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  1. Thank you again for Launchbox and for cleaning up my desktop screen from the sea of game shortcuts I had before it. I hope you guys had a very good Christmas, Jason and everyone from Unbroken. And everyone else, too!
  2. Great list! As for PSX games, I have it like this: "-nogui -slowboot -loadbin" This way, the bios loads before the game does.
  3. Hi there. Since I started using Rainmeter for my desktop and laptop PC, Launchbox was just the software I needed to complete the feel of my custom environment and the sorting for my videogames, and not having 20+ shortcuts all over the place ever since. So far, in the technical department, it does what I need. However, in the visual area, there are some things I would like to suggest if I may, in order to have a more user-friendly app for games: -Smooth scrolling: When using the scroll bar it's fine... But I mostly use my mouse wheel and mousepad on my laptop for that, and it does feel a little jerky. The way the scrolling feels in the Windows 8/8.1 Start Menu is what I have on my mind to achieve, with a momentum. -Fading background: When navigating through the game list (especially when using a joystick), the background images changes way too abruptly. A delay/fading setting would be nice. *If a game is being highlighted, having the background changing every [number] seconds could also apply for the suggestion mentioned above. -Hovering info: Not that important, but when hovering a game with the mouse (or gamepad), maybe a semi-transparent bubble/box could be shown next to the game cover, showing the game description, user rating, logo, ESRB, etc. from TheGameDB. ___________ I know, perhaps my requests could be considered as nit-picking... But I do feel the software has lots of potential, and if it can be done, I would like to see it evolving into the perfect videogame launcher/center UI. Thanks in advance. Terrific software!
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