi i have configured pcsx2 emulator and its front end/launcher Spectabis. Is it possible to launch spectabis directly with launchbox or can i only user the pcsx2 emualtor without the frontend? thank you!
  5. Hi i want to configure an Amiga emulator? Which is the best between WinUAE and FS-UA? I think that the first is currently supported and updated, probably it is the best...am i right? And in your opinion is there a better choice in order to use an Amiga emulator on launchbox? which do you suggest? thank you!
  6. HI i have just configured PCSX2, it works very well. But 2D games in particular have a lot of pixel... Do you know if it is possible to add filters in order to improve the graphic of these games?They have a really low resolution... I read that with sweetFX filters i can obtain abetter graphic: i unzipped the .zip fil in the root of the emulator folder (as showed at the end of this tutorial ) but nothing happens... can you help me please?
  7. yes sure i know but for example Guacamelee has to wor perfectly as written in the compatibility list, and in my Cemu doesn't start...there is a balck screen... Ghost blade HD, Bayonetta 1&2 and Super Smash bros it seems that have to work correctly, without partiular issues. But they have slowdowns on my pc and cpu/gpu/ram aren't used at maximum (my cpu is overclocked to 4.2Ghz). It's quite strange...i don't know if these issues are related to my pc or to the emulator...
  8. done! now it works!! I have some additional issues. This is my pc specs: CPU:Intel 1150 i5-4690K M.B.:GIGABYTE Z97MX-Gaming5 VGA:Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4.0GB G1 GAMING RAM:ARES 2x4GB DDR3-2133 SO:Windows 10 Enterprise 1) I notice a lot of slowdowns on Bayonetta 2 and in Super Smash Bros. The CPU isn't at 100%, but these games have a lot of slowdowns and fps drop down. Do you suggest something in order to solve this issue? 2) Guacamelee Super-Turbo championship edition, after the initial loading time, doesn't start...there is a black screen...but in the compatibility list it is fully supported and playable.. 3) Bayonetta: Cutscene audio and video is not synchronized. I read (http://compat.cemu.info/wiki/Bayonetta) that in order to fix it it is necessary to Setting SpeedHack to 0.5 with the external program Cheat Engine. I installed the Cheat Engine but i don't know how i can set that configuration... 4) Ghost blade HD: a lot of slowdown, it runs at 30fps instead of 60. I set GPU buffer cache accuracy" set to "High(Slow) as suggested here http://compat.cemu.info/wiki/Ghost_Blade_HD. But the issue is still here... Thank you!
  9. Hi i have downloaded with Wii U USB Helper Super smash bros Wii U + DLC. I have unpacked them. Then i ran CEMU and File --> Install game and DLC --> I selected the meta.xml file stored in the "meta" folder. After that, i see that correctly now I have here cemu_1.15.2\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\10145000\aoc the 3 folders meta, content and code. But if I run the game, the DLC aren't detected... i don't know why...i follower tutorials and it seems that everything is correct... do you have any suggestion please? it's quite strange that the packed folder of DLC is bout 8,8MB, but the unpacked version (with the 3 folders meta, content and code) is only 80KB!?!?! Now i checked again in Wii U USB Helper and i add to download a new Update file (i selcted the latest version v.304, 3GB) and another DLC file (9,27MB). I will try to unpack and install them...Probably in the DLC pack i have downloaded it isn't included the latest version of the update... thank you!
  10. yes i know. Fortunately a lot of these games are available for console, i already have them (for ps3/ps4). But i would like to collect them also to run them on launchbox/big box as a collection There are only few games, like Deathsmiles 2, that arent' available for other console. It is present only foe xbox 360, but not yet supported in xbox one...
  11. well, i'm sorry, what do you mean with "If you set things up correctly in TypeXtra," ? Where I have to config the joypad mapping in TypeXtra? I see that if i push the gamepad icon at the bottom it appear a pop up and it ask me to select a file...but i don't know which type of file I still have to try deathsmiles 2 and Raiden IV. I will keep you updated ok? Do you know if it is possible to use the right aspetct ration and to filters? Some games like Power Instinct 5 has wrong aspect ration (16:9) and without filters isn't good...
  12. Hi, please i need your help guys. I have configured cemu with my wireless Logitech gamepaed using the configuration of the Wii U Pro Controller and Dirct Input option. I think that it is correct. At the beginning of the game it ask me to enter my name and it appears "look at the tv while imputing". How can I enter my name and go ahead? Even if i push every button, it doesn't type anything... thank you!
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