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  1. So I am trying to connect Steam To LaunchBox. I do have the correct Profile name, just the name without the / also I have made everything Public. I still get "Your Account Could Not Be Accessed" The only thing I can assume is my Steam API Key is not correct/valid. I have no Domain name to enter, so after a Google search I found on the Steam Community Forum that you can use so I used this to generate my Steam API Key? also if this has been discussed, my bad. I did search these Forums before posting this.
  2. I am have this same issue. I put in my Steam name (just the name) & my API key & it still tells me I can't import Steam? The only reason I can think is I have no idea what to put for a Domain name, so when I Googled it... on the Steam forum someone said to just put so I did that...
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