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  1. For a quick interim fix... You can try an AHK script. Add a new emulator that points to the script file. Associate the PS2 games to the new 'emulator'. Extract, Run PS2 bin file, Delete ERPS2binD.ahk (quick and dirty, but works) #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. PCSX2 = F:\Emulators\pcsx2\pcsx2.exe ;change path to your pcsx2 location FullFile = %1% SplitPath, FullFile,,dir,,NameNoExt outdir = %dir%\%NameNoExt%_tmp if (A_Is64bitOS = 1) { RunWait, "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x -y -o"%outdir%" "%1%",,Hide } else { RunWait, "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" x -y -o"%outdir%" "%1%",,Hide } RunWait, %PCSX2% --fullscreen --nogui "%outdir%\%NameNoExt%.bin" FileRemoveDir, %outdir%, 1 ExitApp (Be sure sure change the path in line #5) Note NO checked boxes. Add this to the AutoHotKey Script tab $Esc:: { Process, Close, pcsx2.exe } Note: The original "Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}" won't work with the script. But the above does. What the script does is: Extracts the files in your .zip OR .7z file to a temp directory using 7z.exe. Runs pcsx2 with the extracted .bin file that's now in the temp directory. When pcsx2 closes/exits, the temp directory is deleted. Caveats: You need to edit line #5 in the script. 7z.exe must be installed. The .bin file name needs to be exactly the same as the zipped file name. This doesn't take in to account custom configs. So with that last one, this is almost useless. But a something none-the-less. Maybe if someone knows how to pass an argument to a script, a per-game config can be added in.
  2. I bought the BB 1 year license and it did come with the EmuMovies discount. As stated... these two products are just amazing in conjunction with one another. Without hesitation, I did get the EmuMovies lifetime subscription and of course will be going lifetime with BB.
  3. It appears it does. (The #'s may come across as odd, but it all works. Trust me And no. I don't have an explanation.) By virtue of the ports on my video card, my cab is Display 2 and the TV is Display 1. My mame .ini is: # # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS # screen \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect auto resolution auto view auto screen0 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect0 auto resolution0 auto view0 auto screen1 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect1 auto resolution1 auto view1 auto screen2 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect2 auto resolution2 auto view2 auto screen3 \\.\DISPLAY2 aspect3 auto resolution3 auto view3 auto Though I only have 2 (at most) 'monitors', I guess I set up all '5' on Display2. Hmmm. Probably don't need the others. When I load BB with dual monitors (with TV as primary), in BB Options, General... is has: Primary Screen: Screen 2. Marquee Screen: Screen 1. BUT..... BB is showing on the TV and the marquee (i.e. the game box-front) is shown on the cab.... like it's supposed to. And everything 'plays' on the TV. When I load BB with a single monitor (cab only. Primary of course)... Options, General: Primary Screen: [is blank]. Marquee Screen: Screen 1. BB and all platforms run as expected, including MAME. Sort answer long... tested, tried and true. MAME.ini and LB/BB settings are "fixed" (I don't touch/change them at all) and the only that I change is going from single to dual monitors and back.
  4. Maybe not 'elegant' per say but doable.. maybe have two LB/BB startups. One that sets the primary on the PC (work/play) and one the sets the primary as the projector when guests come over. That way, all games load on the 'primary' monitor.
  5. MAME has made it (relatively) easy for selecting monitors as DOS76 explained. The problem is some other emu's aren't as user friendly about telling it which monitor to use. They ONLY seem to want to use the Primary monitor. And moving them like Agrajag mentioned can be problematic too. Some emu's when moved and successfully full-screened do remember 'that' screen for next time. But not all. My setup is a cab monitor and a 60" tv. The cab is great for Arcade (with the controls and all). But with other Platforms (say, PS2), you just gotta 'go big' and grab the xbox controller. I pretty much gave up on trying to 'tweak' all emu's as to which monitor they show up on and resorted to show all on the "primary" monitor. (I think "monitor 1" and "monitor 2" is based on where they're plugged into the video card and doesn't necessarily determine primary). It's not ideal, but I created 2 BB startups. One (the regular exe) starts up with the cab monitor only (single monitor). The second (a batch file): sets the monitor and TV as dual monitors with the TV as primary... runs BB... then when it closes, resets to single (cab) monitor. Again, it's not ideal. But the (OpenSource) program I used (Monitor Switcher) for saving the different monitor configurations makes the batch file (or AHK if you want) an easy no brainer to create, whether you have 2 monitors or 20. (ya exaggerating, but you get the point.) I imagine you can set it per game or per platform (like Visual Pinball X with a table (monitor), back glass, DMD, marquee etc...). Hope this helps at least a little. Here's a write up I did talking about it a little more.
  6. Ahhh.... another beautiful innate feature of LB/BB. In Launchbox: Click Tools. Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos. Assuming your Platform is called Sony Playstation 2. Choose the available theme that suits your needs.
  7. Try adding -exit to the default command-line parameter to VPX. Tools. Manage Emulators. Select Visual Pinball X (or however you have it called). Edit.
  8. It loads and runs here, but ya.. no [built-in] sounds.
  9. JoeViking245

    Mame CHD's

    The chd's are a separate file and not all mame machines (roms) need them. chd's will have the exact same name as the rom. Most (if not all) chd's you may see "listed" as 0.207 will work for 0.208. Yes, some (most) of your roms should work. A nice easy check is something listed near the top like 1942. No chd file is required. (Also, may want to mind your pictured personal sticky notes )
  10. Can you run the emulators/games outside of LaunchBox/BigBox? Which console/emulator are you trying to run?
  11. Just re-read the OP and see you used winmove. Duh Joe, of course that will work. lol AND... (as you indicated) no need to "UnStretch". I use a winmove script [doh!] on my desktop for placing multiple windows 'just where I want them'. Very handy!
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