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  1. Maybe a moot point now, but if that does work, change hh to HH. hh being 12hr format and HH being 24hr.
  2. or maybe "{Binding CurrentTime, StringFormat=h:mm tt}"
  3. <TextBlock Text="{Binding Date, StringFormat=h:mm tt}" FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/NeonDeluxeArcade/Beon.ttf#Beon" Foreground="#A8FFF3" TextAlignment="Right" FontSize="40" TextWrapping="Wrap"> This Yankee prefers 12hr AM/PM. 😁
  4. Oh snap! lol. Umm... might try: <TextBlock Text=DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm tt") FontFamily="LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER/Themes/NeonDeluxeArcade/Beon.ttf#Beon" Foreground="#A8FFF3" TextAlignment="Right" FontSize="40" TextWrapping="Wrap"> The code is for C# which is what Jason's code is written. May also pass to Theme xmal codes.
  5. Full screen was Operator Error. This works:
  6. string Time = DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm tt"); 7:46 AM string Time = DateTime.Now.ToString("HH:mm"); 07:46
  7. Did you get it working in LB? I tried playing around a bit. Couldn't get it force full screen (--start-fullscreen) in LB nor the command line [which I think I screwed up the command line for (operator error)]. But it does seem to open in the state it was last opened in (fs or windowed). Couldn't get Brave to pass a .url shortcut either. In LB I had to set it up with no emulator. With Brave not accepting the .url and LB not liking the http link as the Application Path (File doesn't exist), I ended up with this.Which doesn't help with any sort of mass importing.
  8. Myself, I don't know. Though I was just able to load a 'Default Copy' and it worked with Wheel3. My VS Community is up to date.Hopefully someone will chime in with "that one little checkbox" or whatever it takes to have it show. The only remotely possible thing I can think of is, the Default theme (at least mine) uses .Net 4.6.1. May check you have that.
  9. That (screen error message) will happen with some of the older themes. Even though they still open properly in BigBox. Do you get that error when you open (a copy of) the Default. theme?
  10. Can you backup/move retroarch.cfg (say rename it retroarch.cfg.old) and then start RA? I would think that'd at least get you back in (assuming it recreates the original .cfg) then you could compare the 2 files.
  11. Don't open/run it. It's the Bios file that SFEX2P needs to be able to run. Do you have all 3 of those files in your Mame roms directory and does Street Fighter EX2 Plus now work?
  12. Never heard of Brave until now. What you need to do is (unless I missed it in the reading) is to get it to do exactly what you want from the command (DOS) prompt 1st. Whether directly or via a batch (or ahk) file. So if you can pass something like d:\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe "https://www.launchbox-app.com/" --start-fullscreen (however the order, quotes etc go) then getting into LB is easy. Well, easier. It looks likes there about a bazillion Chromium command line switches which Brave makes use of. Having Brave as your default browser is fine, but I think it's best to point to it directly as opposed to relying on Windows to pass the URL. Also, you get to use your command lines.
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