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  1. This weekend if I get some time, I'll try out one of the autoconfig files someone submitted as part of a Github issue and see what happens.
  2. I want to report this and see if there needs to be a bug report opened up on Bitbucket. I was playing a SNES Retroarch game and alt-tabbed out to consult a website guide on Firefox. Tabbed back into the game later closed it. Window focus went back to the website guide. I alt-tabbed again to BB and noticed that it had partially frozen. I could get sound effects of menu navigation but no cursor movement or change in page view. I ctrl-shift-esc'ed and force closed BB. The Windows task bar has now disappeared (I assume that BB suspends explorer while it's in full screen?) and I need to do a reboot. More than likely this won't be repeatable; it'll just be a transient crash or error, but I wanted to outline the events while they're still fresh in my mind in case this is useful. Now to go reboot from cmd.
  3. Yep. If I start in Android mode and try to pair, Windows 10 simply does not pick it up at all. I'll wait until a formal autoconfig is approved for Retroarch and try again then.
  4. It doesn't really work like that. I can't start it in Android mode and successfully pair with Windows. It has to turn on in Windows mode.
  5. FYI I'm trying to help one of the Retroarch developers. Apparently someone submitted the autoconfig file but got the pid/vid wrong. Link here: https://forums.libretro.com/t/trying-to-get-a-second-controller-to-work-without-breaking-the-first/17433
  6. Well that was interesting. So now I understand what Retroarch was doing. The controller is auto-detecting as RB8-64 under xinput. I have no idea why, though. The button numbering on user 1 in the autoconfig file reads the same as yours except for select which... does not exist on the n64 controller. Curioser and curioser. Is there a way to force which device the autodetect discovers? I'm wondering if forcing it to read as 8Bitdo_Pro_NES30_BT will help at all.
  7. You mean try your layout in the autoconfig file? Sure, I can try that.
  8. So going through all the buttons: B 0 A 1 Start 11 Select 10 Rpad +0 Lpad -0 Upad -1 Dpad +1 Now if I do a button swap (hold select + down) B 1 A 0 This means that with the current connection I actually can't use the DiY kit with Retroarch because the button input that supposedly maps to Retroarch's B button doesn't actually exist. I suppose I'll have to contact 8bitdo support unless someone has some insight or can correct some misunderstanding I have.
  9. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I'm trying it again when I'm not dead tired and I still can't get any change proper change. Moreover for some reason my keyboard f1 key won't go into the menu. Would it help if I reported the input button number when I try and set a key? (like 0-11 kind of thing)
  10. Well, no luck this evening unfortunately. The controller options are really limited it turns out. If I press Sel + down I can swab A and B and X and Y but I cannot switch them independently. This is too bad because A is correct while B is set to "turbo A" (mario jumps with A and jumps repeatedly with B, no running) I can't seem to figure out how to get an input profile to stick only to the one the device; not sure what configuration files keep the controller assignments. Changing the button assignments on the 8bitdo also changes my XB1 layout and I have to change it back. I've tried changing the buttons assignments several times and cannot seem to figure out what the B button is mapped to. Yeah, this is definitely not one of those moments where the Retroarch controller schemes "just work".
  11. http://download.8bitdo.com/Manual/Mod-Kit/Mod-Kit-for-NES-Original&Classic-controller.pdf So if I'm reading this right, I may have paired in some other mode because I only paired using the start button? And what I should have done is pair by turning on via start+up?
  12. Bedwyr

    PJ64 Question

    Update: I got the Mupen core working more to my tastes on Retroarch. I think I'll stick with it for now as the most user-friendly and personal setup friendly option. Now it's just a decision whether to do an Ocarina playthrough on the big screen or the remastered 3DS version...
  13. Yo all. I just got a few kits I ordered to convert my NES and SNES classic controllers into 8bitdo Bluetooth controllers (seen here: https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/mod-kit-for-nes-classic-controller). It looks like things connect alright; however the button auto-layout is incorrect. I need to go to work shortly, but I'll spend some time now or on the weekend dealing with button configuration. My objectives: - The XB1 must remain my primary controller and configuring the new one cannot displace the old configuration. - The XB1 uses a savestate scheme where R-stick + (key) control Retroarch functionality. Example: R-stick + start = Retroarch menu, R-stick + select = exit Retroarch, R-stick + dpad-down = save state, R-stick + dpad-up = load state. That scheme has to stay (I worked hard to get other emulators to play nice with the scheme). - I will need to get the bluetooth controller layout correct. Right now I think B is mapped to A and A is mapped to A-turbo. Select doesn't work. - It will try to get a second custom savestate scheme to work, controlled by select similar to Retropie. If anyone sees any roadblocks or "ummm"s, let me know.
  14. Bedwyr

    Bigbox startup sound stuttering

    It's fine, fernandoq03. We'll suss out what you're saying, no problem.
  15. Bedwyr

    Startup video issue

    It'd have to be the codecs then. CPU utilization when I do this is rarely above 30-50%.