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  1. Hey guys! Got Launchbox up and running perfectly, and integrated it into Steam Big Picture mode with custom image (Thanks SentaiBrad!). Unfortunately, the controller support in Launchbox is a little laggy. I love the software, and I'll be using it the majority of the time in point/click mode on my personal computer, but I was hoping to utilize this for my HTPC. I know a HTPC style frontend was in for voting, but I was wondering if this might be an option. My request is something like what ICE (http://scottrice.github.io/Ice/) does. It generates non-Steam Game icons for your roms, places them in categories by system, and downloads images for them. My question is, we already have the game set up and working in LB, images of the boxart, and connectivity to import from Steam, could there be a way to export LB games into Steam ala ICE? That means LB works perfectly to consolidate, organize, and keep your game library functional and fully up to date with all its features, but you can plug into Steam's BPM for HTPC use, and LB for all other needs. That way you can use LB OR Steam for your frontend. Either way, thanks for this fantastic app!
  2. This is PERFECT! Text not necessary! Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks. Quick request. Any chance you could make a Steam Banner for Launchbox? I can't find an image of your logo large enough to do it myself. Just need a simple log on background that's 460x215 in size. Then Launchbox can look all cute and perfect in Steam Big Picture mode!
  4. Stumbled across this, and I love it. Found out I even loved it so much I bought premium a few months ago and promptly forgot it existed. Either way, I'm interested in beta testing, and my vote went to Big Picture mode for Launchbox. I'm hoping to integrate this with Steam and PLEX to create a seamless HTPC solution. Thanks for all the hard work!
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