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  1. If I do end up getting them working. Is it just a matter of making sure the video file name matches the rom file name?
  2. I have video files from my original xbox emulators. They play fine in vlc media player. I was wondering if launch box supported them? It would be a hassle to download new videos if I already have them, just in another format.
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    Can someone please help me. I just installed RocketLauncher, but do not see any Systems on the left menu. It says 0 Systems Found. I went into the settings folder and removed the (examples) from Global Emulators.ini, thinking that might fix it but it doesn't. What am I missing?
  4. I prefer to organize my pc games through steam using big picture. Launchbox\bigbox would be perfect for console and arcade based systems. Is it possible to launch steam big picture through launchbox/bigbox? For example having a steam option on the left menu, but instead of it taking you to a list of games, it just launches the steam client in big picture?
  5. I am building a htpc soon and am trying to determine if launchbox is the right front end for me. Does it support RocketLauncher integration so that I can use rocketlauncher for system bezels? also, is there a way to filter arcade games to be parent roms only? I have a lot of roms that have parents and clones, but I would only want to display the parent games and a few select clones. Is this possible?
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