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  1. I just rejected a series of submissions that replaced perfectly good PNG images with JPGs. Same resolution, some file size savings, but visibly worse image quality (like a disc logo that has artifacts even at 1500x resolution which should just not happen). It occurs to me that the submissions might be malicious in the same way these are. It could theoretically be in good faith, but this has the feel of someone saving as JPG by moving the quality slider all the way to the left for the lulz. Shall I screenshot if I run across it again? Edit: just to be clear, I'm not frequently in the database. I just try to contribute when I make my own image edits and as the fit takes me. Leave your campsite cleaner and all that.
  2. So is there anything I can do to deal with this or should I be looking at opening a report in Atlassian?
  3. Just ran into this. Bringing up several manuals including Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Mystic Quest do not display correctly . Initially, the viewer appears, the manual, zoomed out, momentarily pops up, and then the viewer blanks out with scroll bars also blanked out. Testing several games randomly, most appear to display correctly such as LttP, Gaia, and Mega Man X. I haven't yet tried other platforms. I tried opening the problematical manuals in Launchbox and they appear correctly in the default PDF reader. Is this a known behavior?
  4. BTW, the syncing is working well. I did discover that the file names, of course, have to be exactly the same.
  5. Ok, answered my own question, but I'll leave this in case it comes up in a google search. You can make a copy of roms using the tool, but it wasn't all that successful in my case, only copying 24 files. It was just easier to copy or move the whole folder's worth manually. Changing the folder path worked better, but missed several files. The key is to follow up and do an audit of the platform. In the results table, the folder paths for the files line up in the same column so you can quickly identify which files failed and manually change the location without having to guess and check each game one-by-one.
  6. As far as I can tell, currently the "export/copy ROM files" option under tools only makes a copy of the files but doesn't update the pointers in LB. Is that correct? And "change ROM's folder path" changes the pointer but doesn't move the files, also correct? So could I use the former tool and then the latter tool to move the files and not break the file link or the rest of my LB database? Or is there another method? Essentially I've had my files in individual Emulator folders up to this point since before I ever used LB or Retroarch and am thinking it's time to consolidate everything under the LB folder structure to make organization easier.
  7. So yeah, like the title. I had a bunch of snaps corrupt for some reason I haven't figured out. So I deleted and re-scanned, but got nothing returned. I'm guessing this might have to do with the Emumovies folder structure. While I have Super Famicom games integrated with my SNES database (nearly all translation hacks) and while they're also frequently integrated into a single no-intro list, Emumovies keeps separate folders for each, so the scanner looks in the SNES folder, but never in the Super Famicom folder. Is this what's happening? While I'm about to solve my problem by going to FTP, is there a way around this without splitting my database into two or manually downloading snaps via FTP?
  8. I guess having my laptop in my upstairs office did it. Partly it was to have a reference for the box fan-art I've been making so I don't have to go upstairs and downstairs to check my progress and how it looks in context, but partly so I can just prop my feet up and game a bit on the smaller screen. So now I want to sync my save games and save states. I think I'll be using OneDrive to do this. Any advice for a) choosing which Launchbox folders and references to move, b) how to migrate them to an active OneDrive folder, c) any caveats or gotchas to watch out for?
  9. That's a good workaround, thanks! I think that'll be my interim solution. Will probably put in a request to add an option that stops the behavior. Edit: and request created. For those searching for a similar feature in the future. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6072/request-feature-to-stop-background-image
  10. Thank you! However, that function sets the background on initial display. When I click on a game, a blurred piece of fanart replaces it. I'd like to be able to stop that behavior.
  11. I may have asked this before, but can't find the subject. Is there a way I can prevent the background from changing when I select a game in LB? I'd like to keep the default or custom background on constantly and not have it fade to blurred fan-art. Is that possible?
  12. So I submitted a logo that's reconstructed from the Super Famicom game Der Langrisser's title screen. I could not find a category for fan-art or reconstruction of a clear logo, so I submitted it as purely a clear logo. I did that in the moment and now I'm having misgivings because I assume that logo could take priority over the Japanese logo in some cases. My own intentions are related to my personal build: - Select Super Famicom fan translations - A full set of fan media to integrate into the English database's art including similar box art (front, back, and 3D), cart (US style), and other features - English characters where possible and prominent (because it's a translation) - Box aspect ratios that match the rest of the platform now that we have new grid features that get broken up by the frequently arbitrary vertical vs horizontal Super Famicom boxes So I want to pass along those fanart pieces without causing trouble for the "official" artwork. Should I submit an issue request on the Atlassian site?
  13. Crap. I lost tonight's work because I didn't save the psd properly. I'm still getting used to Affinity Photo after finally making the jump from Photoshop and my workflow isn't great yet (they do that Gimp thing by having a native file format and you only "export to" psd). I'll re-do it sometime tomorrow. Correction, found it. So where do I put this for others to use?
  14. Hi all. Given the release of the grid-enabled version of Big Box, I thought I would get a start on the fan translations I keep of Super Famicom games. I'd done something similar before with American box art fronts, but figure as I get more game fan images into the database, it might be nice to have something to flip to for back-box art. I forget where I should upload a .psd resource, but here's at least a screenshot of the artwork:
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