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  1. Hi Guys, i'm not so often here in the Forum but i'm using the launchbox app very often on my zbox nano. I start it with Windows, so i can choose any game with the Gamepad - perfect! A awesome feature would be a Windows shutdown function via Gamepad. So there would be no need anymore for mouse or keyboard for this. Only for Emulator exiting - maybe this will be in a later release possible with gamepad. That would be awesome. Greetings from austria
  2. ps4isthefuture said Hi everyone, Having a small issue launching games in WinKawaks and in MAME (MAME64). Both emulators are working fine on their own and both work through Hyperspin (minor issue exiting games in Winkawaks, but launches and plays fine in HS). Winkawaks opens and then says "No Game Loaded" even though Launchbox is pointing to the rom's location. Command line is entered as noted in the configuration table here in this post... I got exact the same Problem with Kawaks (WinKawaks). I'm using Kawaks 1.63 (the newest i think) and tested with NeoGeo and CPS1 and CPS2 Games. The emulator gets started, but the rom will not get loaded. i tried different parameters: %file -fullscreen -%file -fullscreen %file -fullscreen nothing works. Anyone got a solution for that? Kawaks is a pretty good emulator, it should be handeld by launchbox
  3. Hi Guys, i'm new to the forum. At first, thanks for this great frontend - i allready bought a small zbox only for it to play my games on the TV. I allready imported some roms for Sega and Nintendo consoles. Is it possible to get a (fan made) Windows PC game into the list. Streets of Rage remake is the ultimate sidescroller (only my opinion and i would love to get it on launchbox. Thanks in advance! realbout EDIT: figured it out now, to easy
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