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  1. Hi, i started a support request but i didn't received any response. I bought launchbox September 24, 2015. when I bought the license to the site they were guaranteed all the updates that would come out from that point in the future. Now I'm back to visit the site and noticed that now the license from $ 20 only includes one year of updates. I wanted to know if the license that I bought almost a year ago, he was part of the new policy. Honestly I am very happy to have purchased launchbox to support you, but I decided to do it just because the price was competitive and guaranteed me all updates. Forgive me for my bad English, I'm Italian and I do not speak it very well.
  2. yes i add it to the launchbox folder, with command line mame it's work like a charm but with mameui64 no :(
  3. Hi, i try to add some mame roms on my launchbox, but when i start the game the emulator can't find the roms...if i start it from the emulator instead the game would load correctly :( Any help? Sorry for my bad english :(
  4. Hi, in big box mode it is possible to show a specific video when the front end can't find one?
  5. i've search for that all the day, but i can't find anything :( I love your program, especially because unlike all the other front end is simple, clean and essential , if you can include this functionality for decompression on the fly , you will always be my hero , for years I was looking for a front end like that You have created and this feature would make it more perfect .
  6. Unfortunately, the size of my hard drives are very low and are forced to keep individual images in a compressed format, you know by any chance if there is already a script that I can use?
  7. excuse maybe I explained badly. I'm Italian and my English is bad. In hyperspin there is a way to ensure that when a game is launched the system automatically extract the iso from .rar or .zip and then mount automatically with daemon tools to start it correctly, there is a method to do so in launchbox?
  8. Hi, yesterday I bought launchbox and I have a little problem , my whole archive of ps1-ps2 consists of images compressed in .zip and .rar, to be launched with hyperspin, it is possible to make them functional even on launchbox without extract them manually one by one?
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