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  1. YOU DONT ANSWER PMS. WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND??? Ok im tired of the threats and pompous attitudes every time i try to do something here. Youre obviously not listening to anything im saying, im sick of your mods starting crap with ppl, and i know now that it was indeed one of you that banned me from the livestreams for no reason. So with that said, i no longer want to be a part of this community. So go ahead and ban me now. This is ridiculous. There is no purpose for these forums anyway because no one ever helps anyone and you take 10 years to do simple things. And this penis measuring crap is below my age range. Delete my account and do what you gotta do. Now thats the end of the discussion asshole. Go ahead and do ya'lls usual talking crap after the ban too. I dont give a damn. Anything to fuckin' fit in, smdh. Bye and go fuck yourselves.
  2. I did what i had to do considering ppl barely respond to pms and actions like these are shady and greatly reduce productivity. I dont have any idea what the other 2 are talking about either since they were deleted and its been a great amount of time.
  3. @Jason CarrI've made about 3 help threads within the last 3 months and that have magically disappeared. One I created recently was about Eatkinola's ao plugin and when I look through my made posts in my profile, it isn't there. If it was in the wrong place I should have been told or it should have been moved to the correct one. So I'm going to say that it is safe to say that Monkus is trying to get on my nerves again by deleting any and every help thread that I create
  4. "I'm not sure what you mean by adding it to the theme. " Like how a user created dll would be added to the theme. Adding the reference and adfing the line of code at the top of the xaml that goes with it. How would that line look (what is the line)?
  5. Okay. It doesn't work the normal way (putting it beside bigbox exe). So does that mean to add it to the theme like any other plugin? And what would the code line look like at the top when including it (if it'll work that way)?
  6. What backend does bigbox use? opengl, directx 9, or dx11? I'm trying to use this so that bigbox will always be in a specific resolution: http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2013/02/chiris-force-certain-resolutionhertz.html
  7. Can somebody remake this video so that there is no gameboy banner on the left, no labels, no lettering, 16:9 still, no bios logo intro, and nothing on the gameboy screen? (wasn't sure if this was the right section to ask this)
  8. Use doubleanimation for opacity to put 'fade' transition effect towards anything you want.
  9. I see that I misinterpreted your pic. The 'what you want' pic is 16:9 after all, it's just that it's cut off. So what you want to do is probably go back to using imagevideoview (since what you want is not really stretching) and actually add: ClipToBounds="True" (allows the image to exceed the its bounding grid but be cut off so you wont actually be able to see it in the other grid sections). HorizontalAlignment="Left" (so that the center of the video is on it's left side so that the image can start from that middle grid line). And VerticalAlignment="Center" (so that the image can stay centered on the top/bottom plane). Let me know if that works. Sometimes trial and error have to be done
  10. Grid.Row="1" Grid.RowSpan="1" Grid.Column="1" Grid.ColumnSpan="1" Add those to your video code and change the values of row and column from 1 to another number (not the spans).
  11. Add those 4 things to the video code and put an = beside all 4 and put a numerical value for it in "" after them. Once you put a number in it, the respective area will be highlighted for you in xaml.
  12. Ok so the pic will actually be the standing rectangle so uniformtofill stretching wont distort your image. So as i stated above, you have to specify the space to use with those 4 grid options.
  13. If your vid is a 16:9 vid as in the first pic, you cant make it a standing rectangle like the third pic with uniform to fill unless the vid is turned sideways or unless you make the grid exactly like the third pic and do non uniform stretching. Can you make a diagram like that but with an actual image so i can get a better idea of what you are trying to achieve? If you want to do the non uniform stretching, you need to specify in the code what grids and columns the vid should occupy: grid.row, grid.rowspan, grid.column, grid.columnspan But you cannot do this with binding the imagevideoview because it isnt exposed like the binding background view and is hardcoded to be uniform to fill. Trust me, ive asked to be able to control the stretching options for imagevideoview for years with no dice But there is a backgroundview xaml that you can edit to suit whatever needs you need to adjust after switching to it to get your stretching video.
  14. gifs work without memory leak but they take 1000 years to load every time
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