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  1. Thanks for your help! So i just use the mame the 200 mame games and the 3 daphne games set Big Box to use All Games on startup? That works for me thanks. I love your fast replies!
  2. If i created a playlist could i boot directly into the playlist on boot as i only want arcade and daphne in one playlist for my cabinet? The reason why is i only want arcade cabinet games also display static marquees on a stretched monitor.
  3. So I'm building a arcade cabinet and right now I am using attractmode launching mame and daphne from the same wheel but I want to use launchbox/Big box. So with big box can I boot directly into mame? I only want mame and daphne but I want mame in the daphne wheel and the mame system wheel hidden. And how would I add daphne to the mame wheel and launch it?
  4. fishman


    Does any one have a good video tutorial on how to get daphne working and hide the desktop when daphne is looding? Please help it is my last emulator to setup!
  5. fishman


    So when i get off work i'm going to get bigbox. I watched the youtube video of exiting emulators with a controller which is great. But does bifbox have a feature like other frontends to shutdown windows on exit? Thats what i want because i am going to use this in a cabinet. And i want no sighns of windows.
  6. So i want to upgrade to the premium version so i can use it on my tv. I want to use my logitech game controller and was wondering if i can exit a emulator from my controller? Also can i shut down my computer from launchbox?
  7. fishman


    OK if I start out fresh new install import genesis roms. It asks me me to setup platform and emulator, I chose retroarch for genesis. All done now I choose Nes roms to import. It asks me to choose platform I choose Nintendo then it asks for emulator I choose retroarch but it is already being used. Is there a different way to import roms for a different platform using retroarch? Could someone make a tutorial video or written for retroarch using multiple platforms?
  8. fishman


    How i do that? Heres what i am doing, importing roms say for nes chosing retroarch the emulator chosing all the peramaters and it works fine. So i import genesis roms and choose retroarch again and it is a no go. So how do i import my roms for all the systems for all the platforms and use retroarch for the emulator for all the platforms?
  9. fishman


    Hi, i'm trying to setup retroarch with almost all my systems. But i have a problem with it, the first system works great. After that it says that emulator already exists with the name you've specified. Please choose a different name. How can i use retroarch for more then one system? Please help!!!!
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