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  1. Hi Guys, Does anybody have a work command line for Stella for Atari 2600. Cant seem to config it properly. Thanks
  2. I have tried numerous ways unfortunately nut can only get the one image to load. I'm not familiar with a lot of command line options so if anybody has a working settings it would be great.
  3. The easiest way I have found to do this is with Xpadder I have them created key combinations to exit my emulator back to the launchbox main screen.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help running NullDC from within Launchbox. Quite new at setting this all up and having some problems. I'm trying to get the images to auto run. My settings are Emulator.AutoStart=1 Emulator.NoConsole=1 AutoHideMenu=1 PatchRegion=1 LoadDefaultImage=1 DefaultImage=defualt.gdi LastImage=D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Dreamcast\Roms\*.cdi Emulation Path ..\Hyperspin\Emulators\Dreamcast ullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe Emulation Command Line nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="D:\Hyperspin\Emulators\Dreamcast\Roms\Crazy Taxi 2.cdi" This autoruns the one game but doesn't run the games selected in Launchbox. All suggestions greatly appreciated.
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