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  1. Heya Could we maybe get smooth scrolling similar to what Steam has now? Or at least add that to the next feature request poll (which I'm sure I'll miss...)? Scrolling x lines at a time feels rather... ancient
  2. Hi all Up until now I've simply had a black background using LB. Now when I click on a game, the cover of that game becomes the default background image. This is very obnoxious in my opinion. How do I revert this? Thanks and regards
  3. Heya Thanks for answering, you were correct: the game in question did not work because there was nothing linked under "Application Path". Apparently, additional apps will only launch if there is anything under the main tab.
  4. I'd like to report that whatever gets added under additional apps does not work. Nothing happens when I try to launch anything added under that tab. Happens in the latest official release as well as under the newest beta version.
  5. I'm sorry for my late reply. I'm using this for games where I have both a GOG and a steam version to have them both linked. I always had the steam games linked via additional apps which just worked and now it doesn't...
  6. Hey all I have my steam games linked to LB via "Additional Apps" and then usually put something like "steam://rungameid/24960" in the Application path. This used to work like a charm but with the current LB version nothing is happening and the steam games won't launch. It used to work that way, anybody know what might have changed?
  7. I already like the next Launchbox. I just hope you will have time to implement: -An "arrange by" option as is already present in the old LB. I like to sort my games by last played -I'd appreciate a CTRL-F search function. And I believe it would be nice to just type in a name (without CTRL-F) to start a search -I'd love a middle-mouse scroll option, it would be so damn handy -Box art is a little small on my screen. I assume you plan on making the interface customizable again with changeable spacing, icon size, etc?
  8. Jason Carr said Ah, no kidding. Well, I can't say that *should* be happening, but at least we've found the culprit. Did you have "Use Any Controller" enabled? Do you mean Use All Attached Controllers? If so, nope. Also, I do not currently have any controllers connected. Will try again later to see if it actually makes any difference and report back.
  9. For some inexplicable reason the idle CPU usage is now at 10% and dropdown menus and such now lag significantly! However, I just switched off the game controller option as you suggested and app is now blazing fast again with the CPU usage <1%. Thanks for your help!
  10. I tried with a clean install with and without the original library data added and got the same result. LB uses 5% CPU on average. It's a bit of a bummer because it keeps my idle CPU clock at around 2.5Ghz at all times instead of an avg of about 1.7Ghz when LB isn't running. Let me know if I can help you out with this.
  11. Thanks for the input. I'm using LB with about 200 games and everything is installed on SSD. It's got nothing to do with the newest version as I've plugged in my backup HDD and tried it with version 4.8 Same result. It uses around 3.5-5.5% of CPU on a 3570k @ 4.2Ghz (dunno if the percentage is relative to the max clock...) at all times, even when minimized. The only other thing I get is about 2-3 hickups when I scroll through my whole library. It does not make a difference whether I attribute 500MB or 4GB or RAM to LB. LB never crashes, though, and I only get a 0.25sec or so delay when alt-tabbing, so that is fine too. I will try a clean install now and report back later.
  12. Thanks, but it is all on SSDs here...
  13. Ever since the update yesterday (and maybe before that already, I'm not sure) LN is consistently using 5% of my CPU while doing nothing. Also, scrolling through the library now feels laggier than before (although it's not THAT bad). Any idea what caused this?
  14. I agree with both of you. The movies app should only happen once the gaming part is in a 100% complete state. Also, I would probably hire additional developers and then turn the movie catalogue app into a fully paid program. But that's just my two cents. Once I start working in January I will probably donate more money to this project.
  15. Yeah I ran into issues with that and now it seems I've edited my post too many times ;)
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