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  1. Awesome, thanks @Jason Carr! I'm glad that the observed effect has a known cause -- I was worried it was an issue with how I set things up. All of the work you have done has been excellent. I've watched some of the working sessions you have posted, and it is great to see how collaborative this project is. Thanks!
  2. That is what I thought. The challenge is how to assign 'MAME' to the variable that is passed when the listed system (left column of LaunchBox) is not named 'Arcade' even though that system may have MAME assigned as the emulator. It took me awhile to troubleshoot since I was tested CPS games. As soon as I switched to something listed under 'Arcade,' LEDBlinky was able to detect the rom and light the buttons accordingly. I can't see any menu item that lets me change non-Arcade systems (even those using MAME as an emulator). Additionally, I cannot actually see the word 'MAME' anywhere in the 'Arcade' settings or associated roms.
  3. @Jason Carr and @arzoo (and others involved in the process) -- I've finally begun implementing LEDBlinky into Launchbox, and all of your work is much appreciated! I have button lights that are emulator specific, and it adds to the entire display of my arcade. Thanks again! I am having one challenge (that maybe has an obvious answer) that has manifested. I separate out Capcom Play System arcade games from my other arcade games. Both use MAME 0177 to run, and games run without issue. LEDBlinky, however, doesn't recognize the Capcom Play System games as arcade. When I look in the Controller Editor and import new games, CPS shows up as a separate emulator even though it is actually run through MAME. I suspect that the commands Launchbox sends during start/stop for CPS (or any nonarcade game) doesn't contain MAME. I can't find any fields to edit that would enable me to change this. Any suggestions? I'd love to keep CPS and non CPS games separate in my Launchbox window. Thanks!
  4. This is awesome news to hear! When I started this thread nearly a year ago (wow did a year go fast), I wasn't sure what kind of response would given if the support for LEDBlinky wasn't available. It has been reassuring to not only see others interested in the same features, but also to have @Jason Carr and others putting their support behind adding these features. Needless to say, if I can help in Beta testing at all, please let me know! I am excited to begin using the features!
  5. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all of your great work in making this awesome program!
  6. Awesome @Jason this is good to know. I believe LEDBlinky needs to be executed upon startup of Launchbox and then needs to pass game information to the program when a game is started. Is there documentation on how to run commands in Launchbox? Is there a way to run a command when Launchbox starts (so I don't have to start and stop LEDBlinky each time I run a game)? Thanks!
  7. Jason Carr said Thanks @chadmoe1, sounds great. I might need to add plugin support to make this happen, which has been on my plate for a while but I just haven't tackled it yet. @Jason I started playing around with LEDBlinky and Launchbox and it appears that LEDBlinky needs the front end to launch an external application (LEDBlinky app) and pass parameters. Can Launchbox do this? If so, how?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! The software works with Ultimarc's led controllers, and my hope is to set it up to control button led color based on game selected (for example, only light buttons used in certain game, only light controls of players selected). The software has plug-ins for various other frontends and some general instructions for generic frontends, but nothing for Launchbox. I plan to reach out to the software creator as well. Your software has a great interface and is really simple to setup, much more so than other frontends.
  9. Hi, I am excited to use Launchbox -- awesome interface, and so far it has worked great. I plan on installing 2 LED controllers to control lights on my control panel buttons. I intend to use the LEDBlinky software. Has anyone done this successfully with Launchbox? LEDBlinky works with other front ends, but I haven't been able to find anything specifically for Launchbox. Forum searches (arcade control form and google as well) have yielded no results. I can't be the only one trying to do this! Thanks!
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