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  1. Vectrex Launchbox setup

    Okay, so here they are (attached below). These can be imported like normal roms, just be sure to check the "Use folder names instead of ROM file names for game titles" on this screen of the importer to ensure that it uses the correct title. I split them up into categories like they're listed in the drop-down list in ParaJVE (I put "Test Cartridge" in an additional folder named "Other") since I'm sure most people won't want everything here like the tech demos. Make sure your emulator entry for ParaJVE looks like this and you'll be good to go: Game IDs.zip
  2. Vectrex Launchbox setup

    No problem! I'll upload the folder/file set to make it easier for people once I'm done.
  3. Vectrex Launchbox setup

    Yes. What I suggested works. I just tested it out. The file has to be named correctly (and it's case-specific). I extracted the names for the games from the xml (attached below), so now I just need to make some files to match. All it's doing is indicating to the emulator which game to start, they're not actually roms at all. The way to make this easiest for importing will be to use folders with each game title, and placing the "rom" (just a blank file) with the appropriate game-id name, and indicating to "use folder names" on import. Game Names.txt
  4. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    So I just updated from beta 5 to beta 6 and tested. It did close as expected but I got an error afterwards: Afterwards, I could still hear BB music playing but I couldn't get back into BB and had to end task on it. I tried again a few more times and didn't run into this again. Looks like some kind of (intermittent) VLC issue I guess. In any case, closing itself is still working for me on beta 6.
  5. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    I just tested on beta 5 and the script I listed is still working for me. I'll update to beta 6 and see if that's still the case.
  6. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Is this only an issue in BB then? It quits normally in LB? Do you have the "attempt to hide console window on startup" box checked?
  7. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Is it only for specific emulators or all? Try checking the "attempt to hide console window on startup" checkbox in one of your emulator entries and see if you're still having the issue afterwards.
  8. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    That's nothing new for me - controller automation never worked to close Demul for me unless I added in the task kill on ESC script to the AHK section. I also have NoMousy in mine (MouseMove would work too), but adding this will make controller automation work to close it. ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  9. Vectrex Launchbox setup

    It does but you can't quite do the same thing with it as what ParaJVE, which does both overlays (bezels) and background art behind the game. You can kindof fake it by adding the background to the overlay image itself with a reduced opacity (something like 40%) but again it's kindof faking it (see this an example). You'd also have to make them (and specify them) for each game one at a time. ParaJVE does all of this automatically.
  10. Vectrex Launchbox setup

    If you used -game= as a default command line parameter in the emulator entry in LB, and checked the box for "use filename only without extension or folder path" (and probably the "no spaces before ROM" box too) you wouldn't need to do that so long as the rom is named appropriately - Bedlam.zip or whatever.
  11. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Hey I just wanted to come back and mention that I really love the changes to the importer after several days of heavy usage - having it automatically pick the currently viewed platform and remembering the checkboxes are a godsend! One thought on that though - would it be possible to change the move to launchbox/keep in current location etc. section to checkboxes as well so that they could also be remembered? I literally never move my stuff which is in an external directory, so this would streamline it even more. Something else I'd really like to see is a "smart import" where you just drag your rom(s) into the appropriate platform and it then runs it through the import process using all of your previously selected checkboxes, no further input required (other than maybe the first screen to indicate whether they're roms, DOS, etc.). It would probably still need the final page of the importer as well just to confirm that the titles are correct. Anyway, loving the updates! Thanks!
  12. M.U.G.E.N What is it and how do I play it.

    I used to be suuuuuuuuper into Mugen, scouring innumerable obscure all-Japanese websites (before automatic page translation was a thing in browsers), various pages that looked like they were from Geocities, and a bunch of message boards for that one obscure character you saw on someone's video but couldn't find anywhere. The hunt for characters/stages and adding/arranging them was as much fun as playing for me. Unfortunately, the Mugen community is one of the most caustic, petulant, and insane groups I've run into on the internet - people that get extremely pissy about anyone hosting "their" character anywhere other than on their personal, highly unorganized site that looks like ass. Sorry guy, but ripping some sprites and adding some basic AI doesn't suddenly make you the creator and owner of Wolverine or Ryu or whatever. "Don't host my characters anywhere otherwise I won't release any to the public in the future." It was amazing to me how much of the scene was full of people that took this utterly childish attitude. I've still got my Mugen setup, the final tally being about 1100 characters and over 500 stages. I thought I'd lost it a while back but found it on an old hard drive that I hooked up to an enclosure. I backed that thing up to my Google Drive immediately afterwards haha. It's about 12GB
  13. Atari 800 (8-Bit)

    @Manuel Leiria So I did a little testing with disk sets. What seemed to work best was to actually save it as a save state and then load the state as the "rom" in order to load the set on launch. I haven't been able to figure out how to load the standard "Disk Sets" via command-line in either standalone or RA; I could only get them to work by manually loading it via the UI (F1 -> Disk Management -> Load Disk Set). However, you can accomplish the same thing with save states without having to do that. Load up the game, go into the Atari 800 menu via F1, go to Disk Management, add your disks in to D1, D2, etc. Go back to the main menu and go to Save State: Save it somewhere and name it after the game title. Then set that file as your "rom" in LB: When you start the game, it'll load all the disks that you added into Disk Management. This works in both standalone and RA, but it's easier do in RA because in standalone you need to specify the -state command line parameter for it to load it from command line. There doesn't appear to be a hotkey for the "Rotate Disks" function, so you'll still have to go into Disk Management and do that when needed (Alt+D -> R -> Enter -> Esc), but at least this way it loads all the disks from the beginning without having to manually "Load Disk Set".
  14. Atari 800 (8-Bit)

    Right, I was aware that was there as I've used standalone for quite some time, but I meant that in the RA UI there doesn't appear to be a section for disk management (Quick Menu -> Disk Control). A number of other cores have this like Beetle PSX, but there doesn't appear to be one for the Atari800 core. As far as what you're wanting to do, I'd probably just do it via Additional Apps. Add the individual disks as additional apps and use the list config as the default. As far as doing both at the same time... I'm not sure. As I said, I don't actually have any multi-disk Atari 800 games in my library at the moment. No problem! There's actually quite a bit of good stuff out there. Check out the "Lucasfilm Games" (prior to Lucasarts) stuff if you get a chance. I'm a C64 nut and a lot of those games were some of my favorites as a kid - especially Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus, and I was somewhat surprised to find they were actually better on the 800. That's the platform they were originally made for before being ported to the C64. Cavelord, Dimension X, Orc Attack, Rainbow Walker, Stealth, and Yoomp! are some other random recommendations. A lot of interesting and weird indie games out of Poland too.
  15. Atari 800 (8-Bit)

    Yes, I've converted over most of my stuff to the RA core rather than standalone at this point. I'm not sure what you mean by "disk sets". You mean multi-disk games? I don't actually have any Atari 800 games that are more than one disk currently. There doesn't appear to be a disk management section in the quick menu for the core.