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  1. Hello from the UK! Thanks for the add. I bought my forever licences for Launchbox years ago - I'm guessing maybe 6 or 7 years, I've lost track, and I've loved it from day one. About six months ago my PC died and I started saving for a new one. In that time my only bit of gaming tech was my Steam Deck and I never bothered trying to install Launchbox on that and ended up using Emulation Station which did the job fine and is a nice bit of software, just not as good as Launchbox. However two days ago my new PC was delivered and I reinstalled Launchbox and I have to say, the improvements made to it in the last six months are amazing! They seem to have a great and dedicated team constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience. I also noticed RetroArch has improved too (I use it for the majority of my emultors), such as including better, improved cores that support the more obscure 8-bits (I'm a huge fan of 8-bit computers of the 80s) such as the Enterprise 64/128 etc. Anyway, can't wait to get back from work today to get Launchbox to import the latest Mame ROM set I downloaded yesterday evening (0.258) !
  2. Somebody else here registering their interest in Launchbox on the Steam Deck. I'm expecting an email soon (according to Valve) inviting me to purchase my pre-order (I've gone for the 512gb model because of my interest in retro games!) I would be happy to pay for another forever licences to - I'm not assuming my current licence would be transferable - if it means supporting the Launchbox team, personally, I would happily pay again.
  3. Hello, I have just realised that the email address connected to my Launchbox account and that shows up in the license registration section is actually an old email address that I no longer have access to. How can I change that to my current email please?
  4. Briefly, I've obtained about 150gb of Saturn roms, but all games come in a set of two - Pal and NTSC. By deleting one set I am going to save about 75gb of hard drive space! Which set should I keep? Longer version - Living in the UK, I only got to use Pal games back in the day, and I do remember UK magazines at the time such as Computer & Video Games talking about how the NTSC version of Tekken 2 for the PS1 (as just one example) was a lot faster than the PAL version, so my gut feeling is to get rid of all the PAL roms. But then I do wonder if any PAL versions of games were significantly different to be worth keeping also ?
  5. I'm posting this in the 'Troubleshooting' category as a while back I spoke about the difficulty I had with the Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 and how I found it really awkward to set up to play MAME games via Launchbox. Ultimately, I failed. I'm not dissing the Mayflash though. It's a decent entry level arcade stick (£60 or so) and it worked fine via my Steam games etc. Anyway, to cut a long story short! Last week I splurged on the Hori Rap 4 - at just under £200, a purchase that took me some while to consider, but you know what, it's amazing. Firstly, the fact it has a switch to alternate between PS3, PS4 and PC helps! Because flicking it on to PC mode basically makes it work fully with Launchbox, Steam, Mame and anything else! It's a quality build and has those simple but nice touches such as a compartment at the back of it to store the lead in. 😄 And the feel of it is amazing. To me, it does feel like the switches and joystick I used as a kid, way, way back in 1983 when I used to stop at the corner shop each morning on my way to school and put all of my lunch money into the Moon Cresta and Lady Bug arcade machines that the tiny shop had! So, um, basically, my 'troubleshooting solution' to a non working Mayflash in Launchbox was to spend £200 on another stick... 😄 😄 😄
  6. Does Launchbox automatically refresh media, in the sense that if I have downloaded some of the amazing media packs from the forums (Oric Atmos Box Art pack for example), as long as I place that in the correct folder in the Launchbox directory, will the art show the next time I boot up or do I have to manually refresh the images?
  7. Okay, I will try that. Thank you! 🙂
  8. Hello all, I am having trouble setting up my Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 to use with Mame running under RetroArch. I often get confused whether setting up a peripheral such as this is a Launchbox configuration, a Retroarch configuration or a Mame configuration, or a combination of all three!! Any pointers much appreciated 🙂
  9. Okay, after a lot of faffing around, I solved it. I knew I had a duplicate entry for 'Arcade', mistakenly added a while ago, but didn't know how to remove it so left it there. I toyed with changed the name of that to another emulator randomly, sega saturn, and when I went to close the window it gave the same error message but this time stating 'Sega Saturn' instead of 'Arcade'. I then googled on how to delete an associated platform and...yep...as easy as just double clicking and pressing backspace! And now everything works as normal! Funny how initially an error that is flagged up can seem terribly complicated, and then the reality is that solving it is a piece of cake (IF you fully understand what the error message is implying, which I didn't!)
  10. Can anyone shed any light on this error please? (See attached picture).
  11. THANK YOU! I followed your instructions and found it was already bound to 'Scroll Lock' so pressing this once i start an 8-bit game now lets me play it. Result! 🙂
  12. So basically, when running something like an Amstrad or Spectrum emulator under Retroarch via Launchbox, nothing is playable as all the keys on my keyboard do things like fast forward (spacebar) or take screenshots, or resize the window etc. How do I remove this feature and revert back to a normal keyboard for 8-bit use? Thanks
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