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  1. This is an interesting Video. There are others about music, Websites, etc., too.
  2. Click here for more info.
  3. Some of the comments were pretty good, such as: “So in this dimension SkyNet is called Boston Dynamics”, or “Boston Dynamics, bringing the end to a world near you.”
  4. Click here for an informative Video about it.
  5. CadetStimpy

    Atari VCS

    I thought so, too.
  6. CadetStimpy

    Atari VCS

    AMD Ryzen Processor with Radeon Graphics Tech Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Click here for more info LaunchBox still the winner!
  7. Now that you mention it... LOL! It seems many customized PC's are going the way of the rainbow, which works for me, 'cause I'm more of a primary color guy than an earth-tone one.
  8. This is one beautiful PC, IMHO.
  9. When I right-click on a game to get the Menu, and click on one of the 'Additional Apps' (e.g., different Episodes of Sam & Max within Sam & Max: Season 1), nothing happens. No error, no nothing. It used to work a few versions back (I'm using v9.9 now). I have the full and correct path of the appropriate executable in the Additional Apps tab within the Edit Game window. Any ideas?
  10. Click here to get the game (scroll down a bit when you get there).
  11. Click here for the map.
  12. It's a Kickstarter project that winds-up tomorrow - it did receive adequate funding. Click here if ya wanna check it out. Me, I'm stickin' with Launchbox!
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