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  1. So cool! I think I finally landed on a startup video that passes the test for my multicade! Question - is there a way I could get Launchbox replaced with like my name instead? Such as "Brett's Arcade". Also, is there a way to make the cinema a bit longer, such as 34 seconds long (to match the new Marvel song?). Feel free to DM, and I can even venmo you for your efforts. Thanks a ton!
  2. Any one out there using the Pixelcade LED marquee? Keep in mind, this is LED and not LCD. I'm using Launchbox and am wanting to get high-quality Marquee artwork for it. The MAME marquee games are all looking good, but it's the console platforms that have mediocre to down-right awful graphics which display for SNES or NES or N64 games, in my blunt opinion.Just look at Lemmings for SNES or Act Raiser 1 or 2, just as examples. They are washed out, very hard to read, etc. with the LED marquee. Does anyone know where to get higher quality marquee (128x32 pixels) graphics for these games or have created some themselves and willing to share? Looking for typical consoles - SNES, NES, N64, GB, GBC, Atari. Thanks!
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