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  1. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Hello everyone. Updated package for Italian translation. Language-it-IT86.zip
  2. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Italian translation done! Bye! Language-it-IT.zip
  3. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    @Jason Carr Sorry for my delay. Recovering after a little surgery to my left eye and I haven't done much at a computer in the past 2 weeks. I include new package. Please excuse me again. Language-it-IT.zip
  4. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    I deleted last post to re-up new italian version here. Added underscore where possible, waiting for release to eventually add missing ones. I hope this is not a problem Jason. Language-it-IT.zip
  5. dukeemu

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    Where is my update? I WANT my update NOW!
  6. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Nooo! Gli interisti pure qui!
  7. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Hi everyone, here's new Italian package. Sorry if I'm late but I had to correct a typo and rechecked everything (just to be sure). Language-it-IT.zip
    Very nice, but commoRdore? Check names please! Thank you!
  8. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    As promised (a bit late in the night although...), this is new package for Italian. Good night everyone! Language-it-IT.zip
  9. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    LaunchBox and Big Box now support Retro Achievements from retroachievements.org! Community star ratings are now available and shared in LaunchBox and Big Box! Syncing your collection to the cloud now reports progress and is much quicker LaunchBox e BigBox ora supportano i Retro Achievements da retroachievements.org! I voti in stelle della community sono ora disponibili e condivisi in LaunchBox e BigBox! La sincronizzazione della collezione sul cloud ora mostra l'avanzamento ed è molto più veloce As always, I'll get the new package tonight when I'm back home from work. Bye!
  10. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    -I video startup di BigBox sono stati riprogettati con molte novità -BigBox ora supporta temi differenti per ciascuna piattaforma/playlist -I media e i collegamenti di Windows possono essere importati più facilmente Language-it-IT.zip
  11. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Italian: New Wall View for Big Box! - Nuova Wall View per Big Box New "Launch With" option for choosing an emulator on the fly - Nuova opzione "Lancia Con" per scegliere un emulatore a scelta New "Change ROMs Folder Path for Selected Games" option - Nuova opzione "Cambia Percorso Cartella ROMs per i Giochi Selezionati" Language-it-IT.zip
  12. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Jason, "Kept you waiting, uh?" (sorry Snake!) This is Italian translation package, my fault for the delay, hope to be in time. Language-it-IT.zip
  13. dukeemu

    Translating LaunchBox

    Supporto per i plugins in LaunchBox e BigBox! Ora usiamo i controlli CRC per eliminare le immagini doppie Gli aggiornamenti dell'applicazione vengono ora scaricati automaticamente in background Jason, as usual, I'll update translation files tonight when I get home from work and I'll post them here. Bye!
  14. dukeemu

    Can anyone know about Acer Predator

    One of my friends has 27" version. It's a wonderful monitor but , with a price tag like that, probably there are some very good monitors out there for a fraction of the price. But if you have money to spend it on, let us envy you!