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  1. Hi, the issue was that 10.5 happily accepted any button combo as a closedown emulator option, but it simply didn't work in practice. Could exit emulator via Esc key and whatever specific exit function were available within, but not from the controller (the controller otherwise worked perfectly). I mostly fixed it by restoring a backup of 10.1, and then upgrading again. Hence, I traced the problem to the auto-upgrade failing the first time I tried it, which messed up some settings or something like that. Regret I can't replicate. One quirk...the use of Start+Select as an Exit combo now works in Retroarch, it works in standalone emus (Altirra is my favourite, I have a few others), but oddly doesn't work in standalone MAME64 (as opposed to MAME-core-run-thru-retroarch). Not sure if there's anything different I have to do setup-wise (it's always been a fiddly emu to work with). I only really use it for Bally Astrocade and a few obscure ex-MESS systems, but curious to establish what's up with this one.
  2. Hi, I later traced this to a botched 10.5 Launchbox upgrade. The installer messed up when I unknowingly switched from Bigbox to Launchbox and something went wrong config wise. Now fully functioning on LB Premium 10.5.
  3. Oddly, I took a backup of a working 10.1 installation, tried to jump to 10.5 again on a 'what the hell' basis, and now it's working? Confused. Seems something went wrong with my first attempted upgrade and I had to rewinds and start again. Solved for now, but concerned the "proactive" auto-upgrade feature isn't as resilient as it could be.
  4. Hi, been talking about this in another post. I too reverted to a backup of a 10.1 installation and everything worked again - button combos got me out of Retroarch and also special-interest emus (I use Altirra for Atari 8-bit, for instance).
  5. Yep, just pulled my backup installation of Launchbox (v10.1) off my NAS drive, uploaded the license key, and had it working in 30secs. Sounds like a bug report to me!
  6. +1 for needing help on this. All emus are set via hotkey to exit on Esc. This works, always has done. But can't exit emu via button combo at all. Not Retroarch, not single-system emus either (I'm using Altirra - a bit obscure but it still lets me exit via the Esc hotkey, so why not this?). Using Windows 10, Launchbox 10.5 Premium, wired Xbox 360 controller. Only just paid for premium version so can't speak for previous versions. Online guides don't help because the Options menu has changed so much. (Can I assume Controller Automation is no longer a separate setting)?. Just tried Launchbox 10.1 on my laptop, and this works without complaint, so going to go back to a backup copy of my setup and try that. Not the best initial experience of being a paid user, I'll say that much.
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