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  1. I tried but it doesn't start thank you the same I give up, you were very kind thank you for dedicating your time to me
  2. Thanks for the help then always using mame 0264 I copied the command line, I have 4 bios files downloaded abc80, abc80kb,abc830,sn74s263 for the roms of the games I only found rocket and hiresinv in zipped bac format. In launchbox the emulator briefly shows the screen but then it doesn't start, what am I wrong?
  3. hello thanks again finally I managed it works, thanks to you of course, anyway if I try to insert custom commands to automate individual games the emulator does not start who knows why. But it's okay so I enter everything manually P.S. would you call me rude if I asked you for a hand for the Luxor Abc 80?
  4. Hello thank you for dedicating your time to me I state that I am a beginner, so if you can be clearer given my ignorance. Aloora I use MESS 0.210 I'll start by asking you: is the default command line parameter camplynx -cass? lynx96k -ab "MLOAD \"INVADERS\"\n" -autoboot_delay 2 and lynx96k -ab "LOAD \"ZombiePanic\"\n" -autoboot_delay 2 These parameters you gave me go in the game tab: custom command line parameters? Excuse my ignorance and thank you in advance
  5. Hello everyone, I'm trying to start this system but without success both by writing MLOAD"" and LOAD"" the games load but don't start, they are all in cass format, I also tried with this command line- lynx128k -skip_gameinfo -autoboot_command "mload""""""\n" -cass- found in an old post but nothing, can anyone help me? Thank you
  6. Hi, you were able to add them
  7. link182


    A thousand thanks
  8. link182


    Thank you very much for the reply, given the procedure, is there the possibility of setting a command line to ensure that the games can start automatically? Thank you for being very kind
  9. link182


    Good morning/evening I configured this system in mame, the game files are in fdd format, the emulator loads the games but they don't start they stop at the blue screen with three yellow lines what am I doing wrong? Thanks for the attention
  10. link182

    Nokia N-Gage

    Hi all, could someone explain to a noob like me how do I put N-Gage games on LB, I have eka2l1 working with all the games that start but I can't import them, thanks for the reply
  11. Good morning, I would like to know if anyone kindly knows the parameters of the command line to automatically start the games of this platform. Thank you all in advance
  12. Hi thank you for the answer I think I explained myself badly or I didn't understand what you wanted to tell me. The emulator works and the games start smoothly outside launchbox I would like to know the procedure to import them and have them read by eka2l1 since
  13. hello sorry if I ask you but I don't know who else to ask, I have the Eka2l1 emulator working but I've been trying for 5/6 hours, following various guides, to import it into Launchbox would you give me some tips?
  14. Once again you have been very useful I hope to be able to reciprocate one day thanks P.s. with tiriforce saw I solved it
  15. I have both wave and tape files
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