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  1. After you have imported your ROM set, try selecting all of your games in Arcade (click on the first game scroll down hold shift and select last game) so that all games are now highlighted in LB, Make sure you highlight all of the games you wish to do this individually for not the entire platform to edit. Next, go to tools and select download metadata and media, you will be greated with the number of games you wish to edit. Now uncheck all boxes except for video theme and see if that works. I experience the same issue importing on other consoles so i usually leave any video media unchecked and
  2. I got it to work by deleting any existing arcade data platform XML files and playlists it created then deleted arcade scrubbing everything and tried again checking the prioritize over LB database.
  3. Regarding the sega console (Sega Master) i was able to get it to scrape properly by ignoring LB database, I dont know why that seemed to work maybe a weird conflict as Emumovies scrapes that Launchbox simultaneously searches seeing it as a duplicate and removing it. As for the Arcade this is still an issue, I made sure MAME scrapped as Arcade and that the folders are named accordingly under the consoles default directory to attach metadata properly, but the issue still exists. I opened up the platforms XML file and found that the majority (almost all) of the consoles that would scrape as Arcad
  4. Even without Emumovies the launchbox database is scraping the same way, It indicates that it is searching and removing duplicates but doesn't download and replace the metadata, it appears to just be removing the files with no attempts to retrieve the database as if its not actually connecting to the server in order to retrieve the Metadata to start downloading. I have checked to see that no files are found under images or video, However manually adding the files to these existing locations works so it is pointing the right directory needed to attach the metadata.
  5. Yes I have this same problem, seemed to be working fine prior to the update but it does not seem to be scraping properly on MAME and had same issue with another console. I am not sure what the issue is since i lost all of my files due to a corrupt external hard drive and didnt back it up in time I lost my files due to allowing all of my games to migrate into a single launchbox games folder which was corrupt and not readable (Bad luck with External hard drives). What i did differently was use ROM files in the current location rather than move them to a single folder to avoid the headache of th
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