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  1. Thanks for your concern. Now using 1.92 Like this
  2. Hi, I used the Lauchbox to run Mario DX by Teknoparrot 1.90, and every time I encounter the red Japanese. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks for your reply but have you tried this? I think it is not that simple. If you can do it, please kindly quote an example for me. Thanks.
  4. Does anybody using Launchbox to run Taito Type X and X2 games? If yes, would you advise how to set it up? Thanks in advance!
  5. whitoxx

    Zinc V1.1

    Yes, you are right. When I put the lines onto the box like you, a dos box quick flashes and disappear. Anything I can do? How can I set up the render and controller in this case? Please advise. Also, I will raise another post about taito type X and X2, as I cannot figure it out either. Many thanks.
  6. whitoxx

    Zinc V1.1

    Would you please put down a line for the application path? I tried several times but no luck. Please help.
  7. whitoxx

    Zinc V1.1

    Many thanks! I'll try it when I back home! By the way, can I use x360 controller to play it? If yes, how to set up?
  8. whitoxx

    Zinc V1.1

    Does anyone can launch zinc v1.1 by Launchbox 4.6? I cannot figure it out. Please help.
  9. I am new here and new to LaunchBox. I find it is an amazing tools for games and emulators. Here I encountered some problem when using LaunchBox with Demul 0.582: When I use command line to launch Atomiswave games, the emulator jumps out and list the Atomiswave game menu, and cannot jump directly to the game. I tried the method listed by Saboti. Is there anything I miss? However, Saboti's method is worked with Dreamcast cdi, which is great. Can anyone help?
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