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  1. Thanks to you both @dbinott and @kmoney for the quick responses. I have LedBlinky too but have focussed on setting up buttons for consoles using RocketBlinky so I'll switch my focus to using that with MAME now. Thank you!!
  2. Hi @dbinott and thanks for this! I'm no doubt being stupid, but from what I understand you would need to call these before running a game using something like "C:/program files/ultramap/ultramap.exe myconfig.ugc". I assume that there's a way to automate the calling of these from LB prior to running the rom rather than some manual per game setup? I'm just not sure how to do this so any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Ah no - it works!!! Didn't realise I needed to set the activation key separately in BigBox! Thanks for the prompt to make me try again @ItchyRobot
  4. Thanks @ItchyRobot - I tried that but couldn't seem to get it appearing when pressing the key.
  5. Hi, Currently setting up BigBox with my arcade controller and look for some help with the manuals. Is there a keyboard shortcut to launch the manual? I know it's accessible from the game details menu but would be good if there was a direct shortcut key to open it either when it is selected or when playing.
  6. Hi, Couple of small queries which I hope I can get help on: 1) Importing Steam doesn't appear to offer the import of one of my installed games (System Shock). Is this because it's a demo? Surely this shouldn't be an issue? 2) I often forget what games I have on Steam/Epic/GoG etc if they are not installed. Obviously I can add uninstalled games to LB, but they appear just like any other games. I'm aware you can add a badge but this isn't that distinctive (in my opinion) Would be great if they had some degree of transparency like below that distinguished them, unless this is possible and I'm missing something?
  7. Cheers - bit out of the loop but will do that.
  8. Can I just give this one a nudge again @Jason Carr? There are so many cool new features such as retro achievements that would really benefit from individual profiles. I'd really like to get my kids into retro gaming more, especially now I know how to stream BigBox from Steam to a Firestick! Keeping achievements distinct, and hiding certain age inappropriate games would really be key! Thanks as ever for your work.
  9. Hi, Would you be able to bullet point a simple process for me here? I have, as I suspect many here do, have my games all on a network drive. What I really want to ensure is that I avoid duplication as there are a lot of games! I would simply like to have my PC and Shield pointing to the same files and I'm a bit confused as to the easiest way to do this. TIA for any help.
  10. One big is that whatever menu item you choose after selecting the "Options" item will cause it to crash
  11. Yes - took me many imports to remember to use the checkbox that allow option to be specified, but that did work as intended.
  12. Sorry - now see what this is in BB! Takes forever to load images here.
  13. Is this based on speed of the standard view in LB @lordmonkus? For me it's lightening quick with about 20 platforms and 12k games.
  14. Search is still crazy slow here on Beta 3 - I mean it's been going about 10 mins and still hasn't scraped "Arcade" media, let alone any games! EDIT: Actually, games don't seem too bad, but platform was slow
  15. Would be awesome to have a summary for some of the "main" platforms. i.e. I use a shield too, so would be great to have a guide for that. i.e. which RA cores to install, and an androidcom.xml to match. I'm not being lazy - I would love to work this all out myself, just limited on time atm - sorry!
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