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  1. yes sure. I suppose i copied the correct command, as my mameui.exe file is in this path: and the game is in this path: so i suppose the right command, following your guide, should be: "D:\EMULATORI\MAME\mameui.exe" apple2gs -flop3 "D:\EMULATORI\ROM\Apple II GS\Arkanoid.2mg" and if i copy/past this command here: and if i push ENTER, i have this: i don't know, probably this is because my "software" folder is still empty...
  2. ah sorry! i run it and it appears this: i need to find the 2gs_flop_orig folder i think. in order to run Apple II GS games with MAME, is it correct to set up mame.ini in this way? https://postlmg.cc/XrD6MHpQ thanks
  3. hi, thanks. 1) first, i have to find the folder i have to put in the "software" folder but currently i have't find it yet: and i have already deleted all the .zip files. 2) I removed all the NON- .2MG files from my Apple II GS rom folder and i removed also the Source Code ans Saves files, i think they are not necessary: before to configure LB, is it necessary to configure MAME too in order to be sure that the games work also with MAME (and not only with LB)? I mean, is it necessary to configure the mame.ini file, in this way? I suppose that now i can' follow your guide at step 4 because currently i still not have the apple2gs_flop_orig folder. When i will have find this folder, i could try to digit this command in my DOS window: "D:\EMULATORI\MAME\mameui.exe" apple2gs -flop3 "D:\EMULATORI\ROM\Apple II GS\Arkanoid.2mg" but starting from here: i'm not able to reach the path: "D:\EMULATORI\MAME\mameui.exe" apple2gs -flop3 "D:\EMULATORI\ROM\Apple II GS\Arkanoid.2mg" It says that the syntax of the file name, directory or volume isn't correct... thank you
  4. thanks! i'm following your great guide. STEP 1: i updated my mame.ini file in this way and i put my zipped games in the software folder: STEP 2: i unzipped the games in this test folder. In my opinion some files (in yellow) can be deleted: and these files too, included in the Out of this world.zip file too, can be deleted, is that right? I suppose i have to keep only the 2 .dsk files of the game. Note: usually when i update the MAMEUI, i reply "NO" to this pop up, as i don't use MAME to run emulators, i use it only for Arcade games. I have just updated it to 0.235 version and i replied "NO" as usual. Is that correct or does i need to reply YES if i want to emulate Apple II GS? thanks!
  5. yeah, great everything works correctly, many thanks! Now i only need to configure an Apple GS emulator, i think that GSPlus could be oK. I downloaded it and added the ROM1 and ROM3 file needed. I have some games now but it seems that this emulator is really hard to configure...it seems that it is necessary to manually enter every time the command line to load a game??? Do you use it or do you suggest anything else? thank you!
  6. thanks, it's clear! But i tried in this way: MANIAC MANSION but the disk 2 isn't automatically loaded: and same thing for Bard's Tale: the disk 2 isn't loaded: Is there something wrong?
  7. thanks! 1) OK 2) I copied your string, it works perfectly! 3) I don't have a lot of games, i can configure them manually But i haven't understood how to do that... for example i have imported these 2 games, in this way: and here both games imported: Manian Mansion and Bard's Tale: Please, can you help me to configure them= thanks!
  8. Hi i'm using AppleWin to emulate Apple II, but i have some issues, please can you help me? 1) i set up in this way the Input: But very often it doesn't work, my joypad isn't detected (i have the xbox one joypad). It works with Choplifter, Commando, Impossibile Mission, for example. But almost all others games don't detect the joypad...And i'm not able to clearly identify in the keyboard which are the commands. I see that directional button are mapped on the numerical keyboard buttons (8, 2, 4, 6), sometimes Q button works as an Action button...but sometimes it doesn't work. I it possible to use the xbox joypad with every game? If not, how can i know the mapping on the keyboard? 2) how can I correctly configure the emulator on LB? Here below my current default settings: If i run a game, it only appears the emulator GUI but the games doesn't start automatically and it isn't automatically loaded in the DISK 1 slot. 3) how can i import multiple DISK games and automatically load them when i launch them with LB? Here below some examples: how can i load them? Is it necessary to rename them in this way? Bard's Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1) Bard's Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2) Bard's Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3) Bard's Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 4) and then import them like mutiple disks games for PSX, for example? Here below a PSX mutiple disks game: thank you very much!
  9. Hi, i'm looking for a good, user friendly and if necessary still updated emulator for these console in order to add it in LB. Please, can you suggest me something? I'm looking for emulators with joypad support if possible. Here below some emulators that i retrieved googoling: Apple II (Apple IIc, Apple IIe, Apple IIGS) --> Virtual II, AppleWin, Octalizer, KEGS (i'm not sure that all the emulators support all the Apple II models..) Amstrad (CPC 464, 664, 6128) --> WinAPE, Retro Virtual Machine Commodore 64/128 --> WinVICE Vic20 --> WinVICE ZX Spectrum --> ZX Spectrum 4, Retro Virtual Machine, Spectaculator (not freeware), Fuse I could prefer the ones with a configuration tutorial for LB :) thank you!
  10. it seems that everything works correctly I have an issue with guitly gear xx acccent core plus, but it doesn't depend from the game format, it seems that the issue appears after updating Dolphin (for sure this game worked some months ago). I'm not able to play it anymore. It seems that after updating dolphin to the latest version, when i start the game, after loading the shaders, it appears a totally blank pop up, without any message, it is possible to read only "Warning". Dolphin is freezed and i have to restart my pc in order to exit! I have this issue only with this game...it worked some months ago, in the same pc. Only now i have this issue do you know how can I try to solve this problem?
  11. ah! well, currently all my emulators and LB are in my hdd, i have the SDD only for the C disk (O.S. and so on). But I'm planning to buy a 4TB SSD as soon as the cost will decrease, so for sure the performance in general will be really better
  12. ah ok, yes i have a really good cpu/gpu, so i could use only the regular edition of Dolphin. I will check if every games work fine with the standard edition: if so, i will delete Ushiiruka. thank you very much!
  13. thanks, well, i don't know, probably Ishiiruka has additional features? I don't remember exactly why I configured it in addition to the standard Dolphin emulator... probably now Ishiiruka is quite useless if it is not regularly updated...
  14. perfect, i'm converting my GC and Wii iso, then i will try some of them in order to verify that everyting is ok and finally i will change the links in LB Some games are really reduced: Super Magio Ragalaxy 2 for example decreased from 4.36GB iso to 1,25GB RVZ!!! Super Mario Galaxy "only" reduced from 4.36GB to 3.36GB
  15. ah! I dind't know that! Well, i tried to convert all my Wii games into wbfs and the total size was reduced from 80GB to 53GB. I also tried to convert a game from iso to RVZ: in RVZ the size is only 1.11GB and in wbfs is 1.8GB, so I can save additional space I used this setting: Ah if needed i can convert back from rvz to iso? which is the tool to do that? Do you know if Dolphin Ishiiruka too support rvx format file? thanks!
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