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  1. Startup Video Manager

    My vid is a 4:3 vid. It appears with bars on the sides instead of stretched without bars.
  2. M.U.G.E.N What is it and how do I play it.

    Thumbs up for prodigy music!
  3. M.U.G.E.N What is it and how do I play it.

    Here's a few favs of one of my creations from a while back when I conquered making fighting games balanced
  4. Your List of Small Things

    -Video Stretching for Startup Vids -Ability to move/edit the option list box/area in game details view
  5. Startup Video Manager

    So what about this plugin since most features are now in bigbox? The only thing I need now is to allow the video to stretch to the full screen. Can this do that?
  6. XAML Tips and Tricks

    I'm trying to rearrange the details view of the games. It seems impossible to do. I want to move the list of words )(options like play, launch, view pics, etc.) to the other side but nothing in the xaml under details view seems to affect it. Any thoughts?
  7. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    After the new update, it is very difficult to bring anything on top of bigbox to continue to edit themes. It keeps appearing over everything.
  8. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Isnt that what the new update was about? : P
  9. ahk can also create links like this. so if you don't feel like using multiple programs, have at ahk
  10. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    "Per the startup video sound playing at the same time, noted; that makes sense. " hopefully it can be done if both options are on at the same time, that the sound plays when the video is finished but have the assets still load while the vid is playing to continue to mask pop in for slower hdds. And hopefully game category vids will be easier to add now so that it can serve the same purpose.
  11. Launchbox > tools > edit autohotkey script for * games. That's not the complete script by the way, you'd have to have a bit of ahk knowledge but it is the easiest thing to learn. And there are many examples online on how to do certain things. But that is the part of the script that you mainly need. I don't know the official bigbox variable for pinpoint launched games so I just put %game%. I believe it may be something else. Maybe lordmonkus can refresh my memory on what the variable that stores launched games is?
  12. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    excellent. although sometimes the startup vid is black (ive heard ppl say this before but I didn't experience it before but now I am after this newest update). i'm sure that'll get ironed out though.
  13. the integrated ahk is the more efficient method. use your bigbox variables in the place of what needs to be placed and use this for a base: Process, Priority, %game%, high
  14. MusicBox, Post Your Thoughts Here

    The words anger or 'shitting on' do not appropriately describe what users have said in this post. Everyone has said good job but not my cup of tea. That is far from the harsh words you used to describe us as. Because no one has been negative to that description's intent that ive seen. No one has said a curse, the 4 letter s word or anything of the like to warrant said description. If no one responded at all, then leaders would be wondering what gives. And the part about looking at it separately from bb, i never saw it as a together thing but this is the lb/bb forums and a mod created said thread, not a normal user. To most of us it does feel like a shield. But trust me, ive seen negative feedback and this doesnt seem like one of them. Im actually impressed by the amount of niceness in the subject. Also, leaders have save many times about bb features or bugs that if not many users report it, then it doesnt exist or is not a high priority. Now it is being said that we cant talk about a specific subject when asked and call it redundancy. Kinda Contradictory.

    But that question just sounded pretentious. Did it really matter the reason why he didnt want to update? You were getting at 'well you shouldve updated then' depending on what he said next. Which is similar to an out of nowhere backlash i had in another thread about the no button on the updates prompt.