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  1. Hi Jason, Got an error code for you this morning. I'm on 8.1.... See attached.
  2. Just crashed again going through a games list. Just a generic windows "close program" dialog.
  3. Hi Jason, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it to come off like that. Believe me when I say that I appreciate all your hard work so so much. The concept is not flawed. Actually it's almost perfect. Functionally it does pretty much everything most of us want / need. You are a very thoughtful developer. Thank you! Just installed beta 35. BigBox crashed without an error code while I was going through the options area. Ill try to reproduce it.
  4. hi Jason, Sorry upfront bro. I realized some things this weekend. 1) Something was not right and I couldn't put my finger on it. I fell in love with LaunchBox because of multi-platform, multi-row, box art / banners. BigBox does not have this. Its scrollable titles. 2) BigBox does not have borders, shadows, and the fan art is being wasted in the background. There's no definitive sectioning. Everything is just flat on the screen. The fan art is only showing at 30% brightness by default probably in case of white or light colored images so you can read the description. using up the whole screen for stuff may be a bad thing. 3) The default platform images, especially the PC one has to go. Again, they're just sitting there as a square. When I look at those images in the screenshots section of your website it just doesn't even compare. BigBox should be like that just couch and idiot friendly. When my wife or guest pick up the controller I don't want there to be chance of them deleting my whole database. You know what I mean. Again sorry Jason. Just my opinion. By the way it runs a lot better now although I did turn off the transitions. I like the fading from section to section though.
  5. Hi Jason. My lag is exactly like brads. It's alot worse when inside the platform screen where you're trying to go through maybe 800 snes roms. This is on an i7 with 8 gigs of ram. Brad's not even going that fast. He's actually waiting for the effect to complete. In real world use you're not gonna do that. You're gonna go through as fast as you can. When you do that it looks bad. Most times you dont see the effect it just ends up showing the image. Just slower than without the animation. It lags and sometimes and just stops until the image loads. My images folder is small right now. Maybe 3 gigs. The animation effect is not smooth. I reverted my main installation to 27 and definitely noticed a speed difference in switching / scrolling. Jason on your i7 are you loading this off an SSD or HDD? I'll try your suggestions.
  6. Success. With .Net 4.5.2 and the original beta 31 it still crashes. Using the files in the ZIP fixed the crashing issue. I was not able to get it to crash. However, it is sluggish. Also the animation is hit or miss. Sometimes it animates and sometimes it doesn't. Jason please add a way to turn it off. I personally think speed and stability would get us closer to a release candidate. Thanks again Jason. Gonna go get something to eat and Ill check back later. Bye guys.
  7. About to try simply updating to 4.5.2 and trying it with the original beta 31. If that doesn't work then I'll give those files in the ZIP a try. So far beta 27 seems to be the winner for me. I don't care much for the animations and hope that there's a way to turn them off. About to restart. Ill be back with the results in a few.
  8. Hi Jason It's a Samsung 880Z laptop. i7 3635 cpu, 8 gigs ram, Intel HD Graphics and an ATI 8600/8700 M GPU. Windows 8.1 64 Bit. It's also a touch screen. I'll try updating the drivers. Thanks Jason.
  9. Hi Jason. Beta 29 is still crashing. I'm on an i7 laptop with ATI Card doing some testing. The animations are cool but I do notice a slight slowdown. How hard would it be to add a "Log Off" option for those of us that plan on using it as a shell? That way I can switch to my desktop user account for maintenance and stuff. Another idea for the future...... Security system to enter the settings area. Nothing fancy. numerical 4 digit code or controller pattern. Thanks again for what you're doing! EDIT ... Just got a new beta. LOL. That was fast. Ill let you know if it crashes.
  10. Hi Jason, Been lurking these forums for over a month and been playing around with LB for that time too. I think its a great piece of software and am so grateful for u making it. I was very excited when I heard about BigBox and you have made so much progress in such a short period of time. Its amazing. It is exactly what I was looking for. Anyway I don't usually make accounts or post on forums, but since you're getting ready to launch I feel I need to say something about a couple of issues that either I am not seeing an option for or have not been addressed previously. You see I'm planning on using BigBox as the primary interface for multiple gaming PCs. As such my goal is to eliminate the need for a keyboard and mouse entirely. I'm going as far as replacing explorer as the Windows shell with BigBox. As of today with the release of your latest beta I feel it is very close to what i'm trying to achieve. However, there a couple of the options when going inside the game details that I feel should either (A) be eliminated or (B) give us the option to turn them off. These are the "Open Folder", "Open Images Folder", and "Open EMULATORNAME" .... These commands cause the need for a keyboard and mouse and take away from a pure couch experience since they launch an explorer window and cannot be closed with a controller. I'm sure theyll be times when I will need to use the KB and Mouse when theres a problem or something but it would be nice to avoid it as much as possible. I'm planning on using your software on six Alienware Alphas. I'll actually be installing later today. I've been trying to decide whether to even use the default Alienware UI / KODI. I guess it would be nice to have an addon that launches BigBox or I can use Advanced Launcher to launch it but I think I'm gonna go ahead and make it the shell instead. For my purposes going straight into it at boot up would make it more console like and use less RAM. Thanks you so much again. You've saved me so much time by making this software. I will continue to support this project and wish you the best.
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