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  1. That works for loading different save states, Thanks. Not that we needed more launching options, but this also works great for directly loading racing tracks in various games (assuming you always pick the same car, lol). Also works for directly loading mario party minigames. I found both of these " "savestate_auto_load = "true" savestate_directory = ":\states" " but am too much of a noob to have figured out the -appendconfig to make it work. Thanks!!
  2. I saw that option but I can only get it to work per instance/rom for lack of terminology. As it is I am able I have to clone the rom and make a separate instance to do what I want but not one rom and several loading pointers. Not undoable but eats a lot of space eventually. I guess I will go read through any command line docs I can find for libretro/retroarch and see if I can do it that way (very preferred). time to play with it some more. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my random thought.
  3. I was watching video about all the various pinball video games and thought to myself, "some of those unlockable tables look really fun". Then my next though was "I wonder if there is a way to force retroarch or another emulator to load a particular save state on command from launchbox or rocket launcher". Basically I was wondering if it is possible to force load a save state. That way I can unlock the tables and make a save state at the unlocked table and launch "the table" from launchbox. Could work for mini games or whatnot that are within games like mario party or geometry wars. Random thought more or less. I looked around and I couldn't find an answer so I thought I would ask here.
  4. Long time problem for me as I have an m.2 and several portable launchbox setups on external drives and the old school/ocd in me makes my feel warm and fuzzy when launchbox is installed to the root of the drive named launchbox. Been manual updating since about version 7 or 8.
  5. I do this with my launchbox. I am rebuilding it at the moment so if I get something wrong I apologize ahead of time. 1. Download portable version of sumatra pdf viewer. Put it somewhere convenient I put it in an "applications" folder inside of the launchbox directory. https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/download-free-pdf-viewer.html 2a. Open sumatra and drag it to the screen you want it to open on then click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the upper left corner of sumatra. 2b. Go down to settings and then select "options". Untick everything (unless you want one of those options but you don't need them if you want a seamless experience) 2c. Next go back to settings and select advanced options. A settings.txt document will open in your default text editor. Now we get to edit some lines in the cfg line 4 "EscToExit" change from false to true line 33 "ShowMenubar" change from true to false (use can always press "alt" to bring up the menu bar if you need it) line 52 "ShowToolbar" change from true to false line 58 "DefaultDisplayMode" change from automatic to fullscreen (the important edit is this one, the rest are just in case something breaks fullscreen (usually something like an emulator taking focus away) line 65 "ShowStartPage" change from true to false Go to "file" and select "save". You can now exit sumatra. 3a. Go to tools\manage emulators and then click "add..." 3b. Name the emulator something obvious 3c. Click browse and select the .exe for sumatra portable 3d. Make sure to disable the startup and pause screens then close the emulator management window. 4. Select Game and press ctrl+e 5. Go to additional apps tab and click "add application" 6a. In the add application dialog name it whatever, I always just name it "game name Manual" but anything works. For example: Sonic the hedgehog 1 manual" 6b. Click "browse..." to select the aplication path. 6c. This time, instead of the usual .exe you want to select "all files" from the drop down on the lower right side of the download window and then navigate to where you have the manual saved. (It should show up if you have it set to all files, if it doesn't appear then you don't have all files selected) 6d. Click open and it will close the download window. Now you need to tick the box for use emulator. Select whatever you named sumatra in step 3a then tick "automatically run before main application" (before because otherwise the manual opens after you close the game) Seems like a lot but only step 6 needs repeated for each game. It is ghetto but you can use this to do other novel things like open a jpg or animated gif on a third monitor/marquee when nothing else works. You are also not limited to manuals, You can print pretty much any website as a pdf document. I for example combine move lists, the manual, and sometimes the games wikipage. I used to include controller mapping but I am working on adding them to pause screens. You can use auto-hot keys and command line arguments as well but that requires a different process. It is simpler but I find the method described above as much more reliable. Command line arguments for sumatra in case anyone wants/needs them. https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/docs/Command-line-arguments.html
  6. Thank you so much for this. I like things tight and tidy and this helps a lot. I keep my images/videos on a drive specifically for meta data. What do I need to do to make this scarp for audio & images?
  7. Command line worked like a charm. And I agree, I don't like relying on windows to pass anything. Thanks!
  8. Hello and thanks for reading. I use a dedicated computer with launchbox as an all in one media front end. To launch websites such as forums, social media, netflix etc etc I use saved links. I have been using firefox but I want to use brave browser but I am not getting the behavior I want. I am trying to use chromium/brave command line arguments to do a few things. 1. --new-window (to launch link in it's own unique window) 2. --start-fullscreen (to launch the link as if I had pressed f11) 3. I'm using AutoHotkey to launch a BAT file to close the window when I press escape so it returns to the launchbox UI. (only thing working) The BAT only contains "taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe /T > nul" There are two ways for me to launch the link. 1. As a .url, this uses windows to launch the link using specified default browser. This launches the link fine all of this works in firefox no problem. I can open the link with brave as my default browser and it works fine but with no extra options like full screen or it being its own window. any time I try opening the link through brave it returns plain text. (by dragging the saved shortcut onto brave.exe or by setting brave as an emulator in launchbox to open the link as an application file ran inside of brave.exe.) returned text is as follows. [{000214A0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}] Prop3=19,11 [InternetShortcut] IDList= URL=https://forums.launchbox-app.com/ HotKey=0 I get the same results if I create the link using the windows interface or by dragging the lock icon from the browser to an open folder/desktop empty space. Am I stuck using firefox or can anyone think of a solution?
  9. These are great. What would it take to get or make some of the same for Non-video game stuff like Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music and even more obscure platforms like VR, AR, and Mobile? Thanks for these btw. These really do look fantastic on my gaming monitor.
  10. Yes, thus the need for an efficient way of going about it. Granted not every game uses every image file entry but even editing the typical 5-10 images I typically keep for each system + music + video + Manual etc etc ends up being a lot of tiny individual edits if you have a bunch of systems. Alternatively you can edit the platforms.xml file directly but that also takes time, albeit a lot less. Macros in notepad++ can assist greatly which is what I ended up doing but none of that is efficient. Don't get me wrong though, I am in ❤️ with Launchbox. Everyday I find some new tweak or setting that greatly improves my gaming experience and I continually have my mind blown with the capabilities we have in 2018 as gamers.
  11. Sorry to necro post. I was just reinstalling my setup on a new computer and using tricks I've learned over the years and I was looking at how playlists show up nested under a platform and didn't like it. I have avoided using playlists for this reason and instead just using genres as defacto playlists since a game can be in multiple genres. This isn't a good solution if you like big box themes so I came up with another. If you click the + to add a new platform without importing roms, you can then add a platform named "Playlists". Then when you edit a playlist check the box to include in platform lists then as the platform category select the newly created "Playlists" platform. There you go, no more using a hotkey to switch. You can indeed have your cake and eat it too! Now if I could just figure out an easy or effient way to store the media gribbles and a separate drive or folder than launchbox.
    Great feature and a tremendous time saver for sure. I have noticed a problem (admittedly it is superficial) when I was scraping my animated movies. Some of the covers are just fan art and don't look right with the rest when they are missing words. My second problem is that when I Scrape movies that have a Japanese equivalent the plugin renames the entry in launchbox as the Japanese name instead of the English name equivalent. All in all a fantastic plugin to be sure. I especially like the pop up that lets me select which movie version it is. (Perhaps this can be applied to the feature above. I also enjoy the fact I can scrape in bulk. Thanks for putting in all the work you have on this. If I was to suggest any general improvements (not issue related) it would be to fill in the rest of the metadata. I know the release date and publishing studio etc is pretty damn irrelevant but I am a completionist so it is nice to have scraped for me. =) edit: the japanese movie issue also makes the covers the japanese version.
  12. Sorry for the slight necro post. The newest updates kind of support this with "categories". If you want to add a new one you have to go into the ini for the platform and add it with launchbox closed then you should see the category off to the side. For example.. I have anime as a category and each series as a platform under the category header. You will have to add your own images and metadata of course but this works great for me. You can click the category too and see all your anime etc. Works wonderful when using the pick random game feature. For movies, I just did a movie category and then made a platform for each letter ("A" "B" "C" etc) I even have a category for streaming but Linking too each movie under each service was unfeasible so I just made each streaming site it's own rom and changed streaming to a platform. I'd love to double the categories but that doesn't want to work. For example... Media---->then the other categories (Anime, movies, tv shows, etc)----> Then the platforms as described above
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