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  1. @Jason Carr here's Italian package. Hello everyone! 👨‍💻 Language-it-IT.zip
  2. Hi everybody and Happy New Year! 🥳 Italian package for 10.8 Language-it-IT108.zip
  3. Italian package. Take care! Language-it-IT.zip
  4. Just to let you know Jason that (I think) in file Strings you inverted "LabelFolderOfGamesToImport" with "Folder of Games to Import". Could you check it? Probably an error because I found same duplicated row below (in corrected form).
  5. Sorry, I'm late but I've found the news only some hours ago... 😭 Language-it-IT.zip
  6. I've lost the train for last beta, but here's Italian package with last modifications and some corrections. Language-it-IT10.zip
  7. Italian Translation! Language-it-IT.zip
  8. Italian translation. But I have a question (probably stupid...) about this new string in Strings.resx: Press a key or wait 5 seconds to clear... My question is to clear what? Because probably I have to use an appropriate term for this action (clear in Italian is used as "pulire", to wash) and for the following Label in the same file .resx but I don't understand the context in which this phrase appears, so here's my question. 🤔 If anyone could help me, I'll be ready to translate it more accurately. Thank you all! Language-it-IT.zip
  9. Yes, I've seen and translated that. That's why I mentioned About form to be updated next time, just to acknowledge @alexposad in the credits.
  10. Italian translation is here. @Jason Carr: just to let you know that new Russian translator is to be inserted in About form but I have not modified it yet waiting for your update when you choose to do it. Cheers everyone! Language-it-IT.zip
  11. Updated Italian package. I'm late again... 😴 Language-it-IT.zip
  12. Here is Italian translation. Merry Christmas to everyone! Language-it-IT.zip
  13. I hope not to be late... Language-it-IT.zip
  14. Hi Jason! This is Italian package. Language-it-IT.zip
  15. Hope I'm not too late (another time...)! I have to check emails and forums more often... 😴 Language-it-IT8.9.zip
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