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  1. Hi @faeran It worked correctly. I noticed that you only have to duplicate a parameter line and indicate in that line the name of the section in which you want to apply that CD playback effect. Thank you very much for giving me support 😍.
  2. Ask about the new version of retrostatic. I recently updated to the new version of retrostatic, which I loved as it has many more details and does not overload the interface with videos (previously my pc was overloaded). Now with this version everything is better for me but I have some doubts about some new implemented details that I would like to add to my personal playlists. Specifically, this detail is the operation of the disk and cartridge template that retrostatic has implemented in its theme. I have seen that the version of dreamcast and psx shows the template of
  3. Hello to the LaunchBigBox community. It is my first post in the forum and I hope it is not the last. I decided to access the forum in case the community could help me with a huge question that I have related to the application and which I do not know if it is possible to do. I bought the definitive license a few months ago since a friend recommended it to me for being very intuitive and versatile. The truth is that launchbox has fallen in love with me since once you configure everything initially, everything else is to press 3 keys and start enjoying. A wonderful application !!! Well
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