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  1. Hi, first, thank you for this great Launcher ! I Managed to get Demul for Sammy Atomiswave or Sega Naomi to work. Similar to N64 Emu you have to work with a batch File. Create it in the Same Folder as Demul. Atomiswave: @echo off SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:.zip=% SET STRING=%STRING:E:\LaunchBox\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\=% echo %STRING% start demul.exe -run=atomiswave -rom=%STRING% Naomi: @echo off SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:.zip=% SET STRING=%STRING:E:\LaunchBox\Games\Sega Naomi\=% echo %STRING% start demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=%STRING% Furthermore you have to adjust the Path in the Demul.ini Change the following Line according to your needs: roms0 = I have Installed Launchbox and Demul Emulator in E:\Launchbox\Emulators\Sega Atomiswave\demul-0.57\ My Roms are in E:\Launchbox\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\ So to set the Path Relative to the Games you have to insert: roms0 = ..\..\..\..\Games\Sega Naomi\ Hope it's understandable English is not my Primary Language Greetings Saboti
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