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  1. Zombeaver

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Blood. Who do you think I am, some scrub?
  2. Zombeaver

    8.4-beta-1 Released

  3. Zombeaver

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Okay, thanks! I'll try it out tonight.
  4. Zombeaver

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Ah ha! That was indeed it! Thank you! Much much better! I do notice that the boxes appear to be top aligned though, rather than centered vertically like in OG LB. If possible, a vertical centering option would be nice.
  5. Zombeaver

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    With these settings in OG LB: I get this (which is what I want): With the same settings in Next: I get this: I just want the same look that I can currently get in OG LB - nice big boxes, 4 across, with almost no spacing on the sides, top, and bottom. Even if I set all of the spacing to 0 in Next's settings, there are still huge vertical and horizontal gaps between them (it looks basically identical to the above).
  6. And, just to confirm, the ones that its downloading are working correctly? If Tekken 5 is working correctly, the cutscenes will look normal - if not, there will be vertical lines in them.
  7. I don't know what would cause that, @alec100_94 would have to chime in there. He said that might indicate a network problem, though I don't know what you would need to do to resolve it. I doubt that's an issue, but I don't know.
  8. When a config is downloaded or updated, this message box will appear: @alec100_94 I am noticing something strange specifically with Soul Calibur III's config - when I try to redownload it, it's now creating a folder named SoulCalibur III (no space) as opposed to Soul Calibur III as it's been in the past (and is still named this way in my library), and it still has it listed with a space in the custom command-line field, so it then doesn't find the rest of the config and it gives an error about not being able to find the plugins. It would appear that the name has changed in the Games DB since the config was originally uploaded (from Soul Calibur III to SoulCalibur III now). I think this could be fixed by making the command-line parameter use the DB name rather than your library title. If you had just imported the game into your library, presumably there wouldn't be a problem, because it would have named it SoulCalibur III on import and everything would work.
  9. Delete the PCSX2 Configurator folder out of Launchbox\Plugins, download the plugin from the downloads section, drop the PCSX2 Configurator folder inside it in Launchbox\Plugins.
  10. No, that's fixed in my config. If you're getting lines, you're not using it. I would suggest talking to @alec100_94 to troubleshoot. I will say that if you're seeing the yes or no box, you're not using the newest version of the plugin - it no longer asks that, it just does it. 1) update to the newest version of the plugin 2) make sure you're using PCSX2 1.5.0 3) make sure you're using OG LB (not Next) 4) make sure the "use remote settings" box is checked when you right click the game and go to the PCSX2 menu at the bottom of the list.
  11. No it isn't. Not if you're referring to the custom one. That was created to patch a bug that no longer exists, nothing more. As long as you've done everything correctly, you just point LB to the official Launcher .exe, use the right checkboxes, etc. You do still need separate emulator entries for custom configs and built-in ones, however. They require different check boxes in the emulator settings in LB. The custom launcher is not required for anything at this point though. I don't know why you decompressed anything. It's specifically designed to read them in zip format. The only thing that you would want to unzip would be if you had .lha files that were in zips. .lha is another form of compression (one that's specifically used for Amiga games) and FS-UAE can read compression one layer deep (so it can't read an .lha in a .zip). If you open up a zip and see a .info file and a folder named after the game, you should *not* be decompressing those and should import those .zips as-is. I don't know what you mean RE the remapping of UUIDs. You don't need to do anything with them other than what's shown in the video. That process hasn't changed. To be honest, based on the issues you're describing, you've done something wrong. I don't know what you've done wrong because I don't know what you have or haven't done. My suggestion would be to watch the import demonstration video I posted a while back (might have been a different thread or somewhere earlier in this one, it's been a while). This just shows the process without any description: Obviously this doesn't cover setting up FS or LB themselves, but it's showing the import -> export -> import process between FS and LB.
  12. Neither one of you said if you checked to see if the use remote config box is checked as I asked. Please do this. If it's checked and it still doesn't download when you Ctrl+click, you'll need to talk to @alec100_94 at that point. And no, it's not silent. As I said, it pops up with a message box.
  13. If you're using the newest version of the plugin, it should "just work". The first time it downloads it (or if you hold left ctrl and click on the configure button) it will say "Configuration has been downloaded or updated". Right-click on a game in your library, go to PCSX2 Configurator at the bottom of the list, and see if "Use Remote Settings" is checked. If it's not, check it. If it is, try holding left ctrl and clicking the configure button and see if anything happens.
  14. Zombeaver

    PCSX2 Configurator

    The plugin doesn't work in Next currently. Configs that you've created/downloaded will still work in Next, but it won't download them or let you create a new one via Configure. You need to use OG LB.
  15. Zombeaver

    FYI: Media File Naming

    Neither one of these are actually relevant to the thread. I would encourage you to create your own threads for these, as they're obviously fair questions - just not relevant to the topic here. For the record @Kondorito the scraper fuzzy matches already, but as you've observed it's not perfect by any means. Things like accent marks are definitely problematic.