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  1. Try: View - Refresh All Missing Media... Option B is click one that you don't see an image for. Then, while holding the Ctrl key, click on the other's that are missing them. Then go to Tools - Download Metadata and Media..
  2. Love the flip-up c-panel storage idea!
  3. JoeViking245


    You need to look in the emulators' menu. For PPSSPP, look under: Settings - Graphics - Show FPS Counter
  4. http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/default.php Find your machine (game) and scroll down to the ROMSET section and it will list the bios zip file name (if) needed. This example: Machine - 11beat.zip Bios file needed - aleck64.zip
  5. It should in that if the controller is NOT plugged in, the default.cfg file you painstakingly created by setting all the controller inputs when the controller was plugged in, exited Mame and made it Read Only, it won't be overwritten to 'default' (stock inputs only) if you start Mame without the controller plugged in. Granted you still need to exit, turn on the controller then restart. If that truly doesn't seem to 100% protect your cfg file, follow the last paragraph in this post. (click "JoeViking245 replied to a topic") I just stress tested having a script (with a MsgBox, then wait for user to press a key before continuing) Automatically Run Before Main Application and it doesn't work fully as intended. It'll show the MsgBox and wait for you to press a key but at the same time continue to load the game. Which is actually the way it should work. Just doesn't help in this situation. So no. LB doesn't check to make sure your controller is plugged in/turned on. And if you look at the link @DOS76 referenced, I don't believe there's a reasonably simple way that Jason could program that in to cover the 1000's (10's of 1000's?) of possibilities of detectable devices, and that one of them is actually the controller (device) you're intending to use. As a Hail Mary, edit the Startup Theme for "Arcade" so that is says/shows "Dude. If you controller's not turned on, hit Escape NOW!" and increase the Startup Load Delay a little (5+ seconds?). Or... start a game, slap yourself in the forehead "DOH!", hit Escape, turn on the controller and restart the game. 😁
  6. The losing controller settings "issue" is by design. That said, there are a few workable solutions to fix that. The simplest way making default.cfg Read Only. Beyond that, the controller does need to be loaded (turned on) before Mame starts. You could create an AutoHotKey script and set it to run before a game launches that will display a MsgBox or SplashImage stating what you said.
  7. The related/similar games sounds like the different Views (Genre, Developer, Series...) that are available. So I think what you're saying is when you select a game in BB, you'd then see a curated list of other games that are same Genre/Series/Play Mode/Developer/Publisher... as the one selected. Almost, but not quite a redundancy. I think the biggest problem that would come about with this is the logistics of what constitutes a related game. That is, how many and which one(s) of the 'details' need to match to be considered related? Though I suppose something could be possibly added somewhere in LB options where you check which details you want to sort from and in what order. Similar to Image Priorities. For recommended, I don't think that'd work. LB/BB would have to keep a database of everyone's "Favorites" (assuming this isn't done alongside star ratings or anywhere for that matter) then process accordingly... "Other's whose this was a Favorite ("who like this") also had listed as their Favorites ("also liked") these".
  8. That's the beauty of it. LaunchBox itself is portable.
  9. Just for kicks and grins... (and process of elimination) maybe download a 'new' mame 0.201 from MameDev (Downloads - Previous Releases). Just the program. No roms (which of course you can't find there). This will ensure a complete 'reset' as opposed to just a file or 2. Rename your existing Mame folder (i.e. D:\Mame_old\) so as to keep save-states etc in tact.. and extract the download to the same folder-name as your existing folder was. Then open LB, un-check the "Forceful Pause Screen..." and see if you still don't get the pause screen. If you don't get the pause screen, re-check the box and try again. Doh! after thought... Before launching LB, you'll need to run [the 'new'] Mame and tell it where your roms are. Don't worry about controllers, marquees ect. at this point.
  10. That's exactly what LaunchBox is. AKA, a Frontend. Have multiple instances of LaunchBox 'installed' and set each one up for each of your individual 30 platforms, respectively. So you'd have something like: D:\LaunchBox-SNES\ and D:\LaunchBox-N64... etc. From there, create shortcuts on your desktop to each LaunchBox.exe and naming them accordingly. With 30 platforms I'm guessing you have A LOT of games. Assuming LB has been given the time to build it's cache files (which on 1st time around can take some time, especially with a lot of games) it shouldn't take 4 minutes to load. Keep in mind, what it's mainly loading [basically] are the image files for each game (via cache). Given that, next best option is to upgrade components of your system.
  11. JoeViking245

    Cemu on tv

    How are you connected to the tv? (HDMI, WiFi..) Is it actually 'slow' or is it there's a lag or delay like between the controller and what you see? If you're connected HDMI and having lag or delay, try adjusting the video cards' v-sync setting.
  12. Make a backup of your MAME folder! (lesson learned ) Place the downloaded "xbox2player.cfg" file into the ctrlr folder. Edit "mame.ini". Scroll down to "CORE INPUT OPTIONS" and add in xbox2player on the ctrlr line.This will now load that file (that's located in the ctrlr folder) instead of "default.cfg" (located in the "cfg" folder) Any game-specific configuration files (located in the "cfg" folder) will still be loaded as before. The MameDev Team put in the if-the-controller's-not-plugged-in--reset-everything as a kind of fail safe to the "oh crap! I configured everything wrong and now nothing works!" scenario. One solution you've already found. Make default.cfg Read-Only. Another solution is to have [all] your controllers plugged in, start mame and configure everything just the way you want it using the xbox controller(s), keyboard, mouse clicks, combos.... Now Save Configuration and exit MAME. Now in the cfg folder, copy 'default.cfg' and put in the ctrlr folder. From here you can rename it to something like.. oh, I don't know... "xbox2player.cfg" or what ever you want. Then edit mame.ini to load it as noted above. [Instead of editing mame.ini, you can always add to the command line "-ctrlr xbox2player".]
  13. Per https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm This of course excludes modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Win, Shift....). That being said, they continue on with something about GetKeyState. I was able to get a 3 key press to work. ("key" being a non-modifier, joy/mouse button...) #if GetKeyState("Z", "P") X & C::MsgBox X then C were pressed while holding Z. If while Z is pressed, X and then C are both pressed/held, post the message box. It seems like they need to be pressed (and held) in that order. Just change Z, X and C to your 1Joyx. If you have to have 4 buttons pressed, I'm sure there's a way to do an If-Then-While-Not-Get... overly complicated, brainiac way. Well, maybe not that bad.
  14. The exe on Hyperspin doesn't include the additional common object file format symbols.
  15. In the given Platform (not in a Playlist) select all games, then click Tools - Change ROMs Folder Path for Selected Games... and point to the directory where they're at. No re-import required.
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