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  1. The problem with that is that now you're beholden to someone else to make something work for you by doing some proverbial black magic behind the scenes. The more you can move away from that - not just in RL, but in LB, or anything else really - the better off you'll be, because when that thing breaks down, and it always will at some point, then you won't be up shit creek without a paddle. All of these tools provide a basic framework that goes a long way, probably far enough for the vast majority of users, but truthfully none of them gives me 100% of what I want - and whenever some niche need isn't met, I'd rather just take the time to figure out how to fix it exactly to my needs instead of relying on someone else who probably, understandably, doesn't see the need and isn't likely to assign any great priority to implementing it. There are all kinds of niche, non-sexy/flashy things that I'd like to see in LB that probably aren't ever gonna happen, but that doesn't mean they're completely out of reach in spite of that. I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but I've managed to teach myself enough by way of a multitude of resources that are out there to achieve what I want. I think a certain amount of that is just inherent in this hobby to be honest. I would probably argue that if you're in the emulation scene and you don't like tinkering then you're probably in the wrong scene. I do understand the desire for things to "just work" though, certainly. And if it's filling a need for you, go for it. It's a tool, like anything else. That said, if it stops working or creates some other tangential issue (which I can tell you isn't exactly uncommon), however, you'll be in trouble - especially given that you're immediately cutting down on the number of people around these parts that will be able to help you. You have to keep in mind that we end up fielding questions about "How come this isn't working?" all the time, and as soon as someone says "I'm using RL by the way", a good 75% of us have just left the conversation.
  2. I feel like this would be fairly easy to accomplish with Antimicro (similar to joy2key) and an AHK script. It already works based on profiles and those profiles can be loaded from command-line. It's easy enough to use them on a per-game basis, would just have to make a script and/or a plugin that would let you create these directly through the LB UI. I'm sure I could come up with an .ahk script, but I know nothing about plugin creation. I'm sure someone here could though without too much trouble. I'd say you're definitely in the minority there, but more power to you. I don't think there's anything particularly cumbersome about pulling up the RA UI and selecting Quick Menu > Controls though... This is actually quite easy to do through LB. No complex scripts required. You just add a disc as an additional app, check "automatically run before main application" and "wait for exit". This assumes that you have some sort of mounting software like DT or VCD or if you're using W10 it supports mounting natively. If you want it to unmount it afterwards (not required as any new disc image would replace the current one anyway) you could make a script for that, which would vary depending on the software used. You'd just add it as an another additional application and tell it to "automatically run after main application". The contents of this .bat are simply: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Daemon Tools Lite\DTLite.exe" -unmount_all People are welcome to use whatever they want, but in my opinion RL's proverbial bag of tricks continues to look less and less impressive as time goes on; while it's simultaneously adding in an extra layer of complication and another point of potential failure, mostly unnecessarily at this point.
  3. This is going to be implemented into v0.19. It should be noted however that: 1) This is not a one-and-done affair, as this function is specified (or not) not only in the central retroarch-core-options.cfg, but in every single .opt file that is created for games in special cases like when joystick port 1 needs to be used, true drive enabled, etc. These are located in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\VICE x64. There are over 350 of these currently. I've already changed them all on my end so they'll be updated in the next version, but any cases where these are present the field will need to be updated. The easiest way to do this is to go into that folder, sort by type, select all .opt files, drag them into Notepad++ and then do a find and replace of vice_mapper_x = "---" with vice_mapper_x = "RETROK_F11", then select "Replace All in All Opened Documents", save all, close all. 2) There will be a handful of exceptions where this won't be used, because of custom mapping that's using the button, like in the case of Fairlight: A Prelude.
  4. I'm not sure, although your platform is named Playstation 2 which I don't believe is the default (Sony Playstation 2). I don't think that in and of itself should be a problem so long as you have it setup to scrape-as correctly. Beyond that the only thing I know to suggest is to maybe try unblocking the .dll - that can sometimes cause issues.
  5. Might have been the previous version, I'm not sure. It does look right now.
  6. Use the attached. It has a .bat for swapping in the blank overlays just like swapping to the other options (C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Utilities\Overlays). I've also corrected the core override. You still had overlays disabled. It's not going to do anything so long as those are turned off. 1920x1200.7z
  7. Replace C64.png in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\overlays with the image below and it'll work (it's just a 1920x1080 image that's nothing but transparency). Make sure that you haven't turned off overlays. EDIT: You do have overlays turned off in the core override you provided:
  8. I could probably work the virtual keyboard in in the future. There's still a small amount of wiggle room with the controller mappings.
  9. I can't give you a number but it's pretty unlikely that 100% of them are covered and that 100% of what's covered is correct considering I ran into problems with a test sample of only a couple hundred games. The reason the games I mentioned didn't have issues anymore is that the configs have been updated since then - their db is just like the lbgdb, it's user-maintained. Better than when I made the video? Sure. 100% perfect? Highly unlikely. I couldn't tell you what else is missing or wrong at this point. Any time I've needed to change something from the automatic config, I've made my own config. If there's an easier way to resolve your specific issue, I'm not sure what it is. You would be better served directing that question to Frode himself on his Discord. It's not working for me either. I'm getting an error on both the normal version (Oil Imperium) and the ReLINE one (Black Gold). The .adf version (specifically I was using "Oil Imperium v1.1e (1989) (reLINE) [cr MWB - Ikari]") seems to work though. I'm not sure what the deal is with the WHDLoad versions. Might want to ask Frode. The data that's on OpenRetro for the WHDLoad versions appears to be wrong as well, probably from an older version. The checksums don't match.
  10. Ah, yeah 3281 is what the update will be using, but that's not out yet. The current configs are using the version that's in the opening post.
  11. That should only happen if you're using an older version of PCSX2. Are you using the one I linked in the opening post? I have a specific version included that you should be using if you're not.
  12. You use the right stick or arrow keys to move up and down the list. That's not too common, but some trainers do it.
  13. Try replacing the Windows 95.cfg in the Obsidian\configs folder with this one and see if that helps: Windows 95.cfg
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