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  1. Not all, but most of 'em are free. 🙂 Edited by Lordmonkus to remove links.
  2. CadetStimpy

    Supercharged Corvette PC

    I wish I could build somethin' like this, without it looking like a disaster. 🙂
  3. CadetStimpy

    Serious Flight Simulator Rig

    So much of this appears to be from a real aircraft, but maybe adult Flight Sim toys are just very realistic. 🙂
  4. CadetStimpy

    IMFACEROLL Gaming Rig

  5. CadetStimpy

    Disk 1 of 3711

  6. Click here to read about a free 5th chapter for the original game.
  7. CadetStimpy

    1Mb of Memory - Only $2000!

    Yes, indeed! Hmmm... I have 32Gb now, so at those prices (inflation not included) I'd have 32,000x$2000=$64 million worth of memory. Awesome (borrowing your echo sound FX)!
  8. CadetStimpy

    1Mb of Memory - Only $2000!

  9. CadetStimpy

    Would ya get the door for me, please?

    Speaking of an era where you ask yourself if the person you just met is a robot or a real human, it reminded me of one of my favorite "robot stories" ever! - The Lonely (courtesy The Twilight Zone 1959).
  10. CadetStimpy

    Would ya get the door for me, please?

    Hopefully the robots/androids will have a better virtue-to-vice ratio than most humans. Granted, under Asimov's basic robot rules, one would never hurt you, but it may be a basic 'SkyNet Terminator' model. Doh!
  11. CadetStimpy

    Would ya get the door for me, please?

    Would ya get the door for me, please? (Oops, I wanted to put this under the Crazy Video topic, but I goofed-up. ).
  12. I always make some noise. Typically, the longer it took me to "win", the longer and louder I whoop-it-up!
  13. CadetStimpy

    Best to Control your Temper

    Note: This isn't a personal photo.
  14. CadetStimpy

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare FREE on Steam Today!

    Hey, that's awesome, Zombeaver. I thought there may be some (well, there may still be) who wouldn't take kindly to my analog ways and tendencies. Generally, I laugh more when playing Board Games. 'Course, that's probably 'cause there are other people there, and we're often ribbin' each other about somethin'. I die a lot more in Video Games, too. In the last Video Game I played, I was viciously mauled to death (numerous times) by a pack of guard dogs. My "deaths" in Board Games are much less gruesome (and not near as frequent). My Board Gaming pal has been collecting games since she was a kid, and currently has over 620 of 'em (from vintage to brand new), so it's always somethin' new over there! How many games does a Gamer (Video or Board) need? Just one more.