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  1. For screenshots (sometimes box art as well), Lemon Amiga has no watermarks - www.lemonamiga.com For other sites with box art - mobygames and exotica - www.mobygames.com and www.exotica.org.uk
  2. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the importer Antropus. I have tested it to import the MAME set and am eagerly awaiting the software list import feature, mainly to add MSX and X68000. :) For these systems (and others) I am currently using GameBase, but would like to eventually import those systems into LaunchBox.
  3. @weltall If you can get the WHDLoad games collection, FS-UAE will load them easily, just make sure to get the latest version, which is FS-UAE 2.7.13dev. A1200 kickstart should be enough to run them.
  4. As orac31 has shown, the ideal Amiga format type to use are the WHDLoad zipped files with LaunchBox. The only issue with this is the naming of the files, when imported into LaunchBox. There are .map files included with WinUAE Loader that have the filename beside the cleanname. Could these .map files somehow be read by LB to display the clean names? I've attached the WHDLoad map file...
  5. In the dev version of FS-UAE, the "Empty Floppy Drive Volume" clicking can be turned off:
  6. This is what I use to hide the editor: -minimized /exit /play
  7. What I do is use no-intro's P/Clone XML to have a 1 game 1 rom set (1G1R). (can also merge roms if wanted) More info here - http://datomatic.no-intro.org/stuff/xml_details.txt I use clrmamepro, but you can also use romcenter. In my case, the region preference is USA, Europe, Japan and then the rest of the regions. This gives me a set with mostly USA region, and then any exclusives to the other regions.
  8. Bil

    3D Box Art image folder

    Within the screenshots folder, I found that I can have folders for Titles, In-Game and Cart and LaunchBox will display them! If I want to reorder how LB displays them, I simply add a number to the folder name: 01-Titles 02-Action 03-Cart
  9. I have a LaunchBox folder and within that a folder for each LaunchBox library named -Arcade, Computer, Console, Handheld and Pinball. To make it easier to select which one I want to load, I also use Jumplist Extender - https://code.google.com/p/jumplist-extender
  10. I got confirmation that the CRC's should all be 8 character long, so that is indeed a error. Thanks for modifying the error message, there may be similar errors for other systems.
  11. This also happens to me, as my collection is quite large as well. What I do is have five separate LaunchBox's, one for Arcade, Computer, Console, Handheld and Pinball. Depending on which LaunchBox I use, the times vary from 3 seconds to around 6 seconds now. (before it was around 15 seconds)
  12. @mathflair if you have the time, could you please look at this SNES synopsis? It looks the same as the other synopsis's I have tried, but I get a "invalid file" when trying it in LaunchBoxTools.
  13. @mathflair I sent you another PM at EmuXtras
  14. Hey mathflair, could you please register at emuxtras.net ? I was about to send you your login info but I cannot private message you here.
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