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  1. You can. But your games' title would be something like "lordmon" instead of "Lord Monarch". Which really, is the whole reason this plugin was created. But then ya, the command line thing you'd need to do also.
  2. What would make that nice is if there were categorized ini files like MAME does for Arcade Machines. Like genre, controls, number of players etc.. But I just haven't seen anything like that for softlists.
  3. To be honest, no. And to add some brutality to that, I haven't even put any thought into the importing of a curated set. Have you tried LaunchBox's built-in Scan for Removed ROMs? I'm thinking that's going to be your golden ticket for what you're wanting to do. It's a little less direct, but makes good use of existing tools. So use this Importer (setting the Destination Folder to your update folder), then Scan for Removed ROMs. For "updating", that was done in release 3.0. 17 days after my quote about "beyond the intent of the plugin". Where it scans your existing Platform
  4. Try looking for and deleting the hi file in your MAME folder... ../MAME/hi/frontlin.hi and the nvram/frontlin folder... ../MAME/nvram/frontlin/ This will reset any local high scores you have for that game. Which in your case you can't even see them (it), so no-harm, no-foul. Though frontlin.zip is, frontlina.zip is not supported by hi2txt. So it won't (can't) show up on the leaderboard.
  5. "Control.ini" (not to be confused with "controls.ini [lowercase "c" and an "s"]) has the available inputs you can filter by. This particular ini file is in the the set from mameinfo linked above (and does include luckywld within the Lightgun section).
  6. When you Edit the game (right-click, Edit), what does the Launching tab (section) look like? Is the Rom File pointing to "tmnt.zip"? tmnt is the Parent rom and is the "World 4 Players, version X". And then it has 13 clones (which is [part of] what you're seeing in the zip file).
  7. That's odd that it worked before, but not when adding ",,Min". Briefly looking at the reWASD site, it looks like you can associate a game (or in your case an emulator?) to a specific configuration. Then with reWASD running in the background (sitting 'idle'), when you load a game (emulator) it then loads the corresponding configuration. I would assume with it setup like that, that when you close the game (emulator), it unloads the configuration and goes back idle. Or goes back to a "default" configuration if setup that way (which is what you don't want). Ahhhh... there it is. Or p
  8. @TinyTsuruta Is it safe to assume that the "/m" is a command line parameter for reWASD [itself] to open (run) minimized? It sounds like it might be holding focus. Maybe try AHK's "Min" option. The $Esc:: hotkey may be conflicting with the exit routine of the emulator. Try including WinClose for the emulator as well. Run, C:\Users\brent\Desktop\reWASD\reWASD.exe,,Min $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe reWASD.exe WinClose, ahk_exe mame64.exe ExitApp }
  9. That's obviously where my testing stopped. lol
  10. Is it unplayable in-game, or does it not load at all for you? If the latter, did you try directly in stand alone MAME? If it's not loading, which method in LaunchBox are you using to point to the rom? If you have MAME setup for soft lists, you can simply launch "cdimono1 -cdrm zeldgam". Unless you have the US version, then use "zeldgamu". Or do you just have LB pointing to the "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE.chd"? Either way, just tested and both do work. Again, if using the 1st method, make sure you're telling the correct version of the rom you have.
  11. Go to Tools and select Clean Up Media.... and select what you want removed.
  12. 1:: { KeyWait, 1, T3 ;wait to see if "1" is pressed for 3 seconds ("T3" = Time 3 seconds) if (ErrorLevel) ;if pressed for 3 seconds { send !{F4} ;send Alt+F4 ExitApp ;close this script } else ;if held less than 3 seconds { 1::1 ;send "1" (like a regular keypress) } } Since the 'press 2 then 1' script didn't work, not sure if this will either. Also left out the 'SetKeyDelay' line. You may [still] or may not need it. This assumes that when you press "1" for 3 seconds, you also will be exiting the
  13. Oops. Fixed the original post. "SetKeyDelay, 0, 50"
  14. I noticed it here. (Written in 'code' <> )
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