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  1. Dreamcast Disc Template v3.psdHere is my latest Dreamcast Disc template: Dreamcast Disc Template v3.psd
  2. For me its about quality, and the wider community feeling happy about the old games they love. We all want the best artwork in the same place free for everyone.
  3. I've got a pretty good Dreamcast disc template now. Spins perfectly with no wired movement.
  4. I've started looking at the Dreamcast logo's and disc. Many of the disc's aren't centred properly - this is upsetting!
  5. Cheers, I'm slowly making some progress I think. But my attention only really falls on the systems I had such as ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, and Amiga. Somebody really needs to pick up the Commodore 64 and Amstrad game covers I just can't bring myself to work on the Commodore 64's blocky and brown games!
  6. I've been busy fixing up some Dizzy artwork. Some of the logos were pretty good but I've made them all nice and consistent now.
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