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  1. Same here. I would have happily paid 4x that amount. Android was sorely lacking in a decent emu frontend, and LB/BB is, by far, the best out there in my opinion. Seeing it ported to Android is something I have long wanted to see happen.
  2. There is an Android version available now. It is, I think, $5 in the Play Store. I have it on my Shield TV. I haven't had too much of a chance to try it out yet--too busy with City of Heroes
  3. I do have a Geforce GTX 908M in my laptop, so I could stream to my Shield, but that doesn't really interest me for some reason. I like being able to do everything I want to do using the game controller and (for the most part) not even needing to leave Kodi. I can add Android apps to the favorite bar in Kodi and just launch Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Arcbrowser, etc from Kodi and then when I exit those other apps, I return back to Kodi. Very wife friendly. Agreed, re front ends on Android. Not much to write home about. I tried about 4 of them, but settled on Arcbrowser. It's no Bigbox, but it's functional. I'd contribute to a Gofundme or something to get this started. Maybe Nvidia would be interested in collaborating?
  4. Thank you for the update.
  5. I know this has been asked before, but I was curious if your position has changed at all given that Android TV seems to be spiking a bit in popularity. I recently bought an Nvidia Shield TV and I love it, but I would love it so much more if I could use Bigbox rather than my current launcher, Arcbrowser. I have a license for Bigbox on my Windows laptop and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and I would happily pay more for an Android license. There just is nothing that compares to Bigbox and I miss having it on my HTPC. I switched to a Shield TV because going from Kodi to Bigbox, or Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc on Windows is a hassle. The Bigbox plugin worked better than the rest, but Windows/Kodi for HTPC is kind of a single purpose solution, imo. Doing much beyond just Kodi becomes a hassle. With the Shield TV I can do all of the above and with a built in game controller. If I could get Bigbox as well, I'd have the perfect setup!
  6. Thank you very much! One other quick question if anyone knows the answer. Does scroll game details work? Nothing seems to happen when I select it. I saw a couple of other threads when I searched that seemed to indicate that the feature does not work?
  7. Hi, I enabled remember separate view for each platform, but I cannot seem to figure out how to then actually create a view for each platform. I've scrubbed through all the options, and I don't see it. Thanks
  8. I think I get it now. It's too bad, I was hoping I could save myself the trouble of playlisting each game and just make a playlist of out of a genre in a few clicks and then have that playlist appear under Platforms. Oh, nevermind. Was easier than I thought. I just held down the shift key and quickly selected all games in the Role-Playing category and added them to a playlist. Easy peasy!
  9. Sorry, I'm not sure we're on the same page. If we are, I apologize for the further confusion. What I would like to see is like this: Platforms>Genesis >NES >SNES >Custom Platform (all games from all platforms that match "Role-Playing") Is that what you understood me to be asking for?
  10. Is it possible to take all role-playing games and have them listed as a platform so that I don't have to jump around between the views? I think that would be pretty awesome. Thanks
  11. While not strictly Launchbox/Bigbox related, the issue is on my Bigbox PC. I recently rebuilt one of my desktops I used to use for virtualization into my new HTPC. It's been working great for a couple of weeks with KODI, Plex and LB/Bigbox. Tonight I moved it from the floor beside the TV to the cabinet next to it and now none of my usb devices (beyond a wired mouse) are being recognized. Even a generic keyboard is not working. In fact, there is no Keyboard section in Device Manager at all. So, my wireless kb, my wireless mouse, my Xbox 360 receiver, none of that is working. This machine is running Windows 7 ( I prefer it for htpc). I have tried removing usb root hubs and controller and rebooting. No change. Windows re-installs the same ones, but no keyboard, etc. I've been pouring over google and not really coming up with much. At this point, I would even re-install Windows, but I can't access the bios since I don't have a keyboard that bloody works. I thought I might put the question to this community. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone tried one of these? I saw one in Walmart earlier today. I think it will help my inability to get my wireless controller to exit an emu without freezing up. This will allow me to hit the escape key without needing my keyboard nearby. At least, I think it would. http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/surge-surge-quicktype-textpad-keyboard-for-xbox-one-controllers-sg40003/10534752.aspx EDIT: Oh, nevermind. Just realized it is for xbox one controller, not xbox 360.
  13. I've recently decided to give Bigbox + couch + Kodi another go. My htpc died recently so I moved a quiet desktop from my lab downstairs to fill the gap. It is not as small, but has more power ( Core i-7, 16GB of RAM, discrete gpu [Nvidia GT420], 256 GB SSD). I was going to just go with Plex running on an ESX vm, but decided I might as well have the best of both worlds. I will have a VM that just does Plex streaming to my Android devices when I'm travelling and go back to Kodi directly attached to my TV with local media drives backing up to a Qnap NAS. So far so good. I have my xbox 360 wireless controller working great in Kodi and Bigbox. I tried the current version of the Bigbox addon for Kodi and what an improvement! This never worked for me before and now it is super smooth and reliable, it seems. The only real annoyance left is that when I try to use the controller to exit and emu, the input hangs. Sometimes I have to alt tab around a bit to get focus back and sometimes I just have to hit esc on my wireless keyboard. I have tried hitting my mapping for exit ( hold start + back) one more time, but that never does anything. I always have to use the keyboard to get focus back. I can see game description text scrolling still, so it's not totally hung, but it won't take input from my controller or my keyboard when this happens. Any suggestions? thanks!
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