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  1. As I think about it more, the drive letter may not be a factor as long as everything (LB, emus and roms) was/is on the same (single) drive letter. (vs say LB was on C:\, and emus and roms were on S:\). But the folder-trees would need to be (have been) the same. This is regarding having to reinstall LB. LB uses relative paths for the emulator and rom locations unless they're on a different drive letter. At that point it'll use the absolute path. BUT..... instead of worrying about all that, I suppose ya, just install LaunchBox fresh. lol [Re]install/setup all the emus and import the roms into LB. And when importing the roms, do import the metadata, but not any media. Then, (hoping all your roms' filename's didn't change,) copy and paste the Images/Manuals etc. folders. Also be sure to keep the Platforms named exactly the same.
  2. You will need to do a fresh install for your emulators that are not portable. But if you use the same drive letter and folder structure as you had before (for LB and for your emulators [and roms for that matter]), you won't need to 'reinstall' LaunchBox. Just [re]use the one you have. But otherwise, Yes. Just copy the Images, Manuals, Music and Videos folder to your new installation.
  3. This seemed to work for me... Tools, Options, Media, Screenshot Priorities. Check Advertisement Flyer - Front [Back]. Click OK.You can also move them up/down to change the order they're shown.
  4. No problem. Glad to [attempt] help. Some games refuse to 'play nicely' and no matter what you, you won't be able to map the Escape key for them. This seems to be one of them. I'm curious, what exactly is the "Launcher" that's brought up when you press Start+Select? (BTW, you're missing "ahk_exe" on your WinClose line)
  5. Maybe you're not paying it enough for what you're asking it to do. Put a "$" in front of it. $Esc:: WinClose, ahk_exe "hod3launch.exe" Run, "E:\LaunchBox\JoyToKey\JoyToKey Force Exit.exe" ;WinClose, ahk_exe "JoyToKey.exe" ExitApp (Esc works the same as Escape)
  6. Are we talking standalone MAME? Or MAME ran through RetroArch? When you exit MAME, if you press the "anykey" (or... any key) like Space[bar], does that do anything? Or does only the mouse click or Alt-Tab work? Is there anything out of the ordinary in the command line parameter used? (outside of "-keyboardprovider dinput") When you press Alt-Tab, what window are you moving away from? (what window was holding focus) Myself, I've never seen this happen with MAME (standalone. I don't run it through RA) so kinda grasping at straws.
  7. @Johno1980 You're trying to kill a program that isn't actually running. "JoyToKey Force Exit.exe" #SingleInstance, force Run, "E:\LaunchBox\PC Games\The House of the Dead 3\hod3launch.exe" Run, "E:\LaunchBox\Plugins\DemulShooter_v10.1.4\DemulShooter.exe" DemulShooter.exe -target=windows -rom=hod3pc -noguns Run, "E:\LaunchBox\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.exe" Escape:: WinClose, ahk_exe "hod3launch.exe" WinClose, ahk_exe "JoyToKey.exe" ExitApp Return
  8. @rom116 From just my brief reading up on x360ce, once you've set up the individual game you don't even need x360ce.exe anymore. From what I can tell, you copy the x360ce files into the same folder as the game_name.exe. Run x360ce, tell it to create the missing (dll) files, set/select either 32 or 64-bit depending on the game, select/setup your controller(s) and Save. Exit. Then at this point x360ce.exe can be deleted. Then (I assume) whenever you run that game, it reads dll(s) and acts accordingly. I would think when the game exits, it flushes the dll's. That may or may not make sense and chances are I've totally missed something (wouldn't be the 1st, and won't be the last. lol). But based on the info you've provided, somewhere/somehow x360ce.exe does load when you start the game and it stays active until you force it closed. Sounds kinda like a design issue. I tested my LEGO® The Incredibles Steam game (without x360ce) and found that even when launching from the exe file (vs Steam link), it 1st loads the Steam Client Boot Strapper, Then Steam, and then finally "LEGO The Incredibles.exe". So to get that batch file to run 'after game exit' doesn't seem feasible given the circumstances. I'd say check the x360ce forums for setting up the games with a Front End (or even 'running a game that doesn't use x360ce right after a game that did') and see what others have done. I'm inclined to say it's a common thing they've come across many times and already have the perfect solution. But if your research comes back with "just run the batch file!", then I guess it's on to plan B. (though I don't know what that is yet )
  9. What does your batch file look like? It's possible that that the Steam game you're launching, even though using the exe, may do a sort of sub-launch. So KI.exe (or whatever it is) when started, then launches "steam.exe -play-ki" and closes ki.exe. At this point, LaunchBox see's ki.exe is no longer running, so then executes the "Automatically Run After Main Application" routine. Just an example and just a guess.
  10. In your exit routine you created for your game, have it exit joytokey also. Escape:: WinClose, ahk_exe "hod2.exe" WinClose, ahk_exe "joytokey.exe" ExitApp (I presume that's the executable filename for joytokey).
  11. Are you plugging them into 2 separate ports on the PC itself, or are you using a USB hub adapter to plug them into?
  12. Glad to help. And ya, I might have read it wrong too. 😊 I've never used a lightgun, Demul nor DemulShooter on my setup. But seems to me that if you can assign the numbers "1" and "5" to be sent (as you did on TC5), you should be able to send "Up" and "Enter" as well. And to top things off, I've never [had to] use joytokey either. So I guess my 'batting average' is pretty bad, as far as being able to help. lol A quick search around... did you setup HOD2 itself to see the gun(s) as a 'keyboard'? https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-dual-aimtrak-light-guns-pc-house-dead-1-2-3mame/ House of the Dead 2 First we will want to make sure the game is going to see the light guns as keyboards. Open the config.exe for house of the dead 2 which is located in the same folder as the game itself. Make sure both players are set to keyboard. Anyhow, where there's a will, there's a way. Good luck.👍
  13. For PC games, it's strongly advised that you keep "old-school" and actually exit the games properly through their menus ("Exit to Windows"). But if you're bound and determined, you can use "WinClose, ahk_exe "hod2.exe" To be clear.... it doesn't launch the game or the plugin? The only thing I can think of from what you have is to maybe add quotes around the command line parameters for the DemulShooter. Run, "E:\LaunchBox\Plugins\DemulShooter_v10.1.4\DemulShooter.exe" "DemulShooter.exe -target=windows -rom=hod2pc" Also make sure the paths and stuff are all correct. In the line above, is "DemulShooter.exe" really supposed to be in there twice? I would have thought Run, "E:\LaunchBox\Plugins\DemulShooter_v10.1.4\DemulShooter.exe" "-target=windows -rom=hod2pc"
  14. try 1Joy5:: Send, {Up} 1joy5:: Send, {Enter} Otherwise you're sending the words/letters "Up" and "Enter". Similar to sending the literal numbers "1" and "5".
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