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  1. If you don't see anything on the "General" tab when you right click the file and select Properties, it should be ok. I've no idea when/why/how Windows decides to block it or not. If you have the dll file in your ../LaunchBox/Plugins/ folder, then start LaunchBox, you'll be able to use it when you select more than one game and right-click on one of the selected games and select "Bulk Run Before/After Main Application".
  2. Try unplugging one or some of the other USB devices, then restarting the computer. I know on my cab, if I have the USB dongle for my wireless 360 controller plugged in, and I turn-on/restart the computer, it won't recognize any of the buttons or joysticks connected to the I-Pac (even though their basically just keyboard key presses). But if I unplug the dongle, restart the PC, then plug it [back] in, everything is recognized. Just a thought. Process of elimination.
  3. If you by chance mean a Theme Video for a game, you could narrow it down by selecting Games Missing Media, the choose Games Missing Videos. Another option to get you close is to go to Tools, Audit then select All Games or just the current Platform. Scroll all the way to the right until you see the Video column. If you click that header, it will sort them by number of videos. If you click on one of the cells that shows 1 or more videos, it'll pop up the editor window for that game and you can see what video type(s) it has. From here you can close the edit game window. That games row will be highlighted. Right click and select Delete, if you so desire. (Or just press the Delete key) If you weren't talking about Video Themes for games, my bad.
  4. F1::F5 F3::F8 But if you can change them in the emulator settings, you'd be a lot better off. But yes, this will work the same, as long as F1 and F3 aren't already assigned to something else in the emulator.
  5. Check the box "Ignore games that only have a Title change (when updating)" V4.04 (Jan. 18, 2022) New feature: Added a checkbox for when updating an existing Platform, if the game Title in your Platform doesn't match MAME's game Title (either MAME updated the Title or you modified yours), it will skip that game. Removed: Copy to Clipboard Feature introduced in v3.11.3-beta-17 due to conflicts when using the plugin remotely Fixed: Accidental 2nd click while Importing is already in progress
  6. My main PC has dual monitors, but I don't use it for gaming at all. And my cab only has one. So my use case for this is None. lol It's just cool to see that it works. 😎
  7. This version (v1.1) should display your selected image without cutting off the top/bottom, left/right. It will maximize the images width or height (whichever is greater) to the monitor's width or height extents, accordingly in conjunction with the monitor's aspect ratio. So basically, if your monitor display is rectangle and your image is square, you'll see "black bars" on the left and right sides of the image. But not on the top/bottom. DisplayOnMonitorX v1.1.zip Again, this "just-because, proof-of-concept" project was to accommodate a 3rd (or even 4th?) monitor (but is obviously flexible). If your setup only has 2 monitors, by all means make use of the built-in feature of BigBox as @Retro808 summed up quite concisely above. It'd be kind of silly using a third-party plugin made by some Joe-off-the-street for something the program has built in. Just sayin.
  8. How are you getting it to cover the taskbar? Is your taskbar set to autohide? I can't get mine to cover the taskbar at all. I assume you're talking about the LB GUI vs. a loading screen or something similar. When does this happen / what seems to trigger it? After playing a game? When you 'grab' the top with a mouse-click and move it yourself? Clicking between the minimize and maximize buttons? The GUI window should stay put unless you move it yourself. Do you have some other script running that somehow makes it full screen**? Checking if an app is "full screen" in AHK isn't very straight forward or reliable. A window** that is full screen is different than a window that is maximized. Here's something quick and dirty that'll sorta do what you're asking (in a roundabout way). But it'd be better to figure out why (and how?) LB is covering the taskbar in the 1st place. Then (possibly) fix that. Loop { if WinActive("ahk_exe LaunchBox.exe") WinRestore } (You don't need to tell WinRestore which window to restore because it's passed along from the if statement.)
  9. I don't know DemulShooter at all. Does it know where to find demul07a? Does demul07a needs a full qualifying path. If it's typically written that way from the Command prompt, it may be your START command line. On that line, add a {space}{double quote}{double quote} right after START START "" "F:\DEMUL BACKUP"............. Create a shortcut to the batch file. Right click the new shortcut and select Properties. On the Shortcut tab of Properties, next to Run:, change it to Minimized. Lauch using the shortcut (instead of the batch file itself).
  10. We fixed this in v3.0 to alleviate the issue of creating duplicate entries. By "fixed" I mean it checks against four scenarios. It compares [one by one] the game to be imported (Title and filename) against all existing Titles and Roms (filenames) in that given Platform. A B C D Title Exist TRUE FALSE TRUE FALSE Rom Exist TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE If your situation, it found scenario B: one of your existing app paths contained the roms filename but none of your existing Titles matched the games Title (as declared by MAME). aka: MAME (or SOMEONE!! ) renamed the games' Title since the last import. This [fix] came about when we realized that not only do roms change names (as new versions of that rom/game are added) and game Titles change (i.e. Blockbuster changed to Block Buster) but also Parents become Clones and Clones become the Parent (as was the case in Milton Bradley Microvision - Connect Four). I can add a checkbox for 'if a rom file_name already exists in this Platform, skip it altogether' (scenario A & B). Not sure what, if any, kind of Dominoe affect this will create. Hopefully none. But it seems like it could be fixed by simply leaving the box unchecked. I can't seem to reproduce this. That is, with this checked it did rename the Titles that I had manually changed and the rom was in my selected Source Folder. But it didn't rename any of the ones I changed where the roms were not in my selected Source Folder. Not sure what to tell ya. Here's some behind the scenes madness to my methods for running the scenarios if morbid curiosity gets the better of you.
  11. Because I was too lazy to try to remember how to set the delay repeat-click thingy. (still am. lol) This way if you press and hold "coin", you have to wait 750ms before it detects another press/click. Which is usually long enough if you press and release the button. But if you presssssss and then release, the script may detect it as more than one press. At this point, MAME probably only gives you the one coin while the script counted 2 or 3. It's not the "proper" way to do it. But it does work. As cheesy as it may be. And ya, Coin1++ looks a lot cooler than Coin1 = Coin1 + 1 Glad it's working!!! (because I didn't really test it. lol)
  12. I'm kinda surprised DemulShooter even starts. Try: 3rd to the last line, putting the path to the executable in quotes. Otherwise you're just telling it to START F:\Demul aka Open explorer to F:\Demul.
  13. @Vojake I can't help with how your images look, but I can help you with selecting which image to display. Instructions: DELETE YOUR EXISTING DeviceControls FOLDER! Download, unblock and copy the contents of the zip file (which consists of a folder AND a file in that folder) to your Plugins folder. Start LaunchBox. Select Tools, DisplayOnMonitorX. Select which monitor # you want an image to display on. Drag and drop the Game Image or Platform Image you want to see into Primary Image. Drag and drop the Game Image or Platform Image you want to use if the Primary Image doesn't exist into Secondary Image. Click Save. Play games. DisplayOnMonitorX v1.0.zip
  14. Try pressing Ctrl+S to bring up the side bar.
  15. "Q" seems like an odd key assigned to inserting a coin. But who am I to knock it? MAME's default coin inputs for players one thru four are keys 5, 6, 7 and 8, respectively. Here's coin 1 and 2 (per MAME keyboard assignments) to get you started. Study it carefully and YOU can add coin 3 & 4 (or change it back to "Q" and whatever ). global coin1 := 0 global coin2 := 0 ; Player one coin input = "5" 5:: { if (coin1 = 5) ; Max 5 coins Return coin1++ 5::5 Sleep 750 } ; Player 2 coin input = "6" 6:: { if (coin2 = 5) Return coin2++ 6::6 Sleep 750 } Copy this into the Running [AutoHotkey] Script section of your MAME emulator and limit those little hoodlum's allowance (at least until they learn they can exit, then restart the game with 5 more quarters. lol).
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