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  1. Is this LaunchBox related? Have you looked on stackoverflow.com? Are you typing these sentences? Wouldn't it be easier to just hit Enter than to type "pk"? What does your script look like?
  2. lol I didn't even look there. That's where mine is too.
  3. I think it's built-in/automatic these days, especially with release 0.213. Is there a "hi" directory in your main MAME directory?
  4. I'm probably not the one who knows the answer but (speaking for myself) believe we need some clarification... "When I click on a game to play - nada." I assume you're [double?] clicking in LaunchBox. It should at that point do something, like attempting to launch the game. Does it do something then just goes back to LB? Or... (based on "when I go into Controller Configuration") are you 1st attempting to get it to work directly from RetroArch? (Note: it's highly recommended to make sure the games work directly through the emulator 1st as most problems that arise are within the emulators' setup, and not LaunchBox). Another thing to note is that with most, if not all emulators, you need to have the controller connected and on before starting the emulator.
  5. Try putting it in the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab for your Fusion emulator. Also, I'm not sure if it's going to know what "A" is, in this case. So just send what you want. $end:: { Send, !{F4} FileCopy, C:\Games\Scripts\FusionSource.ini, c:\Games\Fusion351\fusion.ini ,1 }
  6. That makes total sense. LB launches the script then it's the script that launches the emulator/game. After that, this script is done. LB sees that and thinks, they're done playing, show the exit screen and return. Which you don't see because your playing a game. So, along those lines and just totally guessing here.... in the 'Emulator' script, launch the emulator with RunWait. RunWait, %MAME% "%RomDir%\%1%", , Hide Exitapp
  7. WinActivate, LaunchBox Send, ^b
  8. Arcade Platform... you can have it show per game (like @neil9000 said). Loading screen: Pause screen: For the other Platforms, I just hard coded the 1 controller image. On this one (Atari 2600) the background kind of obscures it. Here's a better one (NES)
  9. If you have MAME revision 0.201 (it says MAME 0.201 at the top when you open it), open the command prompt in your MAME directory and type mame64 -listfull >AllNames.txt This will create a txt file called AllNames (change that to whatever you want) that looks like I believe that is what you're looking for.
  10. If you set your script to be the executable for an emulator, it will pass the rom name as %1%.This is one I made that will show a splash screen of the game specific controls (.png file), then launch the game. Say I have this setup as my Arcade platforms' emulator and I go to start Donkey Kong. LaunchBox will pass to the AHK script dkong as %1%. Note that, if both check boxes were unchecked, %1% would be "D:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade\dkong.zip" Also, I'm not sure, but possibly depending how it's used in the script, it may be %1 vs %1%. Don't know off hand. Confirmed. It's %1% Now, if you were to put your script (text) under the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab...,...LaunchBox will NOT pass anything to %1%. Well, in fact, it's only to the Emulator Application the %1% will be passed. So it won't be passed to a script you use in the Additional Apps for a game either. I think there was something passed as %2% also but have no recollection what it was. Then again, could be thinking of something completely different. 😊 Confirmed. I was thinking about something completely different. So I still contend, LaunchBox can be utilized to start ANY program. You just may have to concoct a pseudo program (i.e. AHK script) to act as a middle man in obscure cases.
  11. It's been a while since I set it up, but as of yesterday afternoon Steam still works through LB. At least for me. Think of it as LaunchBox is a "shortcut" to whatever program you're launching. In this case, a shortcut(s) to your Steam game(s).
  12. See if this works mame64 a800 -cart
  13. @Retro808 In that case, as you can tell, I'm continuing to learn and understand it myself. 😁
  14. I'm sure there're many ways to do the same thing. Retro808's script will work (as he confirmed) as long as the emu doesn't change versions. With SetTitleMatchMode set to "2", you could just have "SameBoy" in the parenthesis. Then you're for sure covered. Alternate: Process,Wait,sameboy.exe ;wait here until 'my_program.exe' is running Sleep,2000 ;wait to make sure it's loaded (2 seconds. Can be changed) WinActivate,ahk_exe sameboy.exe ;set (make sure) my_program is the active window send, ^f ;Ctrl F Again, same result.
  15. @ItchyRobot I recall doing something in the registry (quite a while back). But it was for VPX in general vs. per specific tables. I think it had to do with direct draw. Not sure if it helps any, but here's my Video Options setup.
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