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  1. p.bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    Fantastic Is there a way to use the screenshot when there is no box art? Seems like anything would be better than seeing all the blanks hehe. At least until Jason implements list/icon mode.
  2. While I realize this almost goes against the original intent of the organization of roms by boxart for LaunchBox, I would like to add to the request list to have a detailed (that is text only, or text with icon only) view. Similiar to how you can optionally do with Steam. This of course would also have to be per platform though. Reasons would include some platforms have too many missing images that dont exist online, such as Atari 2600 Goodset, and my collection of hacked roms. In addition, it would be a nice option if/when speed is the priority on the larger platform sets. You've said yourself it starts to slowdown around the 4000 mark, which I've noticed as well. Could be a good help.
  3. Can't you already have music per game? Though, I haven't tried it myself, maybe I'm confused at what that context menu option does. As far as video, I don't see that being worth the effort as much as it sounds. Some MAME frontends have video integration with full sets of premade video you can drop-in for it and it never really took off. I suspect it may have to do with so much disk space for so little use. Not to mention possible slowdowns to the already expanding interface. But otherwise, good to see it's all on track at some point. I made sure to go premium as soon as it came out. All I need to do is figure out how to mass import the dosbox collection (exodos) and the (playable) mame set and my launchbox setup will be complete!
  4. A bit of an odd request and certainly not critical, but I believe one of the main things launchbox currently lacks as opposed to say... starting up the old xbox when you're having a nostalgia party is the way xbox would present the emulators when you selected a platform. There would be music playing (often a rock version or something of a main game that represents the system) as well as having a default image of the system itself until you selected a game. Competing frontends like Hyperspin also do something similar. I think allowing a default background image and music as you select a different platform (until a game was selected) would be easy(maybe?) to implement and add to the 'excitement' factor overall.
  5. It seems often times I can't retrieve the correct game from thegamesdb (for example if it retrieved the wrong platform) until I've renamed the current title to something else, saved it, then go back and try to retrieve again. As if it's already in the database as the correct name and doesn't want a duplicate and I have to clear out the old one first before it can show up in search results. For example, NBA Live 97 for SNES. It retrieved Genesis boxart. I go to edit it and search the correct title, but only NBA Live 95,96,98 appear -- skipping 97. I rename it as 'NBA blah' and save. Go back and edit again, now NBA Live 95,96,97,98 appear and I can select the correct one. Not a deal breaker just an extra step I'm having to do to fix for 100+ titles Edit: Sometimes just reselecting the same game from LocalDB and downloading images again works too. Odd.
  6. Does anyone have, or know how one could create a dat that only has, say... working, original (non-cloned), non-mechanical, non-trackball games? I see no reason to import 28+k more games (current completed mame set) when only 3k of them (when you run it through mame filters -- but it can't export) are practical for playing. I couldn't find any way through mame, mame+, or clrmamepro.
  7. p.bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    It acutally works really well, just hideous https://sites.google.com/site/meagrefrontend/screenshots The 'ExoDOS' collection is also pretty sweet in of itself if you can get a hold of it.
  8. p.bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    Anyone know of a batch way to import the 'ExoDOS' collections? It is currently using M.E.A.G.R.E. front end which is pretty Windows 95 era. Would much rather prefer to add it to LaunchBox with everything else. Was thinking it might be easier to try to have D-Fend batch add them, then import with LaunchBox but even that is proving difficult. Great job on LaunchBox 4.0, btw. (Is there a hotkey for the new search bar?) Premium version purchased.
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