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  1. In both Bigbox and Launchbox 6.2, some of my game music no longer plays. This is even if I click the icon to make it play and even if the file plays just fine in Winamp. It seems only to be the smaller/shorter files that don't play. Is there some setting I'm missing?
  2. Can confirm my images are not bad (can't be, they work when I use Daemon tools) and BIOS I'm using the same each time. Switching to latest build... ah, that works! Now I have music in Wipe3out without having to mount the image in Daemon Tools :) Still, I think bulk editing of additional apps would be welcome, so I've requested it as a feature. Thanks everyone.
  3. Ah shame :( Maybe something like Rocket Launcher can do this then.. though it's very confusing to set up. I'll try 2.0 too, thanks.
  4. My games are in bin/cue format. I'm using 1.90 at the moment. I'm not having any difficulties getting ePSXe itself to work as long as I use it with Daemon tools, I just need to know how to add the additional app to all my games as per my original post.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm having a little trouble with ePSXe in Launchbox. First of all, the default configuration doesn't work for me. ePSXe.exe -nogui -slowboot "File" uses ePSXe's in-built disc image handling which is kinda flaky, and results in a black screen or a game with CD audio not working. Instead, I've reconfigured the emulator to use Daemon tools to mount the image thus:- DTAgent.exe -mount scsi, 0, "File" and added the actual ePSXe as a additional app that runs after the main emulator. This works well and all my games boot and they have CD audio. what I can't figure out for the life of me is how to add this additional app in bulk. It's very tedious to have to go into every single PS1 game and add it manually, is there a better way? Thanks!
  6. Ok thanks for the clarification. I'll see if I can get Xpadders autoprofile thing working instead.
  7. The game I'm trying to get it working with is Trackmania 2. I guess LaunchBox just thinks the game has exited when it hasn't? I know that can happen for instance if a game calls another executable or suchlike, or maybe it doesn't work for Steam games at all?
  8. scree said You need to make 2 additional apps. One to start Xpadder before the game and the second to close Xpadder once you quit the game. See attached images for examples. That's exactly how I have it set up, but Launchbox does not wait for my game to exit
  9. So I'm trying to use the "Additional apps" feature to launch Xpadder before my PC game starts, then run Xpadder again once the game closes to clear the custom bindings once the game exits. However, when I try to do this, Xpadder starts, loads my custom key bindings, then immediately starts again and wipes them out. Why isn't Launch Box waiting for me to quit my game before running the "After" command? Is this a bug or am I missing something.
  10. Great... well I noticed the latest update moved the triggers back onto the same axis when using dinput, that should have fixed a lot of older games, now we get this weird behavior in other apps. If you can find any more detail let me know I'd like to at least report this, might as well try.
  11. Ah okay so it's not really implemented yet. I noticed that if a game has a video and some music, even if you set videos to not autoplay it stops the music playing too. Hopefully this can be fixed in an update then.
  12. Hi, so when I have a video associated with a game, it plays when I'm in big box mode but I can't seem to get it to play at all in desktop mode, am I missing something obvious? I'm running Windows 10 x64, I have VLC and Media Player but neither seem to work.
  13. Can you explain exactly what the problem is with DirectInput on the Xbox one controller, is it going to cause problems in other software? (I suspect yes...) If so Microsoft should be notified and asked for a fix.
  14. Ok so I've played some more this weekend, this seems to be the best launcher I've tested. Can you tell me, in either big box or standard mode can I filter by more than one criteria in the registered version? For instance I really want to filter by platform AND genre at the same time. Thanks!
  15. One more question, big box mode, is that the only view you can have, the list view with the details on the right, or is there a thumbnail view too? That seems to be the only one shown in the video/screenshots.
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