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  1. That's a good workaround, thanks! I think that'll be my interim solution. Will probably put in a request to add an option that stops the behavior. Edit: and request created. For those searching for a similar feature in the future. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6072/request-feature-to-stop-background-image
  2. Thank you! However, that function sets the background on initial display. When I click on a game, a blurred piece of fanart replaces it. I'd like to be able to stop that behavior.
  3. I may have asked this before, but can't find the subject. Is there a way I can prevent the background from changing when I select a game in LB? I'd like to keep the default or custom background on constantly and not have it fade to blurred fan-art. Is that possible?
  4. So I submitted a logo that's reconstructed from the Super Famicom game Der Langrisser's title screen. I could not find a category for fan-art or reconstruction of a clear logo, so I submitted it as purely a clear logo. I did that in the moment and now I'm having misgivings because I assume that logo could take priority over the Japanese logo in some cases. My own intentions are related to my personal build: - Select Super Famicom fan translations - A full set of fan media to integrate into the English database's art including similar box art (front, back, and 3D), cart (US style), and other features - English characters where possible and prominent (because it's a translation) - Box aspect ratios that match the rest of the platform now that we have new grid features that get broken up by the frequently arbitrary vertical vs horizontal Super Famicom boxes So I want to pass along those fanart pieces without causing trouble for the "official" artwork. Should I submit an issue request on the Atlassian site?
  5. Crap. I lost tonight's work because I didn't save the psd properly. I'm still getting used to Affinity Photo after finally making the jump from Photoshop and my workflow isn't great yet (they do that Gimp thing by having a native file format and you only "export to" psd). I'll re-do it sometime tomorrow. Correction, found it. So where do I put this for others to use?
  6. Hi all. Given the release of the grid-enabled version of Big Box, I thought I would get a start on the fan translations I keep of Super Famicom games. I'd done something similar before with American box art fronts, but figure as I get more game fan images into the database, it might be nice to have something to flip to for back-box art. I forget where I should upload a .psd resource, but here's at least a screenshot of the artwork:
  7. Just reporting back that changing the file name and its reference from "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" to "Super Nintendo (SNES)" fixed the aspect ratio of the box art. Now I may have to look at creating new cart, box, and box back art for the several S. Famicom games I have as translated to match. BTW: What setting is used for art sizing and/or spacing between items? I might like to add a "gutter" between the boxes just to let the view breathe a little bit.
  8. Got it. I mapped the view change to 'c' and the theme change to 't' and holy cow that's a lot more convenient now.
  9. Hmm. I'm not sure I see how to do separate themes per view. The way the options work can seem a bit convoluted, so I assume I'm missing something
  10. I did not know I could do that. I'll check it out and see if I can get it to work. Also, is that a Space Quest avatar?
  11. Thanks for the reply. It is, in fact, what I was looking for. The platform view isn't *quite* to my taste so I can wait a little while artists take a good crack at the new features. Otherwise at some point I could do some theme and image work on my own.
  12. A nice demonstration of the new Wall features. Thanks for making this. I have a few questions/clarifications: AFAICT there is only one view on the platforms screen, correct? I like the platform screen and how it fades between sepia and colored imagery. It would be cool if it could dissolve between images smoothly as you switch from platform to platform instead of swapping images abruptly, but that might be something you don't have control over I imagine. On the wall with details view, the SNES box ratios are not displaying correctly; they're stretched to fit a normal disc style box (like PS2). Could the fact that I have several Super Famicom game boxes (some horizontal, some vertical) be a potential cause? There's only two wall views and selecting another wall option will give me one of the wall views or something else entirely, correct? I changed the screenshot view to prioritize gameplay in Desktop Launchbots->Options. It didn't change until I reloaded the entire image cache though. Edit: I also noticed that on my PS2 view, where I only have two rows of games, when I move the cursor to the second row, both rows shift down and when I move the cursor to the top row, both rows shift up. I don't think that was intended behavior.
  13. Oh excellent, then I'll wait. I have a mix of Famicom and SNES 3d boxes that distort the appearance of the star wars craw display pretty badly, so I hadn't used it. But one of the modern design languages in these library systems including GoG, Steam, Playnite, and others is to use two dimensional space efficiently. So I see a lot of either wall displays (games) or multiple row displays (Netflix and Disney Plus). I'd like to steer my experience closer to that and reduce the boisterous, lengthy animation.
  14. I'd love to have a 2D game wall instead of the Star Wars crawl style. That would be two changes, one for the style of the wall itself and one (possibly) to change the 3D boxes to 2D. Is the default theme editable enough to do this?
  15. Thank you! I'll have to check in with the original Steam addon as well as the streaming addons before I migrate over.
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