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  1. I'm not sure which option I should select to change the display or priority of the default background for games. I'd rather the fan art be used instead of the zoomed in box art.
  2. A new behavior relationship if any knowledgeable people could confirm: it's not just exclusive fullscreen that changes this; it may be the Retroarch video driver as well. The startup screen was persisting way way too long under gl and glsl drivers, but under dx12 and vulkan it appeared to disappear at the appropriate time. Can confirm?
  3. Oh, I'm running the AHK script for Kodi in the background. So there's that.
  4. Currently in BigBox, I'm seeing a startup screen (logo and cartridge) last too long before giving focus to the emulator. For example if I load Zelda: Link to the Past, I'll hear the intro music playing and at some point in the middle of the triforce animation the startup screen gives focus to the emulator. In BB settings I see that there are minimum display times available, but I don't see a maximum time. That tells me that there may be some kind of disconnect between BB and the emulator? I'm running mostly the latest version of Retroarch, 1.9.0. I do have PCSX2 for the PS2, but haven't yet tested whether the behavior extends to this emulator (in case this has something to do with Retroarch). Edit: I already solved it. 😝 I switched fullscreen mode to exclusive fullscreen. I suppose BB doesn't detect things properly with windowed fullscreen.
  5. I found the problem. I haven't touched these folders at all; I always work through the LB interface, but for some reason these platform clear logos are saved as jpg files which they obviously aren't. Because of the circumstances, it's not clear how this happened or when. It could have been before I reconstituted my PC. It could have been after (I restored a Launchbox backup after installing 11.7). The folder structure around the platform images are dated as of late October 2019. It's possible I could have had a botched operation then and just never refreshed the image cache. Should I file a bug or is it too obscure and untrackable to be worth it? Again, can't think of anything I've done to induce the behavior, but late 2019 is a ways back.
  6. So if I'm understanding the subtext correctly, the zoomed-in blurred image *is* the default behavior, correct? Also, what is the location of the grey background? I'm looking for it and can't find it. Huh. Ok, so the default is the grey background. But selecting a game still uses the blurred box art. I'd like to change that so that highlighting a game doesn't change the background.
  7. One more question. I'm using Launchbox Desktop at the moment and currently it looks like default behavior is to display an enlarged, blurred version of the game box art in the background. Is there a way I can display just the default grey background instead? In the options I see: Visuals->Backgrounds and a blur slider. I can decrease the blur amount and see the background respond appropriately. So far so good. Visuals->Backgrounds->Default. I see four options: Launchbox Default Background, which is selected, Desktop Wallpaper, Use Blown Up Box Art, and Use Custom Image. The current background image display looks like it should be Blown Up Box Art. But that's not selected. I went ahead and selected it, no change. I went back and selected default background hoping that switch would induce LB to stick with it's, er, default background. No change. Are the two selections actually the same thing?
  8. No I don't. These are all automatically scraped and placed in their folders by LB. I haven't touched a single logo, game or platform. I get your idea though; I recall that behavior with other pngs I have. The key issue is that my media has been fine before. The difference is that I took my C:\ drive, wiped everything through a Windows reset, and manually went through re-installing all my software. The media are still on a separate physical disk untouched. So I used to have an older 11.x version of LB installed and now I've installed 11.7 from scratch. The one other thing that's happened is that for some reason my PC changed the drive priority, so D:\ (used to be games, now user folders including video media) and E:\ (used to be user folders, now games) swapped. No idea why as I've never changed any physical settings; I actually can't change SATA cables at all. My guess is that this is likely a red herring unrelated to the problem, but not completely sure.
  9. Sure! The effect appears to impact all but the SNES and PS2 logos. All other game logos in their respective wheels appear to be alright as well. This didn't happen until I had to reconstitute my HTPC from scratch over the last week.
  10. Hi. I updated to 11.7 recently from <insert version several months old>. I've got everything functioning again as I want, but the platform clear logos have suddenly become not-clear. They have black backgrounds instead of a clear one. No new images have been downloaded; they're the same files they've always been. Just black boxes behind the lettering. Is this a known problem?
  11. I noticed this too. I reverted to a portable install of Dolphin 5 but thought that there was a Dolphin core for Retroarch 1.9. It's not just you NickD
  12. I normally wouldn't post something like this, but both Edge and Windows Defender are screaming at me not to override and install the 11.7 install download that I got through the email sent after requesting a download file from this website. Has some kind of verification expired or something? What gives? Why are my protective systems so on edge?
  13. Ah. I thought the transition had already completed.
  14. Should I not be using your python 3 file for 1.5.9? I just downloaded and re-installed/updated Kodi just to be sure and I'm still getting an xbmc.python 3.0 dependency error. edit: I must have been confused about this before because I had both versions of 1.5.8 in my download directory and regular 1.5.9 worked so that's fixed. But that's still confusing me a bit because I thought that Kodi deprecated python 2.x and only works with 3.x. <scratches head>
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