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  1. The ID's you've scraped for DMC3 and MGS3 are wrong; or to be more specific they're the wrong versions of those games. The Devil May Cry 3 config is for Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, which has an ID of 4930. The Metal Gear Solid 3 config is for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, which has an ID of 6378. If you look at their IDs on github, they match what's listed above. https://github.com/Zombeaver/PCSX2-Configs/tree/master/Game Configs I just tested both and both downloaded correctly. That said, if you've got incorrect IDs, it shouldn't download anything at all (assuming they're not among my configs), not download the wrong ones, so the two-digit thing may need some attention. They shouldn't match at all, not match the wrong game. Your ID for Disgaea 2 is correct. I am getting that error as well, I'm not sure what the deal is there. It might be something new resulting from 9.0, I'm not sure. It worked when I originally uploaded it as I test downloading everything immediately afterwards. @alec100_94 may need to take a look at that.
  2. Zombeaver

    The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Here's one more for good measure. Neuromancer V3. I adjusted some of the scaling a bit and toned down the bloom a little. Looks pretty nice I think. Zombs Shaders 11-17-18.7z No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3: No Shader: Neuromancer V3:
  3. Zombeaver

    The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Okay, here they are: Zombs Shaders 11-17-18.7z (newer version below) New to this version: Neuromancer V2 Razorgirl V2 Razorgirl Molly V2 Neuromancer Vertical Razorgirl Vertical I also made grain and no vignette versions of each of these.
  4. Zombeaver

    The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Nowhere, since I haven't released a set with those yet. I'll put one out this weekend though.
  5. Zombeaver

    The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    That's from gamma input/output levels. Most heavy CRT shaders will have multiple types/sources of gamma adjustment as well. In Razorgirl, for example: What looks right can kindof vary by content. You shouldn't see anything like that with my shaders but admittedly I can only test in so many scenarios with each one. I've been meaning to put out an updated release of the pack, I've added a few new ones in my spare time. No Shader: Razorgirl-V2: Neuromancer-V2: Razorgirl-Vertical: Neuromancer-Vertical:
  6. Yes, though not with the free version. You'd need to either use a pre-Launchbox Next version (a couple versions back there was a "switch back to OG Launchbox" button) or upgrade to a premium license. Launchbox has an "Updates" folder that stores previous versions which can be installed on top, just like an update. I can't remember the last version that had the option though - I would guess something like 8.3.
  7. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Burn:Cycle has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
  8. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    Last Half of Darkness: Original Trilogy has now been added to Zomb's Lair. As far as I can tell, there are no official covers for these games, so I just made the above one. I made separate ones for each part in the series so I'd have something to use in Launchbox for each of them as well:
  9. Yeah, I'd prefer to have everything pretty squared away before making a video.
  10. No, although I do plan to do one eventually. It's fairly self explanatory though. I have some basic instructions in the first post. You basically just right click on a game, select PCSX2 Configurator at the bottom, and click "Download Config" if I've created one for it (it won't be lit if I haven't). If I haven't created one, you'll need to create your own by clicking "Create Config" and then selecting "Configure with PCSX2" to edit the config as needed.
  11. Zombeaver

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    The Dark Eye has now been added to Zomb's Lair.
  12. Software rendering is highly CPU intensive, but it can be okay depending on the game. That said, your CPU is pretty decent, so you're probably better off anyway, and if you have to run at native resolution anyway, software is the best option (if it runs well) because it's more accurate. My suggestion would be to start with hardware rendering at 2x native resolution, MSAA off if the config has it on, and turn MTVU on. If that doesn't work, try software rendering. And if that doesn't work, try hardware rendering at native resolution.
  13. An Intel 630 isn't going to get you very far. These can't be made with that low a bar in mind. My card (and PC for that matter) is 5 years old at this point, so it's hardly top of the line. My suggestion is to follow the performance improvement suggestions in the first post. With a 630 you'll likely need to drop the scaling to 2x (maybe even native), drop MSAA where used, etc. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap Nvidia or even AMD card. Just about anything would be a step up. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-780-vs-Intel-HD-630-Desktop-Kaby-Lake/2164vsm178724
  14. New configs have been added for the following games: Fantavision Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball Herdy Gerdy Monster Lab S.L.A.I. - Steel Lancer Arena International As always, details can be found on the spreadsheet.
  15. The spreadsheet is always kept up to date. You can request other specific configs here, but yes I already have a long to-do list; some of which are listed in the opening post.