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  1. Hi all, First I want to say I'm very sorry not having been able to maintain this. Life changed quite a bit back then (in a positive sense). Thanks for all your interest in this. I dug up the old code and I think the issues people ( @Klamp @rotatorkuf @firion @LuismaSP89 ) were experiencing are now fixed. I also added an option (requested by @StuDentBR) to disable the joystick functions. You can download it in the first post. If there's anything please let me know. My time for this kind of things is still very limited so I can't make any promises (I hate false promises) to fix it in a short while. Cheers.
  2. I'll have to look into it. I'll let you know, okay?
  3. Hope you'll find it useful. I'll be happy to receive any feedback.
  4. Thanks for asking - it means I wasn't clear enough to explain its purpose in the first place In PCSX2 there's functionality to have a different configuration file for certain games. You have to copy the ini-files, then specify to use that config on the command-line. I thought that it would be handier to automate that. By using LaunchboxPCSX2, you can let it create a game-specific ini-files by pressing a joystick or keyboard combo. Next time you start the game, it detects that there is a game-specific config file and uses that automatically. After that, in PCSX2 you can change whatever config option you want - effectively it will only affect that specific game. Next time it will use that game-specific config again. If no game-specific config is found when starting a game, it'll start PCSX2 with the generic config. LaunchboxPCSX2 also provides the option to delete the game-specific config again - in case you want to use the generic config again, for whatever reason. As an extra, you can save and load states with a joystick combo in PCSX2. Hope this clarifies it sufficiently. If not, feel free to ask
  5. Yes, if you have the premium version of LaunchBox. Although it's not its main purpose (I just put it in 'cause I don't have premium). LaunchBoxPCSX2's main purpose is on-demand per-game configuration of PCSX2 settings and save-states by joystick.
  6. LaunchBoxPCSX2 features per-game configuration (optional per game) and PCSX2 save-states and quiting the emu by pressing a combination of joystick buttons.
  7. In one of the developer sessions I attended, Jason mentioned voice control not working in the UK version of windows and was trying to fix it. So, he's aware of it but I don't know the progress, if any.
  8. Cool If you like, let me know your thoughts on using it. I really have to upgrade a few things but wasn't able to finish yet in the little spare time I had the recent period But, also according to feedback, I can see what I can do in the future.
  9. Well, I only going to need logs if it doesn't work But if you can post your findings, that would be great ?
  10. @timekills I uploaded an updated version which automatically scans all passed parameters to see if its the game-file, making it position independent. This way it will also work with RocketLauncher. I had a quick go with RL but could you please test it with your setup?
  11. @timekills Did some more investigations. I installed RocketLauncher and set up LaunchBoxPCSX2 with the PCSX2 module. I enabled RL's debug function and it wrote: [code] 20:38:51:329 | RL | INFO | +N/A | Main - RocketLauncher v1.1.1.1 (www.rlauncher.com) 20:38:51:329 | RL | WARNING | +0 | Main - Logging level is debug or higher and will cause slowdowns to RocketLauncher's performance. When troubleshooting is finished, please lower logging level to restore proper performance. D:\Games\Emu\PS2\PCSX2>LaunchBoxPCSX2.exe "G:\Games\Emu\Roms\PS2\Okami\Okami.iso" --fullscreen --cfgpath="G:\Games\Emu\Sony\PS2\PCSX2\Game Configs\Okami" 1>"G:\Games\Front-Ends\RocketLauncher\command_1_output.log" 2>"G:\Games\Front-Ends\RocketLauncher\command_1_error.log" This confirms what I already suspected, also from the first log you posted - RL doesn't specify the game-file as the last item. I have to look further into it to see if something can be done to make it work, either in RL or that I have to change something in LaunchBoxPCSX2. I'll get back later.
  12. @timekills Hmm, that log is not really helpful, is it? According to the RL error msg, I suspect RL doing something 'intelligent' other than just starting any exe, as the ahk_class wxWindowNR is one of the PCSX2 windows. But, I extended the logging to show everything passed now. You can overwrite your current LaunchBoxPCSX2.exe with the one from the updated package in the 1st post. Could delete the current log, have another go and post the log again?
  13. @timekills I added some basic logging to see what command-line parameters are passed; you can download v0.03c in the first post. You can either use the new included LaunchBoxPCSX2.ini and change the debug option from false to true or copy & paste the section below to your existing ini-file. [Other] ; Toggle debug messages being written to My Documents\LaunchBoxPCSX2_Log.txt (0 / false = off, 1 / true = on) Debug=true After that, start a game as normal. A file named LaunchBoxPCSX2_Log.txt will be created in your default Windows Documents folder. After that you can post the file here again. Don't forget to turn off the option again after you're finished debugging
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