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  1. Jason Carr said Hi @Xlembros, I'm pretty baffled here still lol, because I didn't fix anything. So...hmm... yeah im not sure what caused it my self or what changed to stop the glitch i didn't change anything i was doing i just simply tried again after a beta build update and it suddenly worked. DOS76 said I grabbed those covers from that site I will have to edit all of them as I am only interested in the front. I also have 216 games for FDS and there is only 68 covers so still a lot of work ahead of me. yeah i noticed that to when i downloaded them there are other places to get retail covers but im not sure if they have more covers than that collection. still with a bit of leg work from a combination of sources you can definately fill in most of your blanks others you could photoshop from screenshots of game art and logos found on Google Image and if need be you can also use a default blank FDS diskette as a place holder to make things look more professional.speaking of that i wish there was a way to set a default blank image for platforms it would be great to have a blank NES cart or a blank Hu Card rather than a grey box with the launchbox icon in the center
  2. latest Beta Build fixed the issue
  3. Jason Carr said Hi @Xlembros, please explain the process you're using to import the ROMs. I don't really understand how it could come up with no ROMs to import. Are you adding a folder or the files themselves? i import the folder of .fds roms type in Famicom Disk System for platform put in Fceux as the emulator select download metadata and click next the roms list comes up blank. i imported my Turbografx 16 collection with out any problems tonight i don't know what I'm doing wrong aside from attempting to put in a custom Platform which seems to be the issue. the roms are normal and fully functional both in Nestopia and Fceux so im at a loss as to what is causing it. DOS76 said It is strange that you can't import them at all I've never had an issue that kept me from importing anything I have a comic book section and that has nothing to do with video games but it imported the ones I choose. I personally use Nintendo Famicom Disk System as my platform with the same emulator that my NES uses and it imported all of my rom but like Brad said there is no metadata added its all just empty grey squares. I've found some box art (or I guess disk sleeve art would be more appropriate here) and added it for a few games but it is such a daunting task when you have to do ever single game even when I did my PC-Engine games it found at least some of them FDS has next to nothing. well if your having troubles finding box art for FDS or any other platform you could always download these box art collections. they have a full set of FDS box art:
  4. you might be misunderstanding what i mean by blank rom list i mean when importing the roms the list of roms detected before Launchbox imports them as a platform.if it was just an issue of no images or metadata it wouldn't be a huge problem but im not getting past the import process
  5. okay so i updated to the latest build and I'm still getting the blank rom list issue.
  6. Jason Carr said Hi @Xlembros, have you tried the latest beta? no i haven't how do i go about getting beta builds? SentaiBrad said Drop the Nintendo from the FDS, but also there isn't a lot of information on Japanese games. Some games like Metroid and the Japanese name for Zelda will get picked up as an alternate name, but there just isn't too much information that is made on TGDB. GameFaq's has a lot of info on Japanese games, they have a lot on my SNES and PSP jRPG's. However, it has to be input manually which for me I am satisfied with an image. Dragging the image from Firefox on to the spot where they go in the editor will work and populate it most of the time. If I get an error then I just download it to my desktop. yeah ive tried putting it in as FDS , Famicom Disk System, Famicom FDS ,Nintendo FDS none of them work still get the greyed out rom list issue.oh im fine with manually adding in my own screenshots and box art images if launchbox can't find any automatically i had to do that with on my old OS with my PC Engine collection for a lot of the Japanese/euro titles its time consuming but well worth it!
  7. hello im having an issue when importing FDS games Launchbox just wants to add them into my existing NES collection but i want to keep them seperate and have Famicom Disk System as its own platform but when i attempt to do this even when i use a seperate emulator(i used Nestopis for NES and Fceux for my disk system/famicom selections. the real issue im having is attempting to import them as their own platform causes Launchbox to not even read the rom files i get a blank rom import list thats all greyed out. i simply can't import FDS games as their own platform and i searched the forums and haven't seen anyone ask about this before is there a solution for a free version user.?
  8. considering ive had so much trouble with getting box art and screenshots for most of my Turbografix 16/PCEngine roms i would like to suggest using Pc Engine Software Bible for Turbografix 16 metadata searches they have all box art and screenshots and most games have a comprehensive description and overview of gameplay. http://www.pcengine.co.uk/index.htm
  9. Edit : ignore this post i decided to give Retro Arch a try and after arguing with RA's configurations got it to work
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