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  1. The last time I had tried it, you had to switch to software and then back to hardware for them to render correctly.
  2. Eventually, yeah. I've just had a lot on my plate lately with various projects. Only so many hours in the day :(
  3. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Blade Runner has been updated to fix the crash when a disc drive (physical or virtual) wasn't visible when the game launched, thanks to a patch made by The Uploader on abandonware-forums.org. Thanks to Biffman 101 of The Collection Chamber for bringing it to my attention and @neil9000 for helping me do a bit of testing to make sure it was working okay.
  4. Zombeaver

    Zipped Game Invalid

    DOSBox Daum supports zipped games. Normal DOSBox does not. It adds some additional complications, however, and some games don't work correctly. Check out this post:
  5. Zombeaver

    Nosh On This Twice - BigBox Theme

    Would it be possible to get a view like the one you have a screenshot of with Viewpoint above - Coverflow with description and background video, but with the video in like the top right or left of the screen? Coverflow on the bottom half of the screen, description on the top left or right, and video on the opposite side of the screen from that? While I think the idea of a full size background video is cool, frankly most of the video snaps you'll get from Emumovies, even at the highest available quality, don't look great when blown up that large. I like that view the most out of the available options, but the less-than-phenomenal video quality of the snaps kinda ruins it for me.
  6. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Yep haha. I've got a real soft spot for that stuff.
  7. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    It's probably also worth mentioning here, in case anyone missed it, that the C64 Dreams collection I made a while back has been completely reworked and vastly expanded. I have a thread about it here:
  8. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
  9. Zombeaver

    Integrate Vmware or virtualbox in LB

    Personally, I don't use VirtualBox or Vmware. I use PCem for Windows 95 stuff and DOSBox Daum for 3.1 stuff. PCem supports emulated video acceleration up to a Voodoo 2, so it's good for games. In PCem (or really any environment) you basically just set your game up in your 95 environment and then add the game to the Windows startup folder, so that it'll launch on boot. Then I make a .bat that tells PCem to start directly into a specific config: PCem.exe --config ".\configs\Windows 95.cfg" --fullscreen Then I add the .bat to LB and voila. It boots into Windows 95 and then directly into the game. For 3.1 stuff, as I said I use DOSBox Daum. You can add a game to the Windows 3.1 WIN.INI file in the Windows folder, by adding it into the run= field: This is essentially the same thing as adding something to the startup folder in Windows 95. DOSBox starts, 3.1 boots, and as soon as it boots it goes straight into the game.
  10. Zombeaver

    C64 Dreams (massive curated C64 collection)

    If you want to incorporate this into your existing library, you'll want to follow the instructions I posted above (copied below). I would not suggest trying to pick and choose pieces to move over. There are a lot of moving parts that you're going to have a hard time replicating from scratch. Every single game, demoscene demo, sid track, and magazine is setup with its own .bat, all of which use relative paths. The only thing you need to do is start the .bat and it will do the rest for you. As far as LB is concerned, these are just like starting a PC game. So long as everything is copied over and where it's supposed to be, it'll work.
  11. Happy to help!
  12. Zombeaver

    C64 Dreams (massive curated C64 collection)

    Another small update here, the version I'd been using for Aliens: The Computer Game was a 1581 (.d81) version that worked but had this weird habit of freaking out/crashing if you pressed enter (right trigger) during loading. I've replaced this with an Easyflash version which loads faster anyway and doesn't have this problem. Aliens Hotfix.7z Just drop this in the C64 Dreams folder, select yes when prompted to merge/overwrite and you'll be set.
  13. Zombeaver

    Nosh On This Twice - LaunchBox Theme

    That got it! Thank ya much sir! 👍
  14. Zombeaver

    Nosh On This Twice - LaunchBox Theme

    Similar, yeah. "Center Text Horizontally" is on. It's actually even more noticeable with that turned off though:
  15. Zombeaver

    C64 Dreams (massive curated C64 collection)

    @Solo caught an issue with some fields in the retroarch.cfg. Thanks for that! It's not something that would really hurt anything per se, but it needed to be fixed just the same. I've updated the download link. If you've already downloaded it, just go into the C64 Dreams > Retroarch folder and replace retroarch.cfg with the one attached below. You can also delete retroarch.bak.cfg. retroarch.cfg