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  1. Tools. Audit Arcade. Click on the "region" header (to sort). Scroll till you see the ones you want changed.To change the default version, click the game title. In the edit screen for that game, got to the Additional Apps tab, click (once) on the the version you want to use and click "Make Default". This assumes you imported duplicates and they are combined. (Obviously I didn't import duplicates, hence no 'additional apps' shown.) If you have a lot to change, it'd probably be easier to re-import your MAME set making sure you select preferred region.
  2. JoeViking245

    Is GBA box art/screenshots really sparse? or is there an issue?

    I've had problems with 'scan for new ROMS' not finding any as well. But I'm sure it's just something on my end. To do a remove & replace in LB, Exit LB, got to the LaunchBox\Data\Platforms folder and rename your GBA's xml file to some other file extension (keeping it for just in case or whatever reason) or just delete it. Restart LB and then do your import. If your GBA platform is relatively clean and you just want to now add the newly renamed ROMS, you can do a [bulk] drag and drop from Windows Explorer right into LB.
  3. JoeViking245

    Black screen when exiting Dolphinlaying Wii in Big Box

  4. JoeViking245

    Gamepark GP

    1st off, no worries. 2nd, I will always claim I only know enough to be dangerous. (my disclaimer) The 1st error is showing [capital] SMC where the script is in lowercase. Just making sure you don't have command line parameters lurking anywhere else. (in the emulator setup or in the game Emulator [tab] CCL) The script file looks good. It looks like geepee32 may be getting thrown off by the spaces in the path\file name.smc. ideally it probably should look like /smc="M:\ROMS\......", with the quotes around the path and file name to encompass the spaces too. I'm just taking a shot here... try double double quotes in the ahk. /SMC=""%1%"" ...or (shot 2)... quote the whole thing... Run, ""C:\Users\Eigenaar\LaunchBox\Emulators\GeePee32\geepee32.exe" /smc="%1%" /run" I don't know geepee32 (or GP32 for that matter) but maybe check using a batch file to see if these parameters will even work. "C:\Users\Eigenaar\LaunchBox\Emulators\GeePee32\geepee32.exe" /smc="M:\ROMS\GAMEPARK GP32\DOOLY SOCCER 2002 (KOREA).SMC" /run
  5. JoeViking245

    Gamepark GP

    I've only kind of looked around for how to change where LB puts the "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE", but appears it only will put it at the end of the string. Which for most emu's that works. I think this will work... For your emulator settings, delete all your "Standard Command-Line Parameters" you have shown. Click OK. Edit one of your games. Click the Emulation tab. Check 'Use an Emulator' and select the GP32 emulator (if not already). Check the box "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters" and enter in: /smc=%file% /run I'm pretty sure it'll pass the rom filename into %file%. If that works, YAY!!! Now it's a matter of putting that in for all the games. I don't think the bulk edit give the option to change the CCL. So you'll need to do that for each one. If this method doesn't work there's always plan B. "Plan B": Create a new emulator pointing to an AHK script. You can't just add it to the "AutoHotKey Script" tab of your existing GP32 as far as I know. So again, New Emulator. The script will be something like: Run, "D:\emulators\Geepee32\geepee32.exe" /smc="%1%" /run Add a new emulator. Have the "Emulator Application Path:" point to the AHK script file. Give it a name. In "Associated Platforms" tab select your GP32 platform. Save it. Now have (or make sure) your games point to this 'new' emulator.
  6. JoeViking245

    More Games In Folder Than in LB Game List.

    I'd 1st look in your roms folder and make sure all 518 are the exact same "type" or file extension (or applicable PAL Megadrive game extensions). Sort by 'type' to make it easier to see. If they all have the same file extension, then: In LaunchBox, run an Audit for your PAL Megadrive platform. Look at the "Additional Apps" column and see in any are greater than zero. (Again sort by this column to make it easier to find). Some of your 'missing' 10 may be nested under another game/file/rom. If neither of these 2 things shed light, then I think the answer to your question is no.
  7. JoeViking245

    Gamepark GP

    Do you mean like: Commandline options /GXB=<filename> Loads GXB file /FXE=<filename> Loads FXE file /SMC=<filename> Loads SMC file /RUN Starts emulation You can not use FXE and GXB at the same time
  8. JoeViking245

    XB1 controller right stick not working in MAME

    .206, but that part shouldn't matter. ...until now that I just read your edit. lol Not that it should make a difference, my controller is the 360 (vs One). Just tried Robotron again and confirmed all's good here. Was able to shoot all 8 directions. And after playing it for more than just a few seconds this time had an "oh crap! I remember playing this game in the arcade!! ..moment. Sorry, no help here.
  9. JoeViking245

    XB1 controller right stick not working in MAME

    Just tested those 2 games and it seems like it worked fine. On your input selections for the game, is it showing [for right joystick] "Joy 1 RSY -" (etc..) like this?:
  10. JoeViking245

    Why do so many of my MAME Roms not work?

    Gmail should be fine. They're probably talking about something like mail.com
  11. JoeViking245

    What parts should I upgrade?

    Glad to hear you got it going! Now if only I can get Kung Fu Panda to 100% on mine... 😊
  12. JoeViking245

    What parts should I upgrade?

    Just tried both versions and only needed to (change) Enable HW Hacks and check Align Sprite for the vertical lines. ...and with PAL... So I think it has to some little setting or checkbox. Or maybe there is that much difference between a 3.0 and 3.5 GHz i5.
  13. JoeViking245

    What parts should I upgrade?

    Now you'all got me curious. I'm going to try it on my i5 3.4/6Mb/GTX960-4Gb
  14. JoeViking245

    What parts should I upgrade?

    Your computer specs are fine (especially with the holycrap 6Gb video ) to run PS2. I'd say stick with using PCSX2. I have an i5 3.4/6Mb/GTX960-4Gb and most my PS2's run fine. Note: most What version of PCSX2 are you running? I assume (at least) 1.4.0. You can find more recent builds but they're listed as "unstable" as a disclaimer for being unofficial. I looked at Zombeavers' setups and it turns out none of what I have is on the list. (mostly my taste in games) I ended up searching the pcsx2 wiki and forums for suggested configurations. https://wiki.pcsx2.net/Main_Page https://forums.pcsx2.net/ You'll find that a lot of games are listed as "playable" which can mean 'ya, you can play 'em but they emulate poorly'. Are you experimenting across the board with just one game, or have you tried several?
  15. JoeViking245

    Launch An Application through a batch file.

    In an AHK script it's: send, !{Enter} Problem is I don't know to incorporate 'after the program starts, press enter'. I think you to do something like: Run, "D:\MyFolder\MyProgram.exe" then add in something to the effect of 'if the program is running, press the Enter key then exit the script'. May try searching this site or Google.