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  1. @Jason Carr just letting you know the new updates works great for me and fixed my download issue.
  2. @Aevans0001 I as well have been having issues importing games onto the Shield (none pro edition). I have noticed that the upload will pause at certain games and shit there for 15, 20, sometimes 60 minutes and will not move to the next game. Some game it will scrape in seconds. It is very strange behavior. I have tried uploading them in batches but that isn't the issue because the upload will just freeze at certain games. I cannot tell if Launchbox is actually doing something in the background or is it having issues downloading certain media. I would like to see more information during the down
  3. @Jason Carr another thing I would recommend is when you are downloading images, either add a status bar for the progress of each image download, or add the output from the log file on all the white space on the screen of the progress. It would help.
  4. No issues, a skip after 1-2 minutes may do the trick. Also if it matters, my shield will go into sleep mode if it sits on this loading for a certain amount of time. Or you have have it say, skip or retry download?
  5. Here is an example, been sitting here for almost 10 minutes
  6. Right now it never times out, just sits there. I am trying a few basic troubleshooting steps.
  7. @Jason Carr i dunno man, i switched over from wifi to Ethernet and it seems to freeze at almost the end of the import. Maybe i am importing too much at once.
  8. Possible Bug in downloading images from launchbox. App will freeze at downloading some of the images. If I cancel and restart it will pause or freeze at a different game.
  9. I didn't see this specifically on the thread so my apologies if you already answered it. I mainly do my gaming on my shield tv and all my game files are on my Network Shared Drive and it works great with a system like RetroX where I can select my games folder on my share. Does LaunchBox Beta see network shares too? It would be a helpful feature to add the options in the app to select a specific directory in the options.
  10. I have it downloaded and exported my database to a USB drive, but not sure what to do next. Inserting the USB drive in the shield and opening LaunchBox doesn't see the data. I was trying to move the launchbox app to the USB drive, but couldn't figure that out. There was not an open in app settings to move app to USB drive. I have developer options enabled.
  11. you have to press the remote and get the menu button will appear. the menu's are hidden when you launch on shieldtv
  12. ty. One thing I noticed is that I can reduce the pixel size of the images and it helps a ton.
  13. Hey Guys, Got me a GPD Win and wanted to use BigBox on external usb low profile stick. I noticed that a lot of the images take forever to load. When I start the force image cache option it also takes such a long time and I cannot tell if it is actually doing anything. The status bar just sits there. Can I run the force images on another PC or is it specific to the PC bigbox is running on. Also, I want to trim down a lot of my ROMs from the list. Has anyone published their platform XML files for their top games?
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