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  1. Would be an awesome very simple tool then for your skillful team I've thought about using the export/copy, changing the folder path to be the new location which will copy all games out to new location, and then simply delete the old one. Scary thought for a collection I've put together over years oo
  2. When you have a good sized collection of MAME roms and CHDS, and some were never imported over the years, and some do not work, how can you find out what these things are? Since they're all located in the same folder, it would take forever individually searching through all these files to find ones that aren't thankyou.
  3. Winner! Although it's not greatly intuitive to be fair. There wasn't an OPTION to select in the drop downs, but you're totally right that if you leave it blank and continue, it does disable the selected links. Thanks very much Neil !! 😸
  4. They were not imported as roms, they have worked as PDF links & PC game shortcuts, but having moved a few things around, some of them had "Use Emulator" activated. Clearly wasn't supposed to happen, but it did, and now it should be just a simple task of selecting all of these shortcut links, choosing "Emulator" field as the one to change, and choosing "Disable / Don't Use Emulators", but there is not an option to do this.
  5. How can you choose to turn off "Use Emulator" for multiple files in Launchbox? Normally I would want to choose, emulator and then select the relative platform, however in the case where I have LINKS which have for some reason changed to "Use Emulator", there is no drop down option when changing multiple files, to disable "Use Emulator" which then prevents the links from launching. The only way I can see to disable "Use Emulator" is to go through hundreds of files manually changing them all 1 by 1 which I don't have time to do? Thankyou anyone who can help.
  6. We could technically use any version since we are launching through launchbox, and the UI doesn't actually ever get to see the light of day But yes I realised these issues through using the Mame 64bit main version. Won't want to update often if this trouble happens every time. Occasionally I updated the Mame version, but have never had games stop working in the past. It only seems this one, and relative to some of the files Neil mentions.
  7. That's a great explanation Neil thanks! Will look into it.
  8. The Mame collection was and has been working great for a long time. Today I launched up to play some games, and saw there is quite a big update to MAME version, and since it's been a while, I updated to 0.192 Now it's completely broken. Games suddenly have files which are not found all over the place. Nearly all the Street fighter games are no longer working. Each game is asking for different files which are supposedly missing, but these games used to work before this mame update... Disaster... Anyone have any idea what's going on please?
  9. Just played StarFox and it runs better than all the independent emulators I tried out there. Quality thanks!
  10. Interesting. What's the most demmanding game for this emulator so I can test please?
  11. ahhhh I see what's happened here. Yes it's the core difference. I watched the tutorial explaining that I needed to get the accuracy version, which emulates everything 100% and I have a powerful gaming laptop so I went for accuracy, but the associated in the tutorial when I skipped ahead to that part shows the association with the balance version. tut makes sense! Why do people use Balance though? Surely Accuracy would be the better one to use? I mean 3ghz processors are pretty standard now right? Thankyou!
  12. Hey, yes I don't actually have a -C after this line, just wondering what that did However with just this line alone, it's not loading What else should I check for please?
  13. In the Tutorial video, it shows what to put at the start of the "Associated" line for Snes, however it doesn't show the full line (After the C- ) Sega worked without having to do anything, but I assume the associated in the Video link is for the balanced Core of retroarch, but then that doesn't make sense why it shows to use the Accuracy version? Does that use the same association line please? I have the Accuracy core downloaded, and can play games fine in Retroarch, but when I try to run games through Launchbox, it fails... so I'd guess it would be that associated line of code messi
  14. Ok, If you have your Mame all setup, but want your games to be seperate platforms for each genre. Mame > - Fighters - Racing - Shooters To do this, you'd make a large selection of, for example... Fighting games, Bulk Edit > and change the Platform to - Fighters (With it's Category being Mame) This will then list the fighter games under the Mame Category like above Correctly. It then makes NEW and separate folders for everything to do with this sub category when you don't want it too. This destroys the paths to images, because they a
  15. I've gave up with it... It's ok if you want to have 1 branch to say "these are computers" or "these are consoles", but Launchbox is not capable of moving platforms around without breaking everything else... I had to delete my entire launchbox and restore back to a previous build, because it does NOT behave as expected. When you want to change the "Platform" of a group of games, it shouldn't touch or interfere with file paths, if all you desire is a new heading under the platform catergories. If you have your launchbox roms working from a certain "Specific" folder (You choose leave roms in
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