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  1. The order of the parameters generally doesn't matter. However here you definitely want -cart as the last one because LaunchBox appends the rom_file_name to the end. When you edit you MAME emulator, you shouldn't need the box "Extract ROM archives before running" checked. In fact with MAME, probably better off keeping that unchecked. Now look directly to the left of that checkbox, and try checking it.
  2. Turn Window Mode Off. Open MAME Select Configure Options Select Video Options Select Window Mode and set it to Off Hit Escape Select Save Configuration (this is important, or all is lost) Hit Escape Exit MAME Return to LaunchBox Play games
  3. Refer to step 15.3. Some more 'troubleshooting'... In Setup, remove the Steam Platform. Add one of the other Platforms that's on the list. (if there aren't any others, create a Platform and put in only 1 game. Then restart Setup). See if the same type thing happens. Oh, and slow down (though don't need to wait a full minute ).
  4. @thefritz11 When you switch to Arcade (Wii, whatever other than steam), give it a second [or 2 to be safe] ('til it shows the Arcade images/video/metadata), then hit enter. See if that works (to not load steam).
  5. Indeed. So I did some testing on my main PC and on my cab using 6 different Themes, running through various Platforms and have come to the conclusion it's all you. And I mean that in the kindest, most sincere way. There's no reasoning to why your Steam app opens up when trying to go into your Arcade Platform in BigBox. Especially when Arcade probably has anywhere between 20 and 400 games. Also, since you can't get into the Arcade Platform, your mini BigBox setup is more like a mini brick-Box setup. (Sorry. That was bad.) I'm thinking your solution is to start over. Rest
  6. Is Steam the only Platform in Platforms Ready for Launch Platform? (step 2 in the 'setup' process) And you're saying if you select say Arcade Platform or Nintendo Wii Platform, you Steam app is launching instead of it going to the list of games for the respective Platform? That's messed up. lol Look in your LaunchPlatforms plugin folder. What text (.txt) files do you see? If you answered Yes to my 1st question, you should only have "Steam.txt" (or what_ever_your_platform_is_named.txt) plus the 2 .dll fies. If you have "Arcade.txt" and "Nintendo Wii.txt" (example above), that wou
  7. Yay! (again. loL) I think having something 'like this' was asked about here in the Forums (loosely), but not sure if it was ever Bitbucket-ed. Though both methods get the attention of the Developer(s) (Bitbucket more-so), it's up to the Community (for the most part) what features get added. As in "by popular demand".... "majority rule"... and... if Jason feels like it. If you're adamant about this feature and are up for it, scan through Bitbucket (top of this page, Help & Support, Request a Feature) and see if a request for it has been made (may need to look back as far as 1
  8. Not that I'm aware of. Hence the plugin. lol May want to do a Restore Theme and Restore Platform 1st before redoing everything.
  9. @thefritz11 Glad to hear it's working for you now! Ya, my instructions on this one weren't the best. In fact I think Jay and threw this plugin together one weekend then just 'threw it out' here. lol If you end up using one of 'them' fancy new fan-dangled Themes, I'd be curious to know which you use and even which one(s) it doesn't work on. Not that we plan any updates. lol But you never know.
  10. I don't think so. I tested it with 11.13 beta 4 (could have been beta 5 from today?) and it worked fine. If you by chance downloaded the old one, that may be the issue. Appears I failed to remove it when putting up v 1.02. (1.02 is what you want) BTW: when you click Tools, "Launch Platform Setup", it'll still say "Launch Platform Setup 1.01". Another oops. I suppose another thing is to make sure you're on one of the Platform Wheel Views. The Games List View (below it) won't matter because you'll never get to that from 'this' Platform. (not supposed to at least)
  11. Wow! I completely forgot about this plugin. lol Try a different Theme. To "see it in action", copy and paste the "Default" theme folder. Then in LaunchBox under Tools, "Launch Platform Setup", setup the "Default - Copy" theme. I assume the Platform's already been added. Now switch to BigBox, set "Default - Copy" as theme you want to use (Options, Manage Themes), then try selecting the "Platform" again and see it Launch. As a side note, it appears we made "Launch Platform Setup" available in BigBox as well. So you don't have to go back to LaunchBox to 'Setup' a dif
  12. If it's actually showing in-game correctly [17300], MAME has fulfilled their part. So no. Any chance you're actually playing monsterb2.zip?
  13. That's going to be MAME thing. MAME saved the high score as "7301". Though you did get 1st place. D:\hi2txt>hi2txt.exe -r monsterb.hi RANK|SCORE 1|7301 When you view high scores in-game, is it showing 1st place as 17,300?
  14. So I actually connected my controller and did some testing with the Guide button and yup! couldn't get it work "directly" with a long-press. "Indirectly" (maybe not the correct use of the word) I was able to get it to 'work' using a long-press button combo. This example you press and hold the Guide button (vk07) and then tap the "B" (1Joy2) button, while still holding the Guide button for 2 [more] seconds. 1Joy2:: { KeyWait, vk07, T2 If (ErrorLevel) { ........... If you swap the 2 buttons in the script, it doesn't work. In that case, it seems like the Guide button
  15. You may have to 'pay' to get it to work. Try putting a "$" in front of vk07 (just the 1st one) $vk07:: { KeyWait, vk07, T2 ;wait to see if the Guide buttom is held for 2 ("T2") seconds If (ErrorLevel) ;if held for 2 seconds, then... { ........... I've only ever tested this ("long-press") with 'regular' buttons (i.e. 1Joy1). Hopefully the money helps.
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