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  1. You're missing the "no space before rom" checkbox in the emulator entry.
  2. Yeah it seemed to work fine with the ones I tried except for Enemy Zero specifically, where disc swapping didn't work correctly either in RA or in standalone Mednafen. It was a known issue with the emulator itself for that one. Several others (like Lunacy) worked like anything else though. I mostly have Darkwater stuff although some Redump as well - if it's outside of those two it can be really hit and miss (more often miss, since Mednafen is fairly picky).
  3. I would have to see the rom path for a game, the emulator tab, and the emulator entry for ParaJVE.
  4. Sorry I haven't put the next update out yet y'all. It should have been done already, but I've been distracted lately. After recently watching some videos for the upcoming game Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, a game literally made in the Quake 1 engine, I started doing a deep dive into the Quake map creation scene; and, hoo boy, is there a lot to dig into. I've had a lot of fun with it though. People have been making maps since 1997 (Wrath is being by developed by a number of veterans from this scene), and it's kindof awesome playing maps made over 20 years ago and then immediately after jumping into ones made a month ago. So that's been my latest little obsessive side project. I should have the next update out soon, just have to work this out of my system (this also helps keep me from getting burned out on working on C64 Dreams).
  5. Thanks! Enjoy! If you can provide me with the appropriate height, width, x position, and y position numbers, I can make a replacement base config. The screen should look like this once you've adjusted the numbers appropriately: The BASIC screen is a good place to make the adjustments. You want to adjust the dimensions until the light blue portion of the screen is just touching the top and bottom of the screen and the bezel on the left and right. If you go into a game folder, say 1942, and rename Disk1.d64 to anything else and then start the .vbs file, it'll just sit on this screen so you can take as long as you want to make the adjustments. The four fields you'll need to adjust are: Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos. Custom Aspect Ratio Y Pos. Custom Aspect Ratio Width Custom Aspect Ratio Height Once you get these figured out, shoot me the numbers and I'll make a config/bat to switch it. Be aware, however, that this will cover 99% of the games, but that there are a few exceptions that have specific adjustments that need to be made for them. The list is in the opening post under "Known Issues" -> "Screen Resolution". If you want to provide numbers for these as well, I can incorporate those too. If not, you're probably going to want to delete the configs for those specific games from C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\configs, at which point they'll still be off, but not by as much as if you used them (because they're designed for 1080p).
  6. I spoke with Frode on Discord and explained what was going on. He said he was going to take a look and do some testing and get back to me.
  7. It should just work with PS4 controllers by default. If you wanted to move things elsewhere, technically yes you can. It's not simple though, as things are spread around in multiple places. 1) Some of it is handled in the core options (Quick Menu > Options) which are located in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\retroarch-core-options.cfg: vice_mapper_y = "RETROK_LSHIFT" vice_mapper_x = "RETROK_LSHIFT" vice_mapper_b = "RETROK_SPACE" vice_mapper_l = "RETROK_LSHIFT" vice_mapper_r = "RETROK_LCTRL" vice_mapper_l2 = "RETROK_KP_MULTIPLY" vice_mapper_r2 = "RETROK_RETURN" vice_mapper_l3 = "RETROK_n" vice_mapper_r3 = "RETROK_y" vice_mapper_start = "RETROK_ESCAPE" "RETROK_LSHIFT" doesn't do anything, it's essentially "blank". "RETROK_SPACE" sends a spacebar input. "RETROK_LCTRL" sends the commodore key input. "RETROK_KP_MULTIPLY" swaps joystick ports. "RETROK_RETURN" sends a return/enter input. "RETROK_n" sends an "n" input. "RETROK_y" sends a "y" input. "RETROK_ESCAPE" sends a runstop input. 2) Some of it is handled via a core remap which is located in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\remap\VICE x64\VICE x64.rmp. In a couple instances (like in 3-D Pinball: Pinball Power and David's Midnight Magic) game-specific remaps are loaded. input_player1_btn_b = "8" input_player1_btn_a = "0" input_player1_btn_y = "4" input_player2_btn_b = "8" input_player2_btn_a = "0" input_player2_btn_y = "4" input_player3_btn_b = "8" input_player3_btn_a = "0" input_player3_btn_y = "4" input_player4_btn_b = "8" input_player4_btn_a = "0" input_player4_btn_y = "4" input_libretro_device_p1 = "1" input_libretro_device_p2 = "1" input_libretro_device_p3 = "1" input_libretro_device_p4 = "1" input_player1_analog_dpad_mode = "0" input_player2_analog_dpad_mode = "0" input_player3_analog_dpad_mode = "0" input_player4_analog_dpad_mode = "0" By default the core uses B (on a 360/XB1 controller) as the fire button. This shifts things around so that it's on A. This also makes it so that X (on a 360/XB1 controller) sends an up input. 3) The combo functions are handled via hotkeys which are located in C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\retroarch.cfg: input_toggle_fast_forward_btn = "1" input_exit_emulator_btn = "4" input_overlay_next_btn = "6" input_disk_eject_toggle_btn = "5" input_disk_next_btn = "3" input_disk_prev_btn = "2" input_enable_hotkey_btn = "7" 4) The arrow keys on the right stick are handled via Antimicro. You have to have a controller connected and then start C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Antimicro\antimicro.exe to edit/create profiles. In a couple instances game-specific profiles are loaded. In the current version that's just Spellbound Dizzy, but three additional games have them in the upcoming version. I don't actually recommend that you mess with any of this, to be perfectly honest. The likelihood that something will break along the way is high. The way that various controls are implemented in the VICE core is convoluted as hell. This is part of the reason I started this project in the first place - because this sort of thing is a nightmare to have to fiddle around with, at best, if you're like me and are intimately familiar with how to use Retroarch; at worst, for someone who isn't, it's a complete brick wall.
  8. The Steam Link does feature VirtualHere integration, but I don't use VirtualHere, as I've never needed it. In my experience, the only thing I've needed to do is 1) add Big Box as a non-steam application 2) tell Big Box to use "all controllers" in the settings 3) make sure that whatever emulator I'm using uses xinput (which is something that VirtualHere can help get around, in the event that the emulator is dinput only). I did initially have to indicate in Steam Link / Big Picture that I did not want Steam to automatically configure my controller, as this tends to create problems where it erroneously treats the controller like a keyboard+mouse when you don't want it to, though I did that ages ago and the process for that has changed multiple times since then... but basically you just want to make sure that it only treats it like a controller in all cases. How you do that at this point... I'm not entirely sure. It should be in Big Picture's controller section somewhere. All of this should also come with the caveat that I haven't used my Steam Link in over a year.
  9. This appears to be the result of the game using asterisks in its filenames (which isn't normal) which FS-UAE doesn't seem to know what to do with. I renamed these to remove the asterisk, at which point it booted without error... but the game didn't actually do anything; presumably the .slave makes references to the files with * in them so at that point it's not erroring out but it's not finding the files either. I don't have a good way to edit that because the .slave/.info files just look like gibberish in a windows text editor. This is something you'd probably have to talk to Frode about in order to rectify.
  10. The thought occurred to me today that I could use the controls overlay to display some game-specific notes as needed. Obviously this is something that only some games need but I think it'll be handy to help people not have to consult the spreadsheet. The button combo to make this appear is back/select + start on a controller, but I've added a keyboard combo in the upcoming version as well (Numpad * + Numpad -). You press them again to go back to the game. Normal: Examples of some game-specific notes: I've also been in the process of cataloging the version / group for each game, which helps me quickly identify exactly what I have in the event that I want to change/update to a different version. I should have done this from the beginning... but alas. Something about hindsight being 20/20 or some such... Both of these are fairly time-consuming in and of themselves. I'm not too worried about the version / group cataloging for the next release as I can add that information to the spreadsheet at any time. For the notes, I am going to try to get some of the more substantial ones out of the way for the next release, but it certainly won't be 100%, I'll just continually add more in subsequent releases. The 200 games for the next release are setup, I still need to test about 30 of those, then add them to the Launchbox library, clean up metadata, do some final testing, etc.
  11. No problem. I've added Football Manager to the next group. That's likely to be in the next few days as it's pretty close already.
  12. FS-UAE actually doesn't match based on filenames - it matches based on checksums (so the filenames themselves don't matter). The most common reason why something wouldn't match would be that you have a compressed file within another compressed file, as FS-UAE can only accept compression one layer deep. .lha itself is a compressed format, so you can't have an .lha within a .zip - you'd need to extract it. You can have an .adf in a zip or, in the case of WHDLoad, a folder and an .info file in a zip. My suggestion would be to use Retroplay's WHDLoad files - that's the most up to date set I've come across. Just Google "Retroplay WHD uploads" and you'll find it. I just tested Another World from that set and it scanned in just fine.
  13. 1942 is single player only. Popeye does have two player but it's in turns, not simultaneous. An example of a game that has simultaneous two player would be something like Ballblazer. F3 selects different options to change (time limit, whether you're playing against a computer, etc.), F5 changes your current selection, F1 resets the options to default (two players against each other, three minute time limit), and F7 starts the match. The way two+ player is implemented is entirely game-dependent, but the controllers themselves should "just work".
  14. No, it's C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\VICE x64\VICE x64.cfg I was referring to the override file.
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