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  1. i just replaced all the emulators with retroarch, and im a super retroarch noob. when you open the menu by pressing the guide button or f1, you can load custom shaders. for example i was playing game gear , and i set a preset shader of a gamegear border, but it puts the same border on every other platform. i already checked configuration per core, any way to load individual shaders like that for each platform?
  2. i think another good feature to add down the road would be to scroll by letters , kinda like in ios. cause i have over 5000 games , takes a while to scroll the stuff with complete sets like snes , nes etc or to have throttle controlled speed of scrolling via the triggers on a xinput pad.
  3. hey everybody , dont know if this is the write place to post , but i have a question / suggestion is it possible to have a random music file play from a specified folder when a system is selected/highlighted (for each system) and browsing titles , or is it only game specific? or is it possible to have some random music play in the background over everything when browsing? if not this would be a great feature to add eventually thanks
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