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  1. For anyone interested @Z3R0B4NG sent me this link which contains the files in question, and do indeed include the inside scans. It's uh... pretty eye-watering. Gonna have to dive deep into this over the weekend. What a treasure trove. https://ia801709.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/18/items/Ultimate_Tape_Archive_V2.0/Ultimate_Tape_Archive_V2.0.zip
  2. Not familiar with that one either, I'll take a look. For reference, the primary sites that I used for manuals were: https://www.mocagh.org/loadpage.php?thelist=2 https://archive.org/download/Commodore64Manuals https://www.gamesdatabase.org/list.aspx?DM=0&system=commodore_64&manual=1&sort=Game https://www.c64games.de/phpseiten/spielesuche.php http://www.c64sets.com/boxed_sets.html http://infodoc.plover.net/manuals/index.html http://infocom.elsewhere.org/gallery/greybox.html These generally weren't great for tape manuals though. has a decent selection in the tapes subcategory, but generally these sites focused more on separate manuals, i.e. not ones that were included as part of the tape cover. The other thing to keep in mind is that oftentimes manuals for 8-bit PCs were cross-platform, and are oftentimes sites only have them listed under one (that isn't C64). The most common crossover is between ZX Spectrum and C64, but in some cases you might see Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, and Atari 8-bit all sharing one manual, and have it only listed under one of those platforms on the site they're uploaded to, so that complicates matters.
  3. I'm familiar with c64sets (which has nice scans but a pretty limited selection) and retrocollector; the latter of which, in rather cancerous fashion, puts a nice big watermark on everything, so I refuse to use them. To add insult to injury they have some extremely rare media there that I haven't seen anywhere else, yet have the audacity to hamfistedly slap their shit on it like a video rental store out of the 90s. The preservation of tangential media like covers and manuals, while not quite as important as the preservation of the games themselves, is still important; and behavior like that actively damages that effort. /rant I haven't seen c64tapes before though, and it looks like they have some nice scans of some of those inside covers that I mentioned, so thanks! That should help.
  4. There's some good stuff in there @Z3R0B4NG! I don't suppose the source for those also had scans for the reverse sides of any of those? The reason I ask is it was common - as demonstrated by those images - for games released on tape to include the manual on the tape cover itself. Sometimes this spanned onto the flip side of the cover, sometimes it didn't. I've gotten several new manuals out of what's there already, so that's awesome. I break them up into separate pages, combine them into a .cbr, and we're good to go. They're missing the inside scans for some of them though - Code Masters did this quite a bit. I've found some of them on Mobygames and combined them together (since the existing elements from your set are generally higher quality). If your source for these has scans of the inside covers, I would be very interested in getting them.
  5. I'd be interested in taking a look but that link doesn't seem to be working for me. That's just taking me to my own Mega account page when I click on it. Filling in missing screenshots is actually going quicker than I thought. I'm about 75% of the way through those.
  6. Alright, so that was a fun little rabbit hole. @edgemundo sent me a bunch of boxes (thanks again!) and I ended up making / remaking a bunch (383) myself as well. Turns out marcoooo's boxes are a modified version of Mr. Retrolust's arcade boxes so, with some fiddling, I made the modifications to the template/PSD actions/bats from there to recreate the same format that he used; and now the process from beginning to end is super quick and easy, and I can create/update the boxes as needed over time. As an added bonus, I ended up finding some better covers for some games while working on these as well. If anyone wants to upload any of these to the LBGDB, they are welcome to do so. You can find them here: 3D Boxes.zip I may end up creating a few more here and there if anything grabs my attention but by and large my sweep through the collection is complete. Everything's looking nice and snazzy now. Minus the ones that are currently just a screenshot, of course, but I can live with that for the time being. The metadata cleanup is complete (or at least as complete as it's going to be for the time being). Everything that I could match I have, any incorrect matches that I've found have been fixed, anything that was already matched but had additional metadata on the db but not in the collection has been updated (that I found), and every game has, at the very least, a genre tag. The last thing I'm doing is auditing to see what needs to have screenshots added and adding them as much as I can (this is basically only remaining for games that have no db entry at all and need screenshots added manually). I may or may not finish that, it just depends on whether or not I get too tired of it haha After that, all I need to do is make two versions of the Magazines xml for import (one for default launch with web versions and one for default launch with local versions) per @mordroc's request a while back [edit: done], update the Import and XML insert text files [edit: done], do a bit of testing with importing the collection into my main LB setup, and then some backend tidying.
  7. No idea on this one, never experienced that. You should probably talk to Frode about that. I'm not sure what that would be in reference to. It's always worked fine for me.
  8. Yes, each game is setup with its own instance of Windows 95/98. The game is then added to the startup folder so that it starts on launch. They can be started and imported into Launchbox like any other Windows game. There are multiple examples of this on my site. Just search through the Index for any games that use PCem. https://www.zombs-lair.com/
  9. Okay, so I've finished sorting through the 3D boxes for the entire collection. @edgemundo has been a real champ working on 3D boxes to fill in the gaps. This does not account for the games that have no cover whatsoever, however, that will need a fanart box created for them. If anyone has any desire to help with those, I've attached a zip of the screenshots used as covers for the relevant games. There are 430 of them. Temp-Screenshot.zip At this point I'm just going to let edgemundo do his thing while I work on backend cleanup and some final testing. We're almost there!
  10. Well I think the idea is ostensibly that those platforms will be emulatable at some point. And while this is of course true for PS5 as well, it's even further off than it is for those platforms (which are pretty far off). All of this stuff will make sense in LaunchBox eventually. But as it stands it's not the type of thing that really should be much of a priority because there's not much you can actually do with it at this point. Meanwhile, there is plenty of media and metadata missing from games that are perfectly playable right now. There are actually a lot of websites out there that are specifically designed around making lists of various stuff. Ones that would be quite a bit easier to utilize than Launchbox for purely that purpose too. Functionally, the way Launchbox is designed is in such a way that you're supposed to import something (a rom, a disc image, what-have-you) which you can subsequently play. And the DB should generally reflect that.
  11. It's actually not. That's why it's not called ListBox. It's called LaunchBox because it's designed to give you a nice, pretty, organized list of things that you can then launch. You're welcome to put whatever you want into it, and call it whatever you want. You could make a platform for your favorite deli sandwiches if you wanted to. There's nothing stopping you from doing that, but that's not what what LaunchBox is actually designed for, and as such the value to having PS5, deli sandwiches, what-have-you, in the db are limited at best. I don't think the DB should have an XB1 or PS4 platform either, honestly, although I do know that some users have rigged up ways to get Launchbox to start things on their physical console so hey, shrug emoji.
  12. I've sorted through the 3D boxes for the first 1650 games (66%). I'll upload a new set of the missing media once I've made it through the rest. @edgemundo was gracious enough to offer to help with some of the missing 3D boxes as well so yay for that! 👍
  13. I took a look at the profiles that are included currently and the only reference I saw to speedlink was for a "SPEED-LINK Competition Pro" which is a 2600/C64 style joystick so that wouldn't work. If there's a way to set it up as a generic xinput device that might work. If there's a way to set your controller to xinput mode, you need to be using that. It would say "Xinput Controller (User 1)" when you connect it while Retroarch is running.
  14. The public test doesn't have Launchbox at all, because that's what's being finished up at this point, but would at least let you test to see if there's any difference for the controller. You just have to go into the games folder and then into a game's subfolder and start the .vbs within. If it still isn't working in that version try pulling up the Retroarch UI (numpad minus + F1) and go to the online updater and update the autoconfig profiles. Those are basically the configs that tell Retroarch what kind of controller you're using (assuming your controller is one that's had one created for it - there are a lot of them, so chances are good). If it still doesn't work, you may need to setup a config for your controller manually. That said, worst case scenario is you could pick up an official 360 or XB1 controller and everything should just work as-is. I'm limited in what I have access to to test with, so those are what's used as they're the most common.
  15. 360 and XB1 controllers are what's used for testing. I can't guarantee if anything else will work (other than keyboard) or how well. It's possible that you just need to update the autoconfig profiles in Retroarch. When you tested, were you using the current release version (0.20) or the public test for the upcoming update (0.35)? The update uses a newer version of Retroarch, a newer version of the core, etc. and I believe I updated the autoconfig profiles since then as well.
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