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  1. hi, i'm looking for missing game themes. I suppose that the only source that I can check is here, https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/11-game-theme-videos/ correct? thank you
  2. hi, is it correct what I wrote? Is it correct the way I described to delete the platform? If so, I think that after the new fullset import, I will have to manually create again all the playlist...:( thanks!
  3. thanks. Currently I still not know how to create an auto-populate playlist and then how to convert it into a manually-populated playlist...So, in my case, I have to perform only these 3 steps now: 1) Delete all my MAME games: it means right click on the platform MAME and Delete it 2) Re import using mame full set, and uncheck both "download images from database" and "download media from emumovies" 3) Tool --> Download metadata and media, in order to download media for the added new games. Usually i update my mame romset every month, but i think that i will not do the same thing in LB too... I have a question: if I delete the MAME platform, I will loose all the playlist automatically creaded. When I will reimport all the fullset, LB will re create them again, but i think that I will have to rename all the playlist in this way, as I have done the first time. In this way I'm sure that i can take separated the Final Burn Alpha playlist from the MAME playlist. I mean, I named every MAME playlist with "Arcade" prefix, and with "FBA" prefix for Final Burn Alpha playlist. Here an example: If I delete MAME platform, do you think that I will have to rename all the playlist...again? I think so...
  4. ah...really? If so...how I can remove games not playable in 0.221?
  5. I have done what i wrote in my post above and now my roms set is increased, from 2912 to 2944 games. So it seems that LB has detected the new roms
  6. thanks well, I have just updated the games database metadata. Strangely, the date/time is 01:00...but here (in italy) now it is 5:30pm... In any case, when I imported the first time the mame fullset 0.220, with all metadata, in this way: I imported 2912 games. Some days after, when I updated to 0.221 my mameUI fullset and i tried to re-import again the fullset (Tools --> Import --> Mame fullset Import) and no new roms were added. Someone here explained the reason here in the forum Now, could I try to reimport again the full set in this way Import --> MAME fullset import, in order to verify if it will add some roms? thanks!
  7. Hi Jason, but are you from the LB programmer team? well, your front end is absolutely fantastic I have a lifetime subscription also for Big Box, that is really really cool. Thank you! Ok I understood for the MAME issue. So, for example, LB probably will be able to correctly import the additional roms for 0.221 full set in the next weeks? Usually LB could support the new MAME release after some weeks after the official MAME release date. Is it correct?
  8. so the only way to correctly update MAME in LB is wait for a new MAME.xml version that consider the updated MAME.exe version. But unfortunately we can't know when this file is updated...
  9. Hi guys, we are talking about this topic also here: I hope that it could be help
  10. hi, well, I updated my LB to 10.15 yesterday evening, more or less at 10:00 pm (CET). If I check my mame.xml file, it is updated at 01:01 am, so it seems that it was updated before to LB update: I don't know why... In any case, currently we are not able to understand if and when LB will update its mame.xml file in order to correctly run again the full MAME import process. So, now, i could manually import the fullromset with the standard way (Tools --> Import --> Roms), uncheking all the Media. In this way, LB should automatically add the new roms and delete the not used. After that, I can use the standard function (Tools --> Import Metadata and Media --> Do not overwrite existing file) in order to download media only for the new added roms. Am I right? I hope that in the future LB will clearly show which mame version is currently supported and will provide us an easy way to monthly update it thank you
  11. thank you! really useful!!! Well, now in Final Burn Alpha I only have this files without video/box cover. https://i.postimg.cc/Lsk9fV6V/Immagine.png But i suppose they are bios or some other stuff...not real game. So, if I delete from LB these files, do the games which need these bios will continue to run correctly when launched with LB? I think they they still continue to work because they are present in the roms folder, even if i delete them in LB (Note: I don't duplicate the games imported in LB, i use the original copy of every game in my roms folder). thanks!
  12. thank you! well, today I updated LB to 10.15 version and the official MAME official 0.221 has been releases. I have already updated my romset with clrmame so, now, i I will import again the full set, it should add the additional roms included in the MAME 0.221 update, am I right?
  13. hi I'm checking, for every platform, the missing box cover and the missing video. I have almost finished but with MAME and FBA it is really boring...to many games to check. Is it possible to quickly retrieve, for each platform, only games with missing cover (and missing video)? in this way I can directly review them without sliding all the fullset... thanks!
  14. yes sure, but i discovered that my plugin.ini file is empty. This is the problem! But here in the forum sundogak helped me
  15. yeat, thanks! It works now!!! Do you have this emulator too? The PGM2MAME v0.193? If so, are you able to add scanlines? I dind't find any option many thanks!
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