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  1. What changes would I need to make to adapt this script for GoG and the Epic Game Store?
  2. Coming back to this admittedly late. I don't have any Epic games, but I could see that changing if current events are any indication (it'll depend on the ratios of full exclusives vs. timed exclusives vs. the rate of improvement of Epic's services as I'm a pretty dedicated Steam Big Picture services). There's usually a way to run Steam games with Steam offline as well as independently if it doesn't use Steamworks. Is that something that Epic has done/is doing/will do? It seems kind of important for those interested in offline gameplay.
  3. Test2 works like a charm. Very nice to have that functionality back. I've been using Advanced Emulator Launcher and it works, but it's better to shut Kodi down while running another frontend.
  4. I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow. Thanks very much for doing this. Out of curiosity, what was the primary change? I asked about the Steam launcher which I know this cribs from, but didn't go as far as a line-by-line Kdiff in notepad++. (I do a little bit of XML and only enough Python to load libraries; everything else is C/C++/Matlab scientific computing, so I'm not up on the intricacies of how Kodi does things.)
  5. Oh ok. Yeah, that fixed it.
  6. So, umm, I kind of need more time. I'll try to use a stopwatch next time, but it's taking upwards of 8-10 seconds to load Retroarch. I've got the slider pegged to 5 seconds, but it's still not long enough off a fresh reboot. So, feature request? <prettypleasewithacherryontop?>
  7. Hi all. I've dropped out of the beta group for a bit (I'm starting to use LB simply as a daily game driver and didn't want as many interruptions). Given that, I'd like to make a small request. If I missed any changes, apologies. The loading and closing screens are a great feature. However, I've noticed that sometimes, especially when the system has just freshly booted, Retroarch will take longer to load and the loading screen will return the player momentarily to the game selection menu before going finally to Retroarch. Could the loading screen last a teensy bit longer, like 0.5 to 1 seconds? It's a small thing, but it does detract from a very nice feature.
  8. Hi all. I've got issues making the BB script run within a new install of Kodi 18. The dialogue for changing the Launchbox directory does *not* show any files, including exe. So my installation: "d:\games\emulators\LaunchBox\" I can navigate to, but I cannot select BigBox.exe. In fact I cannot see *any* files from folder selection. This is odd because the Steam Launcher script can see files just fine. Perhaps something has changed between Kodi 17.6 and 18 that broke the launcher? Where in the script is the install folder saved? I'd like to see if I can manually edit it.
  9. HI. I asked awhile back about the artwork you used for 3D SNES boxes and you said it came from Emumovies. I had a look on the FTP site and both 3D and 3D_alt that I found there use the highly angled/slanted art the LB database uses. Any way I can track down that artwork you're using? I do like it a lot better.

    For reference I'm looking in "/Official/Artwork/Nintendo SNES"

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    2. Bedwyr


      Ah. I shall try that.

    3. Bedwyr


      Ah. I shall try that.



      edit: Oh wow. That did not go well. I ended up with a mixed bag of different image styles. I did find the correct archive, though. It's available through the website, but not on the FTP site (or if it is, it's not in the right place).

    4. Bedwyr


      Turns out this is a really good opportunity to clean up. I didn't realize Populous II was Europe/PAL only. Also seeing Super Famicom 3D boxes which didn't used to be there. I'll switch art over for my translations as well. Thanks for the refs!

  10. I replicated the behavior before updating to the new beta. Installed the beta and it went away. That's about as locked down and reliable a behavior as I can think of.
  11. <whispering> (until I found his channel, I thought ETA Prime was you.)
  12. Probably going both ways. I recall seeing the whole no-intro set before Jason started the database. Either way, I'm chit-chatting OT. Back to patch talk.
  13. I think the slanty ones are Hyperspin in origin. I have subs to both.
  14. BTW, what image source are you guys using for 3D boxes? Mine are much more angled; this might be a decent in-between appearance.
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