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  1. Hiya Jason, Yeah " Error message Popups" I'm Using WMP for video play back, Just reverted back to v6.7 Everything is fine again. LIAM
  2. Hiya, Continuous Random Crashes, Sound Of Video Still Plays In The Background After Selecting Game(s) Everthing Was Fine Running V6.7. Cheers,
  3. A Very easy on the Ears BigBox sound theme, Including a very attractive startup sound. Just Unzip the Archive & replace LaunchBox Sound folder with this one: i.e C:\Users\"Your Name"\LaunchBox http://www111.zippyshare.com/v/iXXptalq/file.html Cheers, AmigaTronik
  4. Hiya, I'm not able to scrape/DL Images/MetaData from the Database: My router is receiving data & all looks fine whithin Lauchbox with the D/L percent bar, & completes after about 10 mins, But the Launchbox Images folder (Amiga) is showing 0% bytes Also, Is there away to setup a video player for the game videos inside Launchbox besides VLC, I'm running Windows 10. I've also noticed that Launchbox & BigBox takes twice as long to load under Windows 10. & The Controller Automation i.e To exit the game only works when using RetroArch. PS. Dose Launchbox auto-detect
  5. Hi Jason, email Sent, Cheers... LIAM
  6. No Dice Jason, Nothing has changed following your advice :( LIAM
  7. AmigaTronik said PS. I might as a temporary measure uninstall UXTHEME Patch to see if that's the problem & report back. Well I can confirm that uninstalling UXTHEME did not solve any of the Big Box problems, i.e NO TICK in the CHECK BOXES & Auto-Hotkey. LIAM
  8. Hi Jason thanks for your replly, This is what I did in my original post using Big Box & did not work, I think its because I'm having the NO TICK in the CHECK BOXES Problem, I have just tried the Auto-Hotkey within Launchbox & it works but dose not work in Big Box mode :-( Thanks, LIAM PS. I might as a temporary measure uninstall UXTHEME Patch to see if that's the problem & report back.
  9. Hiya, How do you Escape/Exit from a Game/Emulator using an Xbox 360 controller instead of using (Esc) on PC keyboard? I have had a look into Hotkeys but dosent seem to do anything. Sorry if it was a dumb question. Thanks, LIAM
  10. Hiya, Purchased Premium this week, I'm also having the same problem with BigBox, i.e No tick appearing in the check boxes within the options. I'm also using a 3rd party theme/patcher. (UXTHEME) Win 8.1 64bit Nvidia GTX 780 With Latest Driver(s) v355.60 Keep up the good work Jason, Cheers, LIAM
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