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  1. If you are like me and use a frontend for dosbox that puts each games .conf file in a central location (for easy editing, etc), you are in for a bit of a headache when using LB. I accept the fact that in LB you will have to tell LB where each games .conf file is. But if you redefine any of the dosbox keymaps, it is a pain & I think it needs some help from the developer. 1) In each of the games .conf files, you cannot use the line mapperfile=default. This works perfect for dosbox & for the frontend. But not LB. LB will ignore this. 2) You cannot redirect LB to use the custom k
  2. Based on your comments, I did a test. I have two copies of King's Field (the source files are different origins but the same game). I opened up the image folders in LB to the two images I was interested in ( box 3D & box front). I saw them named as you said - I.E. King_s Field_ The Ancient City.9c88b268-23b8-4cc0-a85d-1e335967c6ca-01.jpg, King_s Field_ The Ancient City.9c88b268-23b8-4cc0-a85d-1e335967c6ca-01.png. I renamed one of the games to King's Field 4. The image file names did indeed change to King's Field 4xxxxxx. The second copy of King's Field - the images under edit/media/images
  3. When you download media for a game, what exactly "ties" the game to the media in Launchbox? The game tittle? The name of the game file (rom, windows / dos executable), the Launchbox ID? I ask because of the following situations that I have encountered using LB for the last two weeks. Situation 1: I imported several thousand games. As everyone knows, roms are often named very differently from the "official" name. I scanned through everything, fixed the LB id for games missing media, downloaded media, etc. Please note: all games had multiple media files downloaded & could be viewed
  4. I do not have this issue with Kega Fusion. In the standalone emulator, it is defaulted to window mode. When I launch from the emulator, it opens in a window. When launching from LB, it launches in a window. If I add the -fullscreen command to LB, then it will launch fullscreen in LB. This allows me to use the emulator in window mode to make configuration changes, but use LB fullscreen to play the games. Fusion 3.64 (C).
  5. I have a few questions about the media display options: 1) I really the slider bar that allows you to resize your box art, etc. Is there anyway to have different setting per platform/category or is it hard coded as one size for all? The problem is box art. Let's compare box art for NES vs SNES. The NES box art is tall but narrow. The SNES box art is wide but short. One setting for all works well for one but not the other. If I set a readable size for SNES, the NES box art is huge & wastes a lot of space. If I set a readable size for NES, the SNES size is too small. 2) The font si
  6. Instead of forcing them on creation just because they might be needed in the future, they could be generated on demand which is the more common way of doing this. Every piece of media is 100% optional to running a game. When I am done creating platforms, etc - I will have thousands if not tens of thousands of extra empty directories for the OS file system to keep track of & be forced to duplicate when running backups, etc. So far Launchbox is much more useable than many of the media managers I have tried - and deleted. I have been playing around with it for a few days now. It seems to
  7. When you create a new platform (I.E. NES), launchbox creates a default list of folders (Games, Music, Videos, a bunch image folders,etc). I do not want all those folders. I only want a select few. I cannot find a way to select only the folders I want created. I can manually delete them, but launchbox will recreate them when I refresh images, etc. Is it possible to do what I am asking? If so, how?
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