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  1. hm.. maybe i can have bigbox/vertigo as frontend and use mame overlay from verticalarcade.com.
  2. Ok. to bad.. but thanks anyways. then i can let bigbox go and ill check other solution.
  3. Hi I have a vertical monitor and want the game be at the bottom of display and the marquee on the top of the display. Just classic marquee images displayed for the loaded game. I have marquee set to display1 but nothing is happening. Were do i start? How does it work? Any noob guide Out there so i can understand the fundementals of geting marquees on same display working?
  4. My Mame is old no doubt about it Thanks for info. ill let you all know if this will fix it. Maybe ill look into updateing Mame. But my experience tells me that it will create compability issues with games. Or is Mame better at this nowadays? last time i build a cab were 5 years ago so stuff might have changed for the better
  5. Thanks for this theme! First time doing a vertical setup and this themes seems to fix it all setup vise. Did run in to some problem with mame games not booting but i have got help and will try the fix later today.
  6. Perfect thanks! ill check it out later today. Where is this setting? in bigbox or launchbox?
  7. Hi! I upgraded my 5 year old bigbox to latest beta. I changed theme to vertigo. Now when trying to runt a mame game i get following error and no game loads. Error unknown option: -keyboardprovider Looks like there is some setting i need to turn of. Anyone know were this setting is? Thanks in advance!
  8. Well i found some ansers my self. This theme looks like something im after will check it out tonight after work.
  9. Hi folks! I did build a arcade cab with bigbox many years ago. I love bigbox. so simple compared to other frontends. This time around i want to build a vertical oriented screen cab. My idea is to have the marquee on the top part of the screen always. When in bigbox frontend and when in game with the apropreate marquee graphix. Is there a theme that simply does that for me? Is there som other stuff to setup to get that working? is the marquee grafics inclueded in the theme? Do i need to get a license again to get new themes? im gonna get a new licence anyway but its nice to know if its a must to get into the themes im after.
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