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  1. Thanks @Jason Carr I figured something like that had happened. Email sent.
  2. Hey Guys, I am an early Premium Launchbox customer, so I missed out on the Emumovies discount codes that started being sent out last year. I was wondering if i could have the code sent to me now? I've already emailed Jason, but I didn't get a reply so I thought I'd try this.
  3. I'm on it. Sorry for the silence recently. Been struck down by this cold again. Going to see the doctor this afternoon, because feeling like ....... for this long is really strange.
  4. Jason, I really hope I haven't upset you or anyone. I don't think in an oversensitive person, but the text rubbed me wrong. What else can I say? I really like the idea of a videogame themed thank you. Rather than look at this as an experience you need to remove something, perhaps it's be better to see it as an opportunity to improve it!
  5. Hey Guys, Not going to beat around the bush here. I love Launchbox, but I hate the Thank You button. It's totally inappropriate and reinforces a stupid and frankly tired Asian stereotype. Can we change this something more inclusive?
  6. Hey! OK, so I know these aren't the ones you probably hoped from me @bd000 but it was what I started on before I offered to take the other end of the platform list. Anyway, I just finished them this evening and I wanted to share them. The font on the 7800 and 5200 aren't perfect... but not bad? Let me know, I think their quite handsome nonetheless.
  7. That is a lot of amazing work man. I will contribute soon. Sorry, today was testing day in school and I had some personal matters after work. I am planning to work back through the list but I can't see myself starting before tomorrow at this stage. I also have midterm break next week so I'll have a few days there too. I really hope I'm not holding anything back.
  8. Thanks! I'll start working back through the list tomorrow. I'll post that Atari logo I found too.
  9. Superb! I've already started and have a few clear logos that fall between A-D. Our crossover is pretty large, though I think I have a nicer Atari 2600 one that I'll share. I'm learning a few tricks in photoshop to eliminate the white haze that Jason has going on in his samples. Hopefully I'll be able to do something about that. I'll experiment and post over the next few days! Is there a platform list somewhere I can use as a point of reference?
  10. Wow! So much amazing work and I've been completely out of the loop. Sorry about that, I got hit by a nasty version of a cold. Hit hard! Even after returning to work I had to stay home again today. I want to help, is there anywhere I can start or do you mind if I observe quietly for another day or two before butting my head in again ;)
  11. I take all the points about the word 'theatre'. I see a lot of great suggestions here too, however it strikes me that trying to shoe horn the word Launchbox into a title is really awkward. How about something different and simple like Game Cabinet or LB Game Cabinet
  12. How about "LaunchBox Theater"? It's quite vague yet I think most people can figure out what it gets at.
  13. I used paint.net and I'd be happy to share resources. I think if a standard template can be created it would still be a daunting job, but not an all too challenging one. And worth the effort.
  14. Here's one I made roughly, quickly and with a bastard of a headache. Obviously not perfect but maybe something we can talk about?
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