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  1. You use the right stick or arrow keys to move up and down the list. That's not too common, but some trainers do it.
  2. Try replacing the Windows 95.cfg in the Obsidian\configs folder with this one and see if that helps: Windows 95.cfg
  3. lol I'm gonna start using that Glad you got it sorted. As far as "how to play", while it obviously isn't going to cover everything, you may want to consult the game details spreadsheet if you're having issues. There's a link in the opening post and there's a shortcut to it in the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams folder. In some cases there will be information there that you'll need. I've been in the process of making custom notes which you can toggle for specific games as well. A few games include this like 221B Baker St for example. For Raid Over Moscow specifically: I can personally recommend the Mayflash F300. It works great. You can go cheaper with the F101 or more expensive with the F500 too. These all support Xinput on PC, so they're treated just like an Xbox controller.
  4. Then there's either something wrong with your keyboard or there's something that's causing it to not be recognized/read by Retroarch - my guess would be your keyboard encoder joystick. It could be that it can only accept one keyboard at a time and it's seeing the joystick first. My suggestion would be to disconnect it and see if that fixes it.
  5. Are you pressing N (no) or Y (yes)? It's asking you to choose the trainer options - that's what the (Y/N) is for. You have to press one or the other three times there (once for each option) to continue. If pressing N or Y on an actual keyboard isn't working there, I'm not sure what to tell you other than there's probably something wrong with the keyboard. This is the most common scenario for trainers - it's why I have N and Y mapped to the controller. Most of the time they'll just ask you to press those to choose your trainer options. Some will ask you to press H or T for high score saver or trainers, some will then ask if you want to load or reset the high scores by pressing L or R. You just have to follow in the instructions in the trainer.
  6. As I say in the opening post, a keyboard is required. The shortcut keys deal with the most common scenarios but you'll never be able to account for every situation with just a controller. There's too wide a range of inputs required, not to mention the 60+ text adventures in the collection and 100+ that are keyboard input only. I can't speak to the keyboard encoder, as I have no experience there, but 360/XB1 controllers most assuredly work with this as I use both. Anything that's xinput based should work. I have a Mayflash F300, for example, and it works as well. Core and, in some cases, per-game remaps are used (C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\remap\VICE x64), so if mapping changes aren't sticking, that's probably why. You'd have to overwrite them. My suggestion would be to do something to reconfigure the inputs on your controller so that they match the keyboard controls (listed in the opening post), however. No matter what though, you're going to need a keyboard either way. I'll add Drelbs in the next batch.
  7. Sorry for the super late reply, but relative paths are usable in DOSBox .confs. They're relative to DOSBox's location. .\ = DOSBox's folder ..\ = Up one folder from DOSBox's folder ..\..\ = Up two folders from DOSBox's folder etc. So let's say DOSBox is located in C:\DOSBox and your game (we'll use Dreamweb as an example) is in C:\DOSBox\Games\Dreamweb mount c ".\Games\Dreamweb" ...would mount that folder as your C drive. If you wanted to mount a specific subfolder as a cd drive, the same rules apply. You can also do this with disc images, so you could do something like: mount c ".\Games\Dreamweb" imgmount d ".\Games\Dreamweb\Disc Image\Dreamweb.iso" -t cdrom (or -t iso) If it wasn't located in DOSBox's folder, you'd just need to adjust the paths upwards to the point that it was an accessible subdirectory. It does have to be on the same hard drive as DOSBox. Let's say your folders are: C:\Emulation\DOS\Emulators\DOSBox\ C:\Emulation\DOS\Games\Dreamweb\ You'd just use: mount c "..\..\Games\Dreamweb" etc. Using relative paths, you can move the folders wherever you want, so long as DOSBox's location is moved along with them. This is essentially how all the DOS stuff I have on Zomb's Lair works, DOS games on GOG, etc. They use a predesigned structure that contain the game and a copy of DOSBox, which means you can take the folder that contains both of them and move it wherever you want, and the path structure will remain intact, because they're still the same, relative to each other.
  8. That's awesome to hear! That's exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this. Have fun! Hope you enjoy it!
  9. You can press numpad minus + F1 or back + xbox button on a controller. I can give you some specific suggestions that are likely to fix it though - I've been meaning to mention this in the opening post [EDIT: Added them under a section called "Performance"]. If you're having performance problems, you should go to C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\VICE x64 and open VICE x64.cfg. There are three lines at the bottom that you should try adjusting: The first thing you should do is adjust video_frame_delay down by 1 at a time, down to 0 if necessary, and see if that fixes it (it probably will). If that doesn't work, the second thing you should do is set video_hard_sync to "false". If that doesn't work, try setting video_threaded to "true". I really don't recommend that unless absolutely necessary though. The previous two will produce a small amount of additional input latency, but threaded video increases it more significantly. It does have the benefit of letting it work on basically a toaster, however.
  10. While I'm sure this won't be particularly "exciting" for most people, I've taken some time to make some updates to the code in my automation tools so that they're now... even more automated. I wrote these to help cut down on a lot of the tedious manual work and they've helped immensely in that regard, but there were still a few things that had to be done in conjunction with them, like updating the .bat files to contain the correct .cmd name and making alterations to the .cmd files if using a filetype other than .d64 - both of these are no longer necessary as it now injects the correct .cmd name automatically in the case of the former and auto-adjusts the filetype in the .cmds in the case of the latter. The only scenarios that really require any manual adjustment at this point are 1) multi-disk games as these need to be setup with .m3us and 2) games that need to have the .prg name specifically named in the .cmd in order for the correct program to start (these are fairly few and far between - it's most commonly seen in cases where there are a couple different games on the same disk). The end result of this is simply that the setup process on my end takes even less time now so... yay! If you're one of the few people who has any interest in messing with these for yourself, I've attached them. These go in the C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Utilities\Creation Tools folder. Just delete the !Base folder there and replace it and the .bats there with what's in the zip. !Automator.bat and !Automator - Batch 100.bat are likely the only ones that would be of any interest for anyone as these are for setting up the games themselves, all the others are for things like magazines, demos, etc. Now all you have to do is take your .d64s, .t64s, .d81s, .crts or whatever, make sure they're named the way you want them, and just drag them all onto !Automator.bat (for 10 or less) or !Automator - Batch 100.bat (up to 100) and then place the resultant folders into C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Games and you're done. Creation Tools.zip
  11. I'm glad you joined the forums just to complain about not having playtime tracking on a plugin that adds playtime tracking. Thanks for your contribution, hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the plugin Grila. Nice little addition.
  12. It has no way of knowing what the root folder of the game is - the game folder is whatever you tell it (or don't tell it) it is. The only thing it knows upon start is where it (DOSBox) is located, so any relative paths (.\ ..\ etc.) are based on DOSBox's location. This is the same way relative paths in Launchbox work, FYI. Some versions of DOSBox (like Daum) do have auto-mounting paths based on the location of an .exe you specify (drag and drop .exe starting), but not standard DOSBox. Even then though, that doesn't make .\ = the game's folder, it just auto-fills the path correctly relative to DOSBox's location.
  13. If the built in mapper is insufficient, I use Antimicro. It's free, open-source, easy to use, has a nice GUI, and has worked with every controller I've used it with. I actually use it any time I need an external mapper for anything.
  14. The update has been delayed because I sold/bought/moved houses. We literally moved in yesterday. It's a disaster zone of moving boxes at the moment. I'll get back to this once things are back in some semblance of order but the IRL stuff has to take precedence for the time being. That said, this hasn't been forgotten.
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