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  1. I found out what is causing the fact that nothing is imported. If you have a set of games, and one of those games has no .EXE or .COM file in the game folder, the entire set will not be imported. I filed a bug report. You can woraround this problem by deleting the games from the import in the last step of the dos importer wizard. (by using the DEL- key on the row you want to delete)
  2. I issued a bug report for the remaining problem for the dos import .
  3. Ik can confirm this problem. After using the wizard with a map with lots of submaps with dos games it imports nothing. Also the drag and drop feature screws up the executable paths. It now is very cumbersome, because the only workaround I can think of is adding every map manually to import them... Edit: I can see in the release notes for the upcoming version 11.10 that the drag & drop issue is fixed. Hopefully the MS DOS import issue with the submaps is also fixed. https://www.launchbox-app.com/about/changelog
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