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  1. Oh hmmm I don't see them on that thread anymore. Odd. They have been a staple for a very long time I think. Perhaps they were moved to a new thread / location?
  2. Oh duh... sorry I didn't actually go to the YT page (I just watched the embedded video here). Yep that's the list I was interested in Thanks for sharing and good luck with your build!
  3. Nice! I aspire to get my collection to that point. May I ask how much room that is taking up (also do you use a NAS or ?? for storage) And any chance you would post a "platform audit" of all your platforms and totals (I mean they all are in the video, but I would love to have a list to compare against... I'm only at 50-ish systems in so quite a long ways to go for mine to get anywhere close to yours LOL) How many total games is your collection now?!?
  4. LOL indeed I've had some... lets call it personal experience with projects spiraling out of control but no hats off to you for doing the heavy lifting. I don't have the brain power to develop something as complex as you are putting together with PASC. Having said that I am a HUGE advocate of software that aids in getting past technical hurdles. I absolutely love tinkering with things and very much enjoy the creative process (don't we all here?!? ). So this looks *fantastic* . Surely will solve the itch to take all sorts of ideas from various themes to create the perfect personalized theme / experience. #2 on your list will play a larger factor than #1 (also from personal experience) Can't wait to see more. 👍
  5. I know this is an older post, but I wanted to stop in and give thanks. I just followed these instructions and now my Vectrex runs soooo so much better and LOOKS much nicer than the way I had it setup by default through RA. Thanks to @Zombeaver for taking the time to do this tutorial and provide the game folder "links" 😎 👍
  6. Some "unbranded" versions of existing icons. They just have the names and some other bits scrubbed off. These might be useful as placeholders or generics to fill in missing spots for your devices. I may add a few more of these if people want for some reason / use. Two "blanks" at the bottom as well I was using while playing with the "logos as devices idea" shown above.
  7. Three " Frankenstein-ed" logos after I gave up on trying to create the actual devices. These feel too different from the main pack tbh, but shrug here they are. Maybe there is some sort of alternate style could do using logos and textures like these, but I do very much prefer the actual devices themselves
  8. Here is a varient Modern PC with some platform logos for various online launchers like Steam, Uplay, etc.
  9. I took a stab at adding a few more Platform images to go with the amazing ones provided by ReignStumble (found here - https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/130-reignstumbles-console-artwork-pack/ ) These are in no way nearly as good as the originals, but they suffice for my purposes and perhaps someone else will find them useful. They are a combination of kitbashing some of the existing icons and judicious use of photoshop with some of my own additions. All credit to ReignStumble and the orginal artist(s). Sadly I really struggled when trying to make other more unique consoles (they just didn't make the cut) and without having access to the original photoshop / illustrator files (or whatever the original artist used to create them) I doubt I will do many others... if any
  10. Is there a playable emu version of the old Battlestar Galactica handheld (Space Attack?) by Mattel I think? I remember playing that for hours as a kid (things sure were different in the 80s LOL)
  11. This is really epic. Definitely a labor of love and much appreciated! Keep it up! (Would love to check out any D&D playlists you come up with as well ) Award yourself 1,500 xp. If this takes you up a level go ahead roll your additional HP and choose any new skills or spells as applicable.
  12. These are awesome! Thank you BTW Polybius - any chance you might do 1 or 2 more classic arcade cabinets like space invaders, asteroids, etc to go along with Centipede? If they all had that same angle it would be awesome (I'm envisioning multiple fanarts for the arcade platform that way each time you scroll over it you get a different cabinet). If not no big deal. Just thought I would be a cool effect (or on the chance someone wanted a different cabinet)... even just the blank background might be helpful so I or others could make our own like some of the no device versions further up the thread. Thanks!
  13. I seriously cannot wait for PASC CE to be released! This will be such a useful tool and bring so much to the Launchbox community. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating it! (But please, please, please don't get bogged down on "feature creep". Even the current set of features you have shown off are good enough for a v1.0 release... albeit I'm sure you still have work to do on the back end for all sorts of basic framework stuff like saving themes, creating new themes, etc. etc. - i.e. all the "unfun" stuff to program LOL Just remember you can always add features in updates and it's better to release feature light then get burnt out trying to cram everything in the first pass ) Anyway very much looking forward to it!
  14. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/92901 It just had to be a Nokia exclusive
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