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  1. I do this in C64 Dreams in cases where a game requires TrueDrive to work correctly or where there's a particularly obnoxious cracktro. You just save a savestate like normal and then add .auto to the end of it and it'll boot automatically when you start the game.
  2. I've been messing around with Reshade combined with Retroarch shaders lately with fairly good results I think. It does have some limitations in that if the content is very bright to begin with this will make it pretty washed out, but it looks good with medium to low brightness content, especially in cases of high contrast. I'm still trying to dial in numbers to make it more universal. I could make a separate preset specifically for darker content but that's not really ideal. What I have now works pretty well outside of situations where you've got a whole screen of whites, but it's not perfect. No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: No shader: Esper: Esper + Reshade: FXAA shader: FXAA shader + Reshade (with SMAA + FXAA passes enabled): I made a couple presets. These are selectable via the UI (by pressing PgDn) and choosing them from the drop down list at the top. End toggles Reshade on and off. "Hazy" is the default, and what's used in all the above screenshots. "Contrast": "Dramatic": "Hazy": "Warm": I've also added in some UI (overlay) mask options which you can toggle with the .vbs (or .bat) files in the ZombsReshade folder. By default, the entire screen will be affected by Reshade, including overlays. You can make a black and white image named "UIMask.png" and place it in the ZombsReshade\reshade-shaders\Textures folder to indicate what portions of the screen will be affected (white) and what won't (black). I've made several for my needs which you can use an example. The .vbs files toggle between them. I have it set to "UINone" by default, which affects the entire screen. I swap between these automatically by setting up separate emulator entries for things like "Retroarch - Vertical" and telling it to use an alternate startup AHK script (you'd need to adjust the SetWorkingDir path to wherever the ZombsReshade folder is, either with absolute or relative paths like I have below): Alternately you could... just leave it on UINone, let it affect your bezels if you use any, and just not worry about it. But, you know, I'm picky and all that... Anyway, here they are if anyone wants to play around with them. Just place them in the base Retroarch folder. The video driver needs to be set to GL. ZombsReshade.7z
  3. That's correct. There's no equivalent of content directory overrides for core option files. They can only be saved per-game. Your only options to do this are what Headrush stated - either per game (.opt files) or by directing the platforms to a custom retroarch.cfg that has a specified (alternate) location for retroarch-core-options.cfg. That can be accomplished through Launchbox, using command line parameters. You'd make a copy of retroarch.cfg, name it something like master-system.cfg, add a custom command line parameter in LB for Master System of -c "master-system.cfg". Then make a copy of retroarch-core-options.cfg, copy it into a subfolder in Retroarch named something like master-system-core-options, and then specify that path in master-system.cfg in the core_options_path = "" (you'd put it between the quotation marks) line. Repeat for the others. Why is it that you're needing to do this to begin with? I can't think of many good reasons to need to change core options on the basis of platform. Most of the time when one core supports multiple platforms they'll have various core options that are specific to those platforms where they would make sense. Overrides and shader presets per platform are a common need, and easy to accomplish with content directory overrides/shader presets, but I'm not sure why you'd need to change anything in the core options per platform. What exactly is it you're wanting to do?
  4. Yeah, I'm still going through it. I've seen a couple other things that are worth looking into. Some stuff has already been incorporated into the automatic game fixes but some haven't (like the ones I added) so I have to look through the GameIndex.dbf to check them. No problem! I know it's one a lot of people have been wanting for a while. I have some notes for it on the sheet, but basically the game seems pretty playable at 4x scaling. The reason the config is at 3x is that the first few screens of the game (where it says like SCEA, Guerilla, etc.) are very slow for some reason and this is made worse the higher the scaling. At 3x it's about 60% speed for me. At 4x it's about 30%. It's not a huge deal since everything seems normal once you're passed it, but I didn't think it was a good idea to have people start with something that was going to run that slow and be really confused what was going on. If you do change the scaling to 4x, be sure to change the TC Offset values of 200 / 200 to 500 / 500 to fix the bloom/blur alignment. There might be something later that causes the same sort of slowdown, I'm not sure, but I played through the first two levels and they seemed fine.
  5. Trolled through that thread a bit more and pulled out a couple more useful patches which I've now pushed through. Amplitude - added patch to fix spiky polygon syndrome on characters Hot Shots Golf 3 - added patch to disable shadows (which don't render in HW renderers anyway) which greatly improves speed in hardware rendering. Software rendering (which is what it was previously on) wobbled around 135% speed and hardware rendering was about 20% at 4x scaling. It's now 250% at 4x in hardware rendering! Hot Shots Golf Fore! - added this game's equivalent of the patch for HSG3 which brings the same improvement in performance Hot Shots 3 and 4 status have gone from yellow to green!
  6. I played for about an hour and it seemed fine so far so I pushed it through along with a couple others. Updates: Grandia III changed from 6x scaling to 5x scaling + FXAA: performs and looks a bit better. New configs: Killzone Primal (thanks to @Thornback for letting me know about the patch and for Raziel/prafull on the PCSX2 forums for patching the game!) R: Racing Evolution Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Seven Samurai 20XX
  7. Actually uh... seems to be working with just the pnach by itself. Saw a couple people in the thread mention it and it seems to be working fine. Will do some more testing, but if that's the case that's great, because then it could be incorporated like any other config. You don't even have to do any of the savestate saving/loading BS.
  8. Did some testing - it does seem pretty playable. I'm using 3x scaling (4x has some occasional slowdown for me). Allow 8-bit textures enabled helps a bit. CRC is set to Aggressive and MTVU is enabled. I have TC Offset Y set to 500 - the bloom alignment is a little bit off and this helps. Changing settings while the game is running makes the video freak out so whatever settings you're going to use need to be set before booting the game. EDIT: Actually this behavior seems to be fixed by adding the following lines to the pnach file: patch=1,EE,003C67E8,word,00051842 patch=1,EE,003C67F0,word,AC450014 patch=1,EE,003C67F4,word,AC430008 patch=1,EE,003C67FC,word,AC430010 They mention it later on in the thread. It's specifically for the US version. I did have to do the savestate thing he mentioned, which does work and propagates into saved games. You can press Start to skip the FMV, then triangle to get the prompt to skip the next scene, then x. Then save a state with F1, press F3 to load the state, then go to the menu and save the game and quit to the title menu. Then, whenever you start the game, loading the saved game (and presumably any subsequent saved games) fixes the occasional garbage graphics. You can also load and then quit to the menu and start a new game. I didn't have any problems with spiky polygons, but if you do go to Config > Emulation > VUs and change round mode to Nearest. Custom plugin, patches, and instructions are in this post.
  9. There are a few other custom plugins floating around for various games. It is neat, and I'll check it out, but unfortunately this isn't something that could be incorporated via the plugin, not currently anyway.
  10. No, not at the moment. Although I have done some of that in my personal collection. The main issue primarily just being that I'm not a big N64 fan
  11. Just FYI, there was a recent update to the Beetle PSX core that added in aspect ratio settings to the core options ("Core Aspect Ratio"). I kinda hoped that this might be something that would eliminate the need for the custom cropping settings, but alas, it does not. If you're using my overrides you need to make sure that you change the core option to "Force 4:3" for everything to continue to work correctly. Below are the core settings I use for reference. Hopefully at some point @Pixelpiper will feel froggy and make us a nice "BC Edition" of Beetle PSX that has the same cropping features as his C64 core and then I can go back and rework these to help make some of this stuff a bit less fiddly
  12. Because the difference in visual fidelity between 8x and 16x is basically non-existent for most of this stuff. The impact in performance is not necessarily negligible. Much like FXAA, it depends on the game (though admittedly not to the same extreme). Sometimes it doesn't make any difference, sometimes it does. And in cases where a game is already borderline on performance, it's something that can sometimes be cut from to yield a bigger performance impact than visual. If a game's running at 450% speed, sure, who cares; but a game that's maxing out at 105% and can drop below 100%, it's something to look at. It's the same reason PCSX2's setting for AF isn't simply on and off. It just has to be taken on a case by case basis, like everything else. If you want some specific numbers, I just tested FFXII as an example. It's one I have set to 16x. At 16x I'm getting about 250% speed. At off it's about 285%. At 8x it's about 260%. At those kind of numbers it doesn't matter much one way or the other. But it can matter. It's on the to-do list.
  13. Updates: Michigan: Report from Hell added no interlacing patch New configs: Deep Water Motor Mayhem Splashdown Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild Sub Rebellion
  14. @The_Keeper86 Good deal! Glad you got it sorted. As an update - @alec100_94 pushed through a hotfix for the plugin so that patch files download/overwrite correctly when updating a config and they're already present - no more LB crashing. Yay!
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