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  1. That might be a nice feature for sure, but the way these are grouped are unique and I wasn't asking for a feature change, just clarification. They're translations grouped with SNES, not as two separate platforms. I was planning to scale all box art down manually for Super Famicom titles in GIMP. Knowing that your system renders for equal width means that I'll be image editing the right thing.
  2. Hi. Just loaded the official release and I do very much like the new theme. One quibble/question though: What should I do to make dynamic resizing change relative size between very asymmetrical box-art? Two examples: 1. Wii has Epic Mickey 1 and 2. The box art for the latter appears smaller than the former. I'd like to edit that so they're sized precisely the same as one another. 2. The SNES section has some Super Famicom translated titles with SF vertically oriented box art. The dynamic resizing renders the Famicom boxes much larger than the SNES boxes. I'd like to get the Famicom boxes a bit smaller so that they don't appear to be disproportionately larger. Would this involve resizing the images down? Is that the way the dynamic size algorithm works?
  3. This is evading my search-fu so I'll put a question in the noobs forum. I want to create a core exception for a single game. That is, I still want to use retroarch for this one game, but load an alternative core. Currently, when I edit the game, I can still select Retroarch, but the standard emulator dialogue loads and I'm afraid of making changes that would propagate across all games of the same platform. How do I load a unique core just this once?
  4. Awesome, thanks! I couldn't find that advice before. One application I'm thinking of editing in is Firefox. There's something about FF's new versions that cause it, and only it, to pop under Kodi using Advanced Launcher with no ahk scripts focusing Kodi. All other browsers behave themselves.
  5. Had to reinstall everything Launchbox from scratch as well as Kodi. Thank you! Especially for the Python 3 compatibility; I'm so glad the community has to collapse into one supported version. I recall a vague conversation about adapting the launcher for other executables, but I can't find it on the forums. My searches aren't capturing it at least. If you or others know where to find that or what parts of the script to edit, I'd be grateful. I'd like to adapt it for GoG and Epic Games launchers.
  6. Oh that's right. nVidia, you dog. It's fixed.
  7. Got it. Now I need to troubleshoot hyper-slow, garbled audio on a fresh Retroarch install. That'll have to keep though. Thanks!
  8. I had to create a fresh OS install on a new drive after trouble with the old one. Fortunately I keep all my media on a separate disk assigned to D:, including emulator media. Launchbox maintained its database, but after I decided to move folders from d:\games\emulators\Launchbox to d:\games\Launchbox, the database lost track of where the game files are located (still in d:\emulators\<insert system>. On a lark I decided to try moving all SNES files to Launchbox's \games\<insert system> folder to see if that would fix things and just go with the default/preferred way LB handles things. It did not work and still cannot find the files. For reference, I copied all files to the given folder and then inside LB browsed to that precise folder (see attached). Not sure what's up here.
  9. Try this MS tool perhaps to analyze what's happening?: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/tracking-down-usb-devices-in-windows-10-with-microsofts-usb-device-viewer/ I remember something similar happening when we had to use USB-Serial devices for a robotics research project. In Linux, serial port assignments are easily manipulated and symbolic links are just as easily generated. In windows, com ports are assigned at boot time and the vagaries of physical USB location could shift those around. So we would have to either keep devices permanently plugged into the exact same ports or figure out programming workarounds to find the correct serial port. Perhaps something similar is happening here.
  10. Followup. Because I dig into the emulation communities infrequently, I tend to forget a lot in between. I clarified, researched, and posted a question closely related to this one on the libretro forums: https://forums.libretro.com/t/creating-hotkey-alternates-for-multiple-controllers/24093 I'll cross-post any solution here.
  11. Is it possible to add, rather than replace, key bindings. For example, I'm running a new copy of 1.78 and while I assigned hotkey-enable to R3 on my XB controller stick, I still need alternates for my 8bitdo controllers (preferably the select button) as well as the keyboard. Currently, any assignment I make in the input->hotkey menu replaces the previous assignment. Practically speaking, I'd prefer the keyboard hotkey assignments just work without a hotkey mode shift, but I can live with a key combo to make F1, Esc, F5 and such work correctly.
  12. What changes would I need to make to adapt this script for GoG and the Epic Game Store?
  13. Coming back to this admittedly late. I don't have any Epic games, but I could see that changing if current events are any indication (it'll depend on the ratios of full exclusives vs. timed exclusives vs. the rate of improvement of Epic's services as I'm a pretty dedicated Steam Big Picture services). There's usually a way to run Steam games with Steam offline as well as independently if it doesn't use Steamworks. Is that something that Epic has done/is doing/will do? It seems kind of important for those interested in offline gameplay.
  14. Test2 works like a charm. Very nice to have that functionality back. I've been using Advanced Emulator Launcher and it works, but it's better to shut Kodi down while running another frontend.
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